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  1. You will probably be better off buying 100% lye I found it at ace hardware under the company rooto usually bigger stores like lowes home depot ect dont carry these things but like I said the stuff isn't to hard to find just look around at smaller mom and pop stores and there are many uses for lye soap, bio-diesel, meth heads only ruined it for everyone. A good way to tell if the lye is 100% is obviously if it says on the package or if its secondary uses are listed as soap making.
  2. I want to make a rocket for an up coming art festival which some of you may know as burning man, each year the festival has a them and this year is metropolis. What I am planning to do is make a relatively large statue of lady liberty and have it be launched in the sky one night. I have looked up different designs and want to make it with a hybrid motor but because of the models large shape and possibly having to add counter weights because of its odd shape I need the lowest weight to thrust possible. Upon doing some research I am thinking N2O as the oxidizer and possibly paraffin wax with some reactive metals as the fuel grain. I would be willing to work with some harsher oxidizers hno3 if the specific impulse (i believe this is the value im looking for) is increased as im really a chem person not really physics. Also I would need to figure out how to get the shape to fly semi straight. I am not looking for great numbers but need it to at least put on a good show, at least several hundred feet would be nice. I expect the body to be about 8-10 ft tall made possibly by thin plastic. I do not know how to get a recovery system to work on hybrid engines but getting the rocket back in one piece is not as much of a concern as slowing it down from killing innocent bystanders. Any input would be great on how to get this monstrosity to work.
  3. I would really look for some kind of peer reviewed kind if articles as a web site like that can put up anything they please and the amount of misinformation is becoming ridiculous. I can find stacks of web pages claiming to say that it is horrible but with no actually proof.
  4. Ahh i miss understood your definition of messy I thought you were implying that it would still create energy as well as the TCA. So I see that in gluconeogensis that a bicarbonate ion is used in the step converting pyruvate to oxaloacetate but I cannot see if it yields over all more H ions to compensate for it. Also I am having trouble figuring out the over all pka values of amino acids. Values for the carboxylic, amino and side chain(when applicable) are calculated but it does not have a overall pka value of each one. The values also need to represent the pka's of when it will be in the body as it will deprotinate. By the way I appreciate the help:-)
  5. I my self drink a lot of diet coal and also heard the warnings of aspartame but upon further investigation it really seemed to turn into a conspiracy theory and I never found any actual credible web sites proving any thing .... if you could link our sources I would love to read them
  6. I should have mentioned that I only read the first 50 pages or so and the first 2 or so chapters only describe what will later be explained in detail. So far though a lot of what is stated seems to make sense if the study's are in fact true. A big contributor so far seems to be the idea that increased blood acidity from animal biased proteins leads to hypercalcemia which leads to things like osteoporosis subsequently the lowered levels of PTH circulating in the system leads to less active vitamin D and leads to a list of many autoimmune diseases like diabetes and multiple sclerosis. I cannot really find any peer reviewed or credible web sites to accept or refute the study's only some nutrition sites saying things to get you to but a product. Also in what way is gluconeogenesis not messier than regular cellular respiration? It is highly endergonic and can result in ketosis.
  7. Aspergillus produces aflatoxin's a deadly carcinogen that is believed to enter the body, go though the cell and is broken down into deadly metabolites that can cause mutations. Aspergillus grows on moldy peanuts and corn. You can also look at tapeworm and other worm pseudopod parasites in food.
  8. Im currently reading the book "The China Study" and want to do one of my reports on it for one of my classes how ever the book makes some pretty bold statements stating that almost all autoimmune diseases are caused by diets high in proteins more specifically animal proteins, cancers are controllable with a low protein diet example rats fed aflatoxin were given different diets of varying amounts of protein the group at 5% protein did not develop any cancer vs 20% protein had a 100% cancer rate, and (this one i need explained) that animal proteins increase blood acidity and the body in order to neutralize the high acidity takes Ca from the bones leading to things such as osteoporosis(what I don't get is how plant biased proteins differ supposedly it doesn't increase acidity as much but still does slightly but he doesn't explain why). Anyway I was just looking to see if this book is really considered complete garbage before I presented a whole report on it. As usual there are some critiques that try and disprove the book but over all many scientist seem to agree with the general idea of the book. It seems that he may have went a little extreme with implying nutrition being a direct cause of many diseases but it seems that at least his idea of what is a good and bad diet seems to have good correlations and studys supporting it.
  9. Hello, I am a tutor and one of my prospective students needs help in several subjects one of them being high school accounting. I never took the class but I do have a stong background in math. I did not know if high school accounting went over more math or buissness definitions. If some on could be so kind to give me a syllabus of what subjects would be covered and possibly some practice problems/homework it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. I went to the gym quite often and wanted to find a way to shed off a little more body fat and tried a EC stack (no aspirin) and while I did lose weight it felt very jittery and uncomfortable. Also upon a doctors visit he reported I had a never before heat murmur. Aspirin also increased the danger of this stack so all in all I really wouldn't recommend it, beset way to lose weight is to gain muscle which will burn fat to support it's self.
  11. No could be angina or any other number of things even indigestion.
  12. you are doubling the amount of moles there for kp being a constant 1.85 is squared giving you the 3.42
  13. Not sure if you are talking about a male or female but here is info in female hormones the rising estrogen levels in the plasma exert a negative feedback on the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary inhibiting release of FSH and LH while simultaneously prodding the pituitary to synthesize and accumulate these gonadotropins.
  14. Ummm it has to do with the original topic of the thread " Science Proves God Is Dead!!! I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but I figured it'd be a fun discussion: If science were able to prove beyond a shred of doubt that God (any definition of) and the afterlife did not exist, what affect, if any do you feel that would have on humanity?"
  15. heart rate increases because increased co2 levels in the brain tells the pons and the medulla to increase the heart rate to rid the body of higher co2 levels more specifically increased co2 levels are managed by the pontine respiratory centers, ventral repiratory group, and the dorsal respiratory group in the pons and the medulla. The blood will gather in the pulmonary veins because they exchange gas. The pulmonary veins of the lungs will dilate if higher o2 levels are found in the body in order to let less o2 in and let it be used in order to gain higher co2 levels this will also increase blood around the lungs.
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