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  1. A bumper sticker that reads "my juvenile delinquent is banging your honor student" is exactly what I am talking about when I wrote that I am embarrassed to be on the same branch of the evolutionary tree as a person who thinks it is okay to have this sticker displayed. When Man's potential is perhaps boundless (and his potential to live in a society where high manners are the status quo), to have such unsophisticated, offensive and regressive tripe such as this, is intolerable, imo.
  2. Indeed; however, not all of us have the "extremist attitude"
  3. In the U.S., I have noticed that bumper stickers are becoming ridiculous, in this man's opinion. In addition to the normal crap, people are advertising bars or parts of a state with three letter bumper stickers and a lot of people have turned their vehicles into mobile epitaphs, showing the name and birth/death dates of someone. Some of the most embarrassing (I am embarrassed that these people are on the same branch of the evolutionary tree that I occupy) are the ones with a cartoon character urinating on something or flipping the bird. Please tell me this is a U.S. phenomena and has not spread overseas.
  4. Now, I do not need to return to this thread (especially since I will be spared the condecension).
  5. iNow, As I see it, we define our terms differently and that is the problem. You think a seizure of assets is aid, I do not. Am I wrong? I probably won't post anymore in this thread, but will be back to read your responses. Stay cool in Texas.
  6. jackson33, good post. iNow, this discussion bears no fruit as you haven't (cannot?) translate the seizure of money into cleanup aid. The money is there and BP is promising to use it.
  7. Seizing assets does not equal aid in cleaning up; it equals seizing assets (which I suspect would be unConstitutional). So, how does seizing assets turn into aid in the clean up? I would really like to know how the government, flush with cash, would do anything more than what BP is doing.
  8. Game. Set. Match eh? BP has the funds, the question is whether or not they will keep their word on the cleanup. It would be their downfall if they did not clean up the spill. You are premature to call it set and match.
  9. iNow, I am not sure what you are asking me. I will write one thing, I cannot know if the "comments pertain only to ..." unless those who made the comments elaborate (if my guess is correct as to the answer you seek). I know that the dingbat rosie o'donnel and a facebook page are calling for the U.S. government to "seize BP's assests." This is absurd, in my opinion. The seizure of any part of BP will not aid in the clean up; furthermore, for remunerations to the victims, I suspect lawsuits would be the way to go if BP does not fairly compensate those hurt by the spill.
  10. As an American, I hold no ill feelings toward the English as a result of the oil spill. Furthermore, it upsets me to read/hear some in the U.S. wanting the U.S. government to seize BP's assets. These people left reason a long time ago.
  11. 153.64 ft/sec is the correct answer. Thank you very much for the help guys.
  12. I have to take the FE in April and haven't had a math class since 2001, so can someone please jog my memory on this one: How fast is the distance of an airplane from a fort increasing 1 minute after passing directly over the forst at a height of 10,000 feet when it is flying horizontally at the rate of 200ft/sec? I used the right triangle with side a = 10,000 ft and side b = 12,000 ft (from 60 sec * 200 ft/sec). C is the distance of the plane from the fort. c = sqrt(a^2 * b^2). I solved for dc/db, is this correct? I ended up with: dc/db = b ---------------- . sqrt(a^2 + b^2) If I plug and chug from here, I don't get the answer given in the book. However, if I use b^2 in the numerator, then I get the right answer, but how does the numerator become b^2?
  13. What the hell is HHO? Water as fuel? I smell a fish, but what do you think?
  14. One thing I am taking away from this thread is a reaffrimation of how bad pacifisim really is. You are a pacifist (Einstein) and work toward world peace. Some nut job is bent on killing a lot of people and he steals your bank account. Then you realize that maybe pacifism probably isn't the best course of action (Einstein). I am keeping my arsenal in the hopes of never having to use it instead of being unarmed and needing the weapons.
  15. Not making English the official language of the US is a great idea. Next time I get pulled over by the cops, I will speak jibberish and say "no speaka no English." That would make those coppers think twice about pulling me over, haha. I guess the police forces around the country will have to employ linguists so that any perp who doesn't know English will know that the good old US has provided an interpreter for their convenience. Let's make companies write instructions in every language to go with their products. It pleases me to no end that the test to get a driver's license is written in so many languages, since road signs are in all languages. While we are at it, let's change the American flag to a montage of all flags of the world, that would be cool, wouldn't it?
  16. Congratulations, hope you have a good time and learn a lot.
  17. Ph.D. stands for doctor of philosophy. Nacelunk, if others have done it before you, you can do it too:-) If you want to get a Ph.D., you won't necessarily have to get a master's degree, at least, not in the US. Universities want students in the hard sciences (ex physics, chemistry and biology) to get Ph.D.'s and so many don't offer master's degrees in these fields.
  18. Until the hybrids can match the range and performance of the internal combustion engine, I am sticking with my hemi. I voted "other" because driving for me is a real pleasure and I love my car and truck. I will certainly get a hybrid once they meet my requirements.
  19. 1. October Sky (doesn't matter where you come from, you can succeed and follow your dreams) 2. LotR (wow, a cinematic masterpiece) 3. Aliens (sci fi at its best) 4. Jaws 5. Meet the Parents
  20. Whatever the age is of the person telling the riddle.
  21. I can't remember how to solve this, any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  22. 1) Does the technology exist to use radar or something similar in space to detect other objects in space? 2) Is there anywhere in the world where you could launch a vehicle into space without it being detected? 3) Can all man-made vehicles in space be picked up on radar or something similar from the surface of the planet?
  23. Going to grad school at the same place you did your undergrad work is called "in-breeding' and is discouraged so that the pupil is as well rounded as possible. If you are a minority, that will give you an edge, especially if you are multilingual. Another thing, and I think it is huge, is to get your name on a published paper, even if all you did was dispose of the dead rats, get your name published. Arrange a meeting with a counsellor there (either in the Physics or Sciences Depts) and discusss ways of getting in. And one other thing, the best of luck to you. If you don't get in the first time, try and try again. Watch the movie "Rudy" for inspiration.
  24. WHO DOES ANYONE THINK THEY ARE BY TAKING AWAY A FIREARM FROM SOMEONE ELSE? Anyone wanting to take mine is SUSPECT!!!!!!!!!! It is folly to think that you can disarm everyone. Those like me will find a way to make our own firearms and ammo, the government be dammed. The bad guys will have firearms, so should the good guys. Furthermore, America is the greatest nation not because of any of the following: marxism, socialism or communism. When I was young, I thought socialism was fine, but I now see the error of my ways. Read "Atlas Shrugged" for a great argument why selfishness is (can be) a virtue. I will be dammed if I invent something and the government takes it away from me without just compensation, which is what would happened should anyone live under a marxist/socialist or communist government. Liberalism is poison and you should break free of it, IMO. Be John Galt, not James Taggert!!!!! Be a man, not a panzy lawyer.
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