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  1. What does it look like / how long does it take when the constructive Inteference pattern on the board behind the slits become two horrizontal bands? Is there a Video of this moment?
  2. I haven't read any of this but, considering the Universe and the Brain are similar structures AND I believe in Ghosts, it doesn't seem too much of a stretch to me that IF God was real, Science would find 'em.
  3. I would like to see a comparison of Truth tables vs Logic gates using Water flow
  4. Probably because a Photon is its own anti-particle
  5. Would any of the Son of God's: Chairs, Tables, Three Legged Bar Stools among other things remain intact today?
  6. The left side of the equation (Non observed variable) will have the same amount of Lux as the other side of the equation (Observed variable) According to my experiment
  7. I have found a new discovery which is the basis of the mathematical model This! Is a Spectrum of visible light Notice how Green is in the middle 'Greens are perceived more readily than any other color because of the combined color perception of rods and cones ' Now look how closely this resembles the Ditorus Cross section in the First Post. 'A mathematical model usually describes a system by a set of variables and a set of equations that establish relationships between the variables. ' My mathematical model is this. You add a Prism to the Double Slit experiment. I propose there would be a relationship between the variable of Observing to non observing. That equation would be the following_________ The colours would have the same amount of intensity when all added together. Edit: According to me. Anti Electrons (Positrons) would be Mobius Strip shapes
  8. They made some progress lately. They were patting themselves on the back for having the reactor last fractions of a second longer. The game company miHoYo, gave the Project loads of money to do more into this. Wouldn't surprise me if they cancelled the Project. They could just keep coming up with new Fusion techniques, get funded, then try again. (No guarantee any would work) PROFIT ££££££££££££££££££$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4
  9. Double slit experiment with a difference. Move the Photon/Electron emitter across. Predicted outcome, the 'Interference wave pattern' would move across with the emitter. This to me would prove that it's actually moving the 4D Hyper Ditorus across
  10. I got inspired by the Game show 'Takeshi's castle' when coming up with the combining all the Quantum experiments. Such an ambitious thing to do. You're right about it not providing enough information to let anyone else come up with alternatives. I was under the impression people wouldn't ask questions then say to themselves 'Let's see if this person's right. After all, to my knowledge no one has ever combined them before' A better understanding of an existing mathematical model this would provide if true. I've come up with a much simpler experiment that only needs the Double slit experiment apparatus. I'll have to use MS Paint to show its simplicity. So that will be my next Post on this Thread in the near future.
  11. I'm guessing you know the proposed experiment is in the first Post's 'Reveal hidden content' Spoiler. Turns out I meant to put 'Quantum Spin Hall effect' in there instead of 'Quantum Hall effect' As any good Scientist would, I've been trying to think of things that would disprove instead of prove my conjecture. I thought of Atoms that have lots of Protons and Electrons. But to my astonishment, the Electron Orbitals all go through the middle of the Nucleus at different angles. This topic is Stimulating enough
  12. Upon further research, I have found it is called a '4D Hyper Ditorus' Just making that known as I found my own speculation thread on Google whilst looking into this.
  13. Do you have any posts with all the information on it, so that newcomers can read it with ease of access?
  14. To be honest, a big part of the reason I post these things, is so that if someone else comes up with it afterwards, I can say I came up with it to.
  15. Quick recap; I believe that the interference pattern on the wall of a double slit experiment is the 2D cross section of a 4D Torus. And that when we observe this 2D cross section, it produces a 3D shadow. Just as any 4D shape would to a lower dimension observer
  16. I have almost finished the 4D shape interpretation for the Quantum entanglement Feast your eyes on this; For example; Photon A & Photon B are entangled. Photon A & Photon B are separated by a large distance. When you observe Photon A..... You are actually seeing the 3D Shadow projected by Photon B! Vice versa! If that's hard to get the head around just remember this; It is known that when you look into the 4th spatial dimension, you can see all of the 3D world, as if you have X-Ray vision. It is also known that non-locality means they are occupying the same space. You can think of it like two quantumly entangled Sundials. You get to see what the time is in another place by looking at your own Sundial, and they see your time. (I will look into entanglement with more than two objects) ___________________________________________________________________ In terms of model, I reckon the cross section of the Torus matching the wave function of the Double slit experiment is sufficient. But yes, I agree, there is no experiment that I have thought of. __________________________________________________________________________ I legitimately believed that other members on this forum would have been interested enough to pitch in and help. That's why I went on about the team and wanting the title changed to encourage support.
  17. I have been looking at the quantum spin of an Electron. As you can see, there are Three lines coming out of the box. Just like how there are three sets of lines in the 4D hypersphere diagram. Good result (EDIT: Upon closer inspection, only some yellow dots on the previous 4D Hypersphere diagram, had a yellow dot intersecting all Three lines) I have been probing the Quantum Entanglement phenomenon. With the 4D object interpretation in mind. Something I noticed is that the Entanglement seems to only be acknowledged when observed. Perfect for the 'Observing causes it to cast a 3D shadow'. More work needed but a good result so far. All remaining Team members on the Team have a mutual Team spirit.
  18. Well none so far, it's simply an attempt at a better understanding. People think Quantum then immediately think of Mechanics or Physics afterwards. Thinking of it doing rather than being. Me and the team will find and replace math of interference with 4D math equivalents I suppose me and the team will come up with 4D shape explanations for all Quantum phenomena, that will persuade people that we have the correct model
  19. In my head I've come up with a new interpretation for the Double slit experiment When you don't observe the Photons/Electrons, it produces lower dimension cross sections of 4D Torus shapes (Ditorus for example) When you observe the Photons/Electrons, you see the 3D shadows that the 4D objects cast. And there you have it. Job done. (EDIT; I just realized that the 3D objects cross sectioning into Flat land would also cast shadows into Flat land)
  20. I would like to rename this Thread to 'Quantum objects are Four-Dimensional space shapes' Please I visualized 4D shapes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctv0qa-eFsM After having watched this video, I now see Photons and Electrons as 4D Torus Shapes. There are many Torus shapes to choose from. (So we the team need to hone in on which 4D Torus shapes are best suited) You can now start to imagine an atom being 4D Hypersphere Protons and Neutrons, with 4D Torus Shaped Electrons hanging on around the extremities
  21. Ok This entire forum is the team I said possibilities for an experiment. I didn't know about aphorisms, thank you. I know, but I guess it's good to be clear for when other people join in on this thread An object interacting with itself when observed is a mystery.
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