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  1. Yeah, it is. I plan on maybe tying a match to it, or just throwinbg it twards a fire.
  2. I have some... whell i plan to make some and i dont feel like seperating the gases, so if i put the mix in a balloon would it float? BTW im getting it from electrolosys of water, so its 2:1 ratio of oxygen to hydrogen right?
  3. the smoke was from the electrodes falling apart and melting the plastic coating on them
  4. I will NEVER EVER DO SOMETHING THIS STUPID AGAIN!! Whell me and my k3wl ass self decided to use 120 v 60 hz current for electrolosys like i was told wouldnt be safe... so anyways i was amazed at how much gas was being made! and then the electrodes tuched sparked under water and made an explosion of hydrogen oxygen and electricity spraying water and sparks everywhere. And as the cloud of smoke rose from the container i decided i was done... forever. oh and WOW that was scary
  5. I guess.. i just didnt think it would have that effect on it
  6. There has got to be something cool to do with it... cool not k3wl! so any ideas?
  7. okay, lets not try that again... Besides i dont want the oxygen i want the hydrogen.
  8. i said it WASNT green, so the gas wasnt chlorine, and btw what kind of acid is in vinegar?
  9. Im thinking of just using my 120v house electricity... is it posible? or way to dangerous, because i would assume 120v of AC would produce hydrogen and oxygen faster than 12v 300ma of DC. also one time i mixed a lot... and i mean LOTS of salt in with the water,. and it made a smell kind of like chlorine gas, accept less smelly and not green, what may have happend?
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