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  1. Couldn't agree more. It's not that DE is magic. It's that we are trying to find *magical* explanations for it. ( Alternate dimensions, etc ... ) All I have done is offer another alternative. Do with it what you will .... And perhaps you should slow down while reading ....
  2. Oddly enough, I have gone to the CERN site. Several times. I have found nothing to contradict any information given to me by 'a third party'.
  3. I am not going to respond to anything you say anymore. You clearly have issues that I can no longer deal with.
  4. I agree. Did you miss my disclaimer? However, I am not illiterate. I am quite capable of noticing 'facts not in evidence' in reading their comments, observations, and summations.
  5. Now you are suggesting I can't read a simple email? What 'false data' do you refer to? And how do you presume my conversations were 'brief'? You have made this same claim many times. You have a lot of gall. I am not 'appealing' to authority. I have cited information given to me by a respected astrophysicist. Information that I did NOT somehow misinterpret to satisfy my 'beliefs'. Any more than I misinterpreted every other referenced peer-reviewed material I have posted. If Dr. Tyson is in error, then that's his problem, not mine. Knock off the attacks, Moo. I have be
  6. I just got back from an exceedingly long, and alternately fascinating and extraordinarily boring journey through WMAPs summation of seven years of observations. Although the charts and graphs were in many instances indecipherable to me, many were not. I will talk about one of those graphic illustrations in a moment. One stunning revelation was the truly astonishing bias of the authors of the study. Reading their comments, and conclusions, I found that in one breath, they place severe restrictions on various predictions/assumptions regarding inflationary theories, and in the next breath
  7. Am I allowed to respond to your statements, Cap'n? According to Dr. Tyson, the mainstream 'scientific community' was hoping HR would be detected with the LHC ... and the only way that was going to happen was if they created mini-black holes. According to Tyson, mainstream was hoping this discovery ( through the use of the LHC ) would garner a Nobel ( long awaited, much deserved ) for Hawking. I don't know where you get your ideas from, either. Again, I am going to take Tyson's word for this over yours. Sorry. Perhaps you failed to notice that HD invoked HR in the discussion of gra
  8. I didn't 'denounce' it. I stated a fact. Something wrong with stating facts? And how do YOU know they haven't been looking? I'll take Tysons word over yours. And maybe I'm missing something here. From what I have read, they ( LHC ) are trying to create mini-black holes. Shall I post 'proof' that the GLAST mission ( now FERMI ) is, among other things, to observe leaking black holes? W/E! Ever occur to you that there might not BE a FTL method of communication? Ever occur to you that the Drake Equation might be off by several orders of magnitude, simply because it ignored a mountain
  9. Didn't say it was the ONLY thing on the 'to do' list. But it's high on the list. Your comment is pointless. Not exactly. That is as intelligent a comment as Seth Shostad's defending SETI's lack of success by stating "We have carefully examined less than 1000 stars." That was about a year ago. That equates to less than 20 stars a year. At that rate, we might detect a signal in about 3 billion years ( give or take ). Of course, he failed to mention we have casually examined millions, if not billions of stars. His other excuse was "Maybe they have all advanced to technologies 'far beyond
  10. Sorry Michel. I didn't understand the question. I think you are correct. ( later post ... third body ) A nice fat black hole at the center of our galaxy spinning at near c ought to do the trick. As far as our solar system rotating, unless I am incorrect ... per Einstein ... a collapsing star ... like our proto sun, would have a great deal of spin remaining after it transformed into the star we see today. Having thrown off a great deal of gas, dust, and heavier elements, I would have to assume there was a great deal of kinetic angular momentum transferred to the castoff material. Add th
  11. Ok. There is proven math behind everything my model claims. Just because I don't have the ability to express it doesn't mean my model is reduced to 'rocks want to go down'. This is a false analogy. Sorry. Centrifugal force, gravitational attraction over large distances, gravitational consolidation ... these are known, and mathematically sound principles. There will be a complete mathematical expression for the model. Maybe it already exists. Let's give it time to surface. There is nothing magical involved here. Just straight GR, etc. It's just a matter of some mathematician spendi
  12. All good points. Clearly my model does not fit in the 'very bad' category. So let's not throw it out just yet. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Collaboration .... Hey! This is where I come in!! I take all those small parts and put them together in a nice tidy package. It's great to have at least ONE talent, right?
  13. I can't make the mathematical predictions. But they do exist. Because the model closely follows the BBT. Someone will look at this, and come up with a complete set to describe it. But my model DOES make physical predictions. In the last year, all new and unexpected ( even shocking ) discoveries are inherently predicted by my model. Good track record so far. And there is a list of ways *sigh* to falsify it right now. So, no. Not 'crippled'.
  14. Then let's drop the not so veiled attacks on the model. ( Yeh. It's got problems. Deal with it.) Ok? It's fine with me! I'm happy just to debate the current state of scientific methodology, and explore whether or not it needs an 'update' due to a new deeper awareness of the structure, and form of our universe. Sound good? And thanks Andrew. You are a voice of reason here. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts merged Then stop referring to it. James ( When I write like this, I am speaking as a rational human being.)
  15. That's because Moo chose to make it personal. She used my OP to attack me and my model. It was not my intent .... clearly from the content of the OP to 're-instate' my cosmological thread. The OP was merely a series of observations on the state of mathematical theories, and their relationships to the actual, physical universe. There was no real choice but to rebutt her grossly inaccurate mischaracterizations. The fact that she ever so carefully didn't SAY my model does not change the intent, or meaning of her post. I could have ignored it, but she opened the door with her comments
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