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  1. arn't the Meridians right where nerves are? the main chakras that go along the spine, are at the same places where the nerves branch out to the rest of the body. at least that what my friend said.
  2. how does it work? and how does it benifet people. please correct me if i spelled it wrong.
  3. also, homosexuality is a choice, yes some people may have a tendency to be that way, mabye because of a nuro chemical imbalence. or gene lke you said(saw a show about it. discovery chanel)but it never eliminates the choice to be heterosexual aka straight.
  4. while moses was reciveing the ten commandments, up on mount siani. and they started worshiping the gold cow because they were tired of waiting. if i recall correctly, he spent several weeks on the mount.
  5. how well do human nerves transfer the electricity? if (big if) they superconduct, than it could be possible to do alot of things, like levatation, telekinesis, invisability, ect. although you need a REALLY powerful EM field to bend light. and i don't think a human brain could genorate the nessary power. to my knowledge, superconducting electricity will cause a anti-gravity effect
  6. i just found what i needed, thanks
  7. thanks but i mean in air, not throught metal. magnets perhaps? copper coils? ill go look it up
  8. how do you accelerate a electron? i think i know, but im not sure. so im asking. im asking a simple question, don't bite my head off.
  9. i said that it is most likly psychological, i just would like to test it. and if i fail, than i fail. and they are not "Powers". its just i tingle when near electronics.(like CPL said, fear) and the flame, i admit that was just the air movment.
  10. of cource it would, just not in the way your implying. mabye my mind just creates the sensations, mabye not. the only way to figure it out is to experment, thats the scientific method. 1. Observation 2. Form a hypothesis 3. Test the hypothesis that what im doing. my calims are not far out. everyone can feel EM fields. you just hate anyone that thinks differently than you. anyone with a little imagination, enough you question what they see. "What if?" people should ask that more often. you can't say somthing isn't true unless you have proof! your to closed minded to accept anything new. all im trying to do is test my theory, to either proove, or disproove it. so don't yell at me for doing pure reasurch. ill test me for sensitivity to EM fields and other people.
  11. ya. lol i like fancy weapons
  12. ya, i guess your right. i just wish it was real today. as do alot of people. whats your view on teleportation? do you think its possoble? i have no knowledge on the subject, but it would be better than warp drive.
  13. they could think of some sort of defence for it.
  14. it could be made closer if they reasurched it, rather than in a few centries. it just fustrates me that no one will reasurch it, instead of just throwing ideas around.
  15. hmm. thats really cool. the US should build somthing like that. im sure THAT could be built. we use microwaves in everyday life. it would have to be powerful tho. to get through the earths EM field, as it protects us from the suns harmful radiation.
  16. well ya, but how would it work? what kind of radiation would it use? ive turned a TV into a plasma gerorater(one of the old ones that use a electron gun). it was really cool, i contained the plasma by magnets and EM coils, than released it and it traveled forwad for a sec than disapated. it may have potential for a weapon. if i can get it to travel further.
  17. sorry, that was columbus that discovered the americas. not whoever prooved the earth round.
  18. point seen but it could be possible in the future. its impossible by todays science, but say, 100, mabye as little as 50 years it may be the normal travel. id be much happier there than here. to many limitations. to many people saying "it's not possible!" they lack imagination, they should say "what if? ". thats how new theories are made, and new eras in science and exploreation. people used to think the earth was flat untill somone desided to proove it wrong. thus causing the dicovery of the americas. "wonder is the seed of knowledge"
  19. i mean something that could wipeout entire armies from a distance. besides a bomb, somthing reuseable.
  20. http://www.guardian.co.uk/usa/story/0,12271,1018361,00.html
  21. teleforce. thats what it's called. this is a site i found http://www.rense.com/general10/deathray.htm how do you think you could make a "death ray"? microwaves? ill find some more sites on the subject
  22. i think its possible, and if no one is reasurching it, than its about time they do. warp drive would change the way people think about the universe. if not warp drive, than teleportation. ill search for a article conserning teleportation
  23. ill try that, and get back to you with the results. good idea. just for the record, i don't claim to be psychic.
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