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  1. Well none so far, it's simply an attempt at a better understanding. People think Quantum then immediately think of Mechanics or Physics afterwards. Thinking of it doing rather than being. Me and the team will find and replace math of interference with 4D math equivalents I suppose me and the team will come up with 4D shape explanations for all Quantum phenomena, that will persuade people that we have the correct model
  2. In my head I've come up with a new interpretation for the Double slit experiment When you don't observe the Photons/Electrons, it produces lower dimension cross sections of 4D Torus shapes (Ditorus for example) When you observe the Photons/Electrons, you see the 3D shadows that the 4D objects cast. And there you have it. Job done. (EDIT; I just realized that the 3D objects cross sectioning into Flat land would also cast shadows into Flat land)
  3. I would like to rename this Thread to 'Quantum objects are Four-Dimensional space shapes' Please I visualized 4D shapes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctv0qa-eFsM After having watched this video, I now see Photons and Electrons as 4D Torus Shapes. There are many Torus shapes to choose from. (So we the team need to hone in on which 4D Torus shapes are best suited) You can now start to imagine an atom being 4D Hypersphere Protons and Neutrons, with 4D Torus Shaped Electrons hanging on around the extremities
  4. Ok This entire forum is the team I said possibilities for an experiment. I didn't know about aphorisms, thank you. I know, but I guess it's good to be clear for when other people join in on this thread An object interacting with itself when observed is a mystery.
  5. Exciting possibilities here Notice how that's Three differenet parts, the Hypersphere is made up of Three different parts in the previous uploaded diagram. (Alhough Electrons & Photons are one part) What's even more exciting is that Electron energy orbits around Protons and Neutrons (Uncharged Protons) Are to do with Prime Numbers. This could give clues to geometric data. Nature abhors a vacuum was the then curent understanding for the consistent result. The current explanation is too mysterious. This is team work, a joint effort
  6. It was an explanation for empty Beacons absorbing liquid. At the time they didn't know about Air pressure There are multiple verticle lines on the screen behind the slits. Thus many objects from one object. (I don't know how this all works out myself yet, but we are working at this together)
  7. Evolving! What if.... Quantum objects are 4D shapes. Electrons & Photons look like this for instance Sounds a bit too 'Nature abhors a vacuum' to me In the 4th Spatial dimension, they cast 3D shadows, multiple light sources cast multiple shadows, so the 4D Sphere casts a 3D shadow, which casts multiple shadows
  8. I have now read about Einstein's Thought Experiments on Relativity & Special Relativity. One day I will load in enough information to be able to respond
  9. Baffling. Which shape are they then? (In Particle form) Edit: I got it the wrong way round, when double slit experiment is observed, it creates two bands of Verticle lines (From what I understood to be 3D spheres). Idea still stands though. Especially the Special Relativity.
  10. _______________________________________________________________________4th Spatial dimension interpretation Look at this 4D Tesseract, What do you see? Lots of 3D Cubic shapes Now; What do you see when you observe Two 3D Spherical Photons Or Electrons An interference wave pattern of 2D Circles on the Screen behind the Slits Before it was observed they were two regular bands of bombarded verticle lines SO Why do the Spheres turn into Circles over time? What I'm about to type here is the basis of the idea; ___________________________________As the Observer changes what they see from verticle lines into interference wave pattern, they are manually manipulating the frame of reference of the 4D spatial dimension plane, thus the 3D spheres turn into 2D circles. Much like the Tesseract Evidence for this idea; Quantum and 4th spatial dimension have crossed paths before https://bigthink.com/technology-innovation/hints-of-the-4th-dimension-have-been-detected-by-physicists/
  11. No mathematical model, yet. No need to shield Gravity, the D2O will steal as long as Tide is rising. When the Tide goes, all the Gravitons will pass through the vial. I understand people will think of me using Buzz words but I just had an idea for the Vial Maybe the Vial can be coated all around in a Sheet of Graphene. One Atom thick coating, highly tuned for detection. Then sending the signals to a machine on Board the Drone.
  12. Great time to ask. I just had some inspiration an hour ago. So thankfully I have a semblance of an idea. I believe the Gravitons will be transmitted from Moon to Tide across the Air. So my model so far is to have some sort of Drone above the Tide doing something or other. I've got it! Gravity gives Mass Weight On the Drone you Put a monitored vial of Heavy Water This Heavy Water inside this vial on top of the Drone will STEAL the Moon's Gravitons. When the STOLEN Gravitons are taken back by the Moon. Measuring devices on Board will measure the surge of transmittence from the thief liquid
  13. Observed by no one They say Gravitational waves are made up of Gravitons Scientific America. One more way to find out whether gravity is quantum is to look directly for quantum fluctuations in gravitational waves, which are thought to be made up of gravitons that were generated shortly after the big bang.14 Aug 2018 Tides are ideal for studying Gravitons. (Much closer to Home) You believe people are confused with something that most people don't know that you believe in MJ Kihara. I am also a Crank Every single of the Three atoms in the H2,O Molecules must be exchanging more Gravitons than usual on Lunar days For more people wanting to pitch in on how to achieve finding a way to find Gravitons https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2016/04/13/how-well-finally-wind-up-testing-quantum-gravity/?sh=6fff3015529e https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2020/11/20/ask-ethan-can-we-find-out-if-gravitons-exist/?sh=5bfb19ab1c85
  14. The Existence of a Physical Phenomenon that Accelerates Particles with Mass to the Speed of Light and then Transforms Them into Dark Energy and Dark Matter So in layman's terms, what is the Physical phenomenon accelerating particles? What happens next, does it stay still?
  15. We use the Tide somehow. Each H2,O gets more Gravitons given to them by the Moon temporarily I require assistance
  16. That's the fun thing, what we think should happen, may not be the case. 'A pulsar timing array (PTA) is a set of galactic pulsars that is analysed to search for correlated signatures in the pulse arrival times.' (I just had to google this because I didn't know what that abbreviation meant. We only need one to be detected, how many there are is irrelevant. Well I was hoping from this thread that people would tell me the methods Scientists have come up with to detect such things.
  17. The ones in Space detected by Pulsar Stars are larger than the small ones detected by Ground based LIGO. Putting some sort of Neutrino-esque Graviton detector in Space would mean the conditions are already temperature wise cold.
  18. Super computers can get closer to eternity
  19. Ah yes but, if we think inside the box... the computer box... We can Simulate eternity Netflix film; A trip to infinity Apple in a box clip that OP is mentioning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YRiOi972nT8
  20. I remember that from a Maths Neflix film. I think it was about Blackholes. They showed a box with an apple inside it at one point.
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