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  1. IMHO, the greatest power humans possess: the mind. See the movie Idiocracy for how that could play out. Spoiler alert, he was merely intelligent enough to realize you probably shouldn't water plants with Gatorade.
  2. I usually used high quality dry food with a bit of gravy mixed in for additional flavor. Never had complaints from the doggie. AFAIK, dry food is preferred for dental health.
  3. Utilize a liquid electrical conductor like mercury?
  4. IMHO, the “ultimate” sci-fi power source that’s halfway grounded in reality is a micro-black hole, where you capture the Hawking radiation. Feed it whatever is available, including the corpses of your fallen foes, and you will have a wondrous supply of energy.
  5. It’s both. Clearly human evolution didn’t take into account the large amounts of refined sugars and chemical preservatives commonplace today. Most McDonalds fare bears little resemblance to actual food.
  6. We don't explicitly have to be evolved to consume something in order to try it. On the other hand, clearly many are intolerant to wheat products, and many more may be without knowing it.
  7. On that last bit, if you think about human evolution, agriculture was a relatively recent thing. We mostly killed animals (or are bugs) and gathered berries or whatever for millions of years. We aren’t evolved to eat bread.
  8. Seems like a fair goal. In my case, a footlong sub on multigrain bread still drives my blood sugar up to 350+, so no bread for me. I also happen to find Jersey Mike’s to have fresher ingredients than my local Subway, fwiw. Let me assure you, after two weeks of not being able to eat or drink in a hospital setting, broth was hedonistic. An apple was the nectar of the gods. A lot of “food” being sold these days is just absolute garbage that throws off our hedonism reference point.
  9. Fear itself, along with disgust, are inbuilt. Fear of those different from us, i.e., homosexuals, is likely instinctive. Other phobias may be instinctive as well, whereas others can be due to experience.
  10. And we’re all still learning, myself included.
  11. And yet…it works. No sweat off my back if you don’t care to listen. I’m only an IT engineer; affect theory puts things in terms I understand: hardware and software. What could I possibly know.
  12. See Silvan Tomkins and affect theory. I already provided the link. I was merely introduced to the basics in a self help book.
  13. It’s much more than just that one book now. That book was just the starting point.
  14. Shame is a byproduct of our need to cooperate. It’s also been identified as being in infants, essentially indicating it’s genetic.
  15. Agnostic atheist in that case. There aren’t really any social consequences for me that I can tell. No one quizzes me on my beliefs, and I don’t quiz them.
  16. I think that about covers it!
  17. All I know is that I don’t have the answer, and I let that guide my attitude accordingly. If a religious nut job wants to try and convert me, well….good luck 😆
  18. That seems to align well with some definitions of agnosticism.
  19. No worries on the label I chose; it appears we may agree on the underlying belief in any case, and that’s what matters. We can call it the Genady/Steve81 model for all I care 😆
  20. I consider myself an agnostic, because I have neither found a religion that I agree with, nor evidence of a deity in my time on Earth, but remain open to the possibility that such a thing could theoretically exist. Correct.
  21. Not at all, we simply try to gather more data to add further evidence to the theories already formed.
  22. Not every null hypothesis is a belief, but Atheism specifically is a belief that no deities exist. That depends on the science. Computer science most certainly deals in logic. We wouldn’t be having this conversation without it. And yet, it is the only truth we have.
  23. Indeed, but it's the very lack of proof that makes it a belief, rather than a provable truth. It's more grounded in logic than the idea of an all-loving God that commands his follower to murder his son and intervenes at the last moment with a just kidding, don't do that. But it's still a belief. The truth is that we simply don't know.
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