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  1. You know your theory is not that bad. After all, it is the only thing that can make something from nothing. Yet, when you have matter and antimatter equal zero when taking the sum of their masses, you should have zero again. I believe that matter and antimatter cancel out in contact. What would mean 'in contact' though, because we are talking about an area where space-time doesn't exist. In contact almost means in existance in this case. When these two things are in existance, they destroy each other, meaning that it would go back down to zero again. Therefore, perhaps antimatter and matter universes are not touching. Maybe it isn't in existance, maybe it really does mean touching each other. Yet, at the big bang, the singularity was 'touching', how does matter and antimatter spew out from the same place without destroying each other?
  2. Thanks, that really helps. All I really needed was to know that x^1/2 is the same as [sqrt x]. But thanks for going into greater detail, now i understand it. As for the absolute value question, I was an idiot. Anyway, how exactly could you do something like this: 3^4!. I thought you just do the factorial than use that as your exponent. But then, I realized that you can't because PEMDAS says you do Exponents first, multiplication second. Would you do 3^24 or 81!? Would it even be either of these? Math gets really confusing sometimes!
  3. I heard that einstein created a theorum about how at higher speeds, time moves at different pace. Does anybody think this is possible?
  4. Are you a scientist by any means, because i am only a 9th grader? Anyway, I wonder if you could give me a quick briefing of 'strong force', because i am working on a theory about how the universe began. It has come a long way. In the beginning, I included antimatter as a viable fact, than I disproved it somehow. I wrote a lot of notes on how it works, and who really knows if it is right, but if you could, i could describe my theory. I want to either prove or disprove it, I have done a lot of work on it and I can't seem to stop because I think it is right.
  5. I think that there are 11 dimensions, yet the only thing that has access to the others is gravity. Gravity is considered a weak force, but that is because it is often in the other dimensions. Gravity of a black hole, for instance, is well into the 11th dimension.
  6. Does such a thing exist? Can it? We probably can't stop it, but it seems very hard to understand. Gravity holds together the protons and neutrons of atoms nuclei, so how can antigravity work? What I have trouble with is this. Is there an antimatter? Maybe antigravity exists because that is how antimatter and matter relate. Maybe antimatter is gravitational to antimatter. Yet matter to antimatter is antigravity. In fact, is there a proven such thing as antimatter? I have heard mentions of it, but I wondered if it were proven to exist in the scientific community.
  7. I understand exponents, I eventually figured out how you manually do negative exponents, but how do you do something like: 3^.4? How do you do something like: abs[3]^3? Can you multiply together absolute values? I am only in algebra right now, not even geometry, but nobody else even cares how they do as long as they pass, but i want to understand this stuff!
  8. I ended up teaching myself about imaginary numbers. Here is a good way to do that for yourself. First take the basics: i = [sqrt -1]' date=' i^2 = -1. So, if you add a coefficient, you change it to ni, or for example: 2i. It really means 2([sqrt -1']), meaning 2 [sqrt -1] which makes the number imaginary. Here is the best way to apply it, just treat it like it is a real number, even though it isn't. 4i^2 equals -4 because you only square i, and i^2 is -1, so it is the same as saying 4 times negative 1. But if you do this: (4i)^2, you square 4 and i, which is the same as saying 4i times 4i. This makes 16i^2, which means -16. See, you can teach yourself imaginary numbers by applying what you already understand about real numbers. Try to figure out what i^3 is. Here is one even I haven't done yet, n^i. Good luck with them!
  9. I really wonder if the government truly knows something about it that they are not willing to tell. Why would it even hide something of such high regard. The government is made up of people just like us, and if stripped to nothing but themselves, they are also people. Why should certain people be let in on something we don't, simply because they have a government career? The people they run include them, even George Bush won't be in government forever, yet he is let in on something. It is seriously a load of bull!
  10. What I wonder is how people can almost doubt it. It is true that the probability of life developing on earth even was slim to none. However, the universe is an awfully big place. Hell, the galaxy is an awfully big place. Should we even doubt that there is life elsewhere in the universe?
  11. The beginning of the universe is very confusing. But on some science project for school, I was looking up theories and I ended up developing my own. Some ideas have been thought of before, but all of these I deducted on my own, so I did not steal these Ideas. I really came up with it myself. If any spare time, ask some questions and see what you think about it. What it says is that our universe was created in a vortex created by a black hole. First, I have to say something which you may or may not believe. I believe the universe doesn't truly have any physical beginning or an end to it, it has always existed and will always exist. Now, let us say that there is a universe which has a black hole. This black hole has gravity so intense that it even pulls light in. Now let us say this, the same happens in a parallel universe (this is a 'far out' theory, but it makes sense in the end.) Now, there has been another question tough to answer, "what is at the edge of our universe?" This has probably already been thought of at least once before, but I believe that the edge of the universe is a big area of Absolute Zero. What I call it is the AZZ, for Absolute Zero Zone. Anyway, the black hole has gravity so intense, it pierces through the physical dimensions, all the way to the AZZ. This is hard to describe and I will state this in greater detail later. Each black hole is now within the AZZ. The gravity of each end of the black hole is what brings them together, similar to a wormhole, or Einstein-Rosen bridge. Now, the black holes on each end bring in matter from their universe. The matter of each side is linked together in the middle, causing them to collide at the speed of light. In the guiness book of world records, the densist matter ever created was two gold atoms shot at each other at the speed of light, creating for an instant a particle believed to be as dense as a primordial atom, the atom which exploded containing our universe. Now, the matter fuses together, each side bringing in more and more matter. As the matter fuses, it is within the AZZ. The matter fuses into a star inside a black hole. The black hole fuses the matter to create a great amount of energy. At first, the universe may seem like a star. But as time develops and more and more matter is sucked inside, the star is fed, continually fusing and expanding the new universe. After many years, the star begins to spread its energy over such a large area. This area has gravity that in random segments, can clump, creating galaxies, stars, just about whatever we have developed in our own universe. Now, once the universe can no longer expand, what happens to a supermassive star? It develops a black hole. Now what happens next? Does the new black hole of such great proportion suck up everything in the universe? If so, what happens when the black hole is the only thing left? I believe that the universe which previously existed has been emptied into its final black hole into another one, creating a new universe with matter added from another universe, or perhaps from a spiral galaxy. This ends up becoming a chain of universes linked up in a net of black hole vortexes and universes, all within the AZZ. The reason I believe that the edge of the universe is because it is theoretically nothing. I related matter and energy to time and space, and developed something I couldn't believe I had never thought of. They relate. Matter is not the same, but it correlates perfectly with space. And what would happen if time didn't exist? We would freeze in place, right? Wouldn't that same thing happen if energy didn't exist. The reason that AZZ exists is because it has no time and no space, so it has no matter or energy. Absolute Zero can never be reached because it is a hole in the time space continuum. Matter needs time to continue moving on, same as energy needs matter to exist. It would be like space had no time, things exist yet cannot be changed. What of time without space? It would have nothing to continue, cancelling out the other. Absolute Zero is not just a temperature, it is a type of physics. I learned that if matter doesn't exist, energy has nowhere to be. So if matter containing energy were to theoretically exist in a zone of Absolute Zero, it would come back with the same energy it originally had. No energy would leak out because outside of it no matter exists to leak to. My conclusion is that Absolute Zero does not follow the laws of conduction or convection. Therefore, Absolute Zero is not cold, it is Absolute Nothingness.
  12. is there an absolute high temperature?
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