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  1. I have always wondered this, but every time I search for it I find confusing stuff. Anyway, I thought that inertia was just a property, and that it truly can't be measured. I thought it just belonged to matter, there isn't a type of matter that can have more inertia.
  2. I did a google and found out that the square root of i is [sqrt 2]/2 + [sqrt 2]/2i, but the reasoning behind it is stuff way out of my league. Can anybody simplify this to a reasoning easier to understand?
  3. Oh, well, I guess that has an explanation to poker, but I am not sure how to explain everything else. That is the whole reason I brought that thought out there, anyway.
  4. Probably, it is just about on every other thread on this site!
  5. I think no because by eliminating all of the energy of matter, you eliminate time for that particle. As time and space are interconnected, you would destroy the matter, which violates the law of conservation of mass. It is impossible to reach absolute zero, but I think it is really all around us (that is probably getting annoying about now, I have posted that way too many times.)
  6. Actually, it is much more complex than I thought it was going to be.
  7. Wait, I kind of get it now. So, the number on top means the last variable that you add to the sum, and the bottom means what the bottom section of the variable equals. Wow, I can see how hard advanced math is going to be already!
  8. Yeah, OK, that clears it up. Joking. Im an algebra student, I don't even know what the big E means, or what the n=infinity on top and n=1 on the bottom mean, even though I also don't get the big greek sign next to that, as well as why they are underneath or above the big greek signs. I have a couple years to still go over that, I'm only a freshman!
  9. I suggest setting up some kind of government funded facility dedicated to the study of new fuel sources. Hydrogen seems the most promising, sonofusion, who really knows. Wind, Solar, Geothermic, all seem to have potential. He should do something about it! He attacks Iraq just to get some oil, and blames Saddam for nuclear threats. I am not saying Saddam is right, he uses children as human shields. But still, the only reason he did it was for oil! If he was that concerned, rather than sending in our people to die, why not create something more constructive for a new source of energy? (By the way, the reason I said all of that is because I hate Bush as president, not because I have a problem with our troops. Sorry if I pissed anybody off!)
  10. Is bush planning on doing anythinng about the high rate of oil consumption? We guzzle so much gas every year, yet we aren't working so well with alternative energy. Why not? Sure, right now it isn't a big deal, but with oil oly depleting and population only growing, meaning the supply is decreasing and the demand is growing, so the price of it will skyrocket! We need to do something about it while we have time to!
  11. If I can say something, The thing is that light has escape velocity to escape many things. The only thing it can't escape is a black hole. If light can't escape a black hole, that is where the light would appear to go a different direction (as long as it wouldn't cross the event horizon!) Anyway, if light were to go only in one certain direction, how would we see things? I thought light covered a whole area and it has no intended path.
  12. Einstein, he was so willing to imagine that he left a big mark on proven scientific discoveries. The speed of time was developed by him (or at least I think he did, or at least he worked along with it). He realized how important imagination was to science, because the only way to solve problems is to think up an explanation, and that requires more than facts. Without imagination, we wouldn't even have half of these questions to answer.
  13. That is a good thought. After all, staring does seem to be a threatening form of behavior. I wonder if that is why people stare at each other when they are about to get into a fight? That is good thinking, but why do we find staring so offensive? I wonder if animals consider staring a kind of violent sign, or maybe a communication.
  14. Kind of like that, could aswokei have 'remembered' pain from a future plane of time? Time doesn't move much slower for something faster than it, but that is why we get these feelings so soon after a certain event. Or before. As for De Ja Vue, we could have our eyes move faster, being ahead of our time, seeing something ahead of our plane of time. God, this is so odd. I doubt it is true, though. It is a far out there theory, and has no proof behind it.
  15. Perhaps, out of pure theory, we have these feelings because time is proportionate to kinetic energy. Kind of odd, but if we move faster, time goes just a slight bit slower. Perhaps by swinging our hand back and forth for years and years, the hand is on a different plane of time from us. Perhaps the hand gains a slight emotion the nerves from our brain send. I doubt it, but if true at all, this phenomena could also explain De Ja Vue (no idea how to spell). Give me your input.
  16. I know, I get the point that they aren't always right. But it really isn't about the poker guessing, it is really interest in what a gut feeling is. How do we create feelings out of nowhere. We don't know the future, how can we supposedly predict something that will happen in the future? Is it some ilusion that our brain tricks us into thinking we have feelings about the future? Some kind of chemical reaction? Does it really come from our gut (vague question)? What I meant was it really seems to come from our gut, but why? Does this happen to anybody else? Why do we have these feelings? Truly, I have a theory of what it might be, but this is a 'far out' theory.
  17. Well' date=' I tried it. Actually I tried two. It is really interesting. The first test was the one you suggested. My percentage was a mere 3% (I only choose the card number, not the suit), and this was out of 10 times. Not bad, but the second one was where I realized something. I have really good feelings. What I did was go heads up against some friends in poker. I followed my feelings instead of trying to play smart. Almost 80% of the time I was right. What would happen is I would get a hand and see the flop. If my friend was betting, I would see what my feelings would say. A couple of miracle guesses happened, I predicted 5 pairs, 3 two pairs, 3 straights, 4 flushes, and even 1 full house! I couldn't believe how well that worked out. My 'feeling' said [call, he is bluffing'] or [call the all in, you will get a straight], and I was absolutely amazed how well I predicted certain hands. I would suggest people to try the same thing and share their results.
  18. I always wondered if by thinking about something before falling asleep, you would dream about it. Only one time has it ever worked for me. Every time I try it, I stop trying and fall asleep. I don't get it. Your brain is concentrated on one thing, wouldn't it continue that thinking? I think so. What I also can't understand is the fact that I can't tell anymore when I am dreaming. The thing is the world is remotely similar to the real one. But many things are different. Things like I have always hated my real best friend. Things I should realize are not true and should realize it is a dream. But I never realize it. Now, I lost complete control over my dreams altogether. It kind of sucks. I used to be able to do anything I wanted in my old dreams.
  19. Hell, I would call it how closely smushed together the particles of a substance are.
  20. http://www.newscientist.com it doesn't really mean 'new scientists' its just named that way. It is really a magazine.
  21. I have to say, if that is you on your avatar, you don't strike me as a med student. Just kidding. That was kind of random. Anyway, congradulations!
  22. Can a 'gut feeling' be described psycologically? I was playing poker earlier on, and I have always had these, but I keep getting gut feelings about the next cards to be placed. Sometimes I really end up right. Actually most times. But that isn't the point. Is a feeling a chemical reaction in the brain? An enigma made by our belief that we even have a gut feeling (that really doesn't make much sense)? To rephrase that, the belief that the future will come out the way we 'have a feeling' that it will? I don't get how to describe it.
  23. Oh yeah, it does get slower. Wow, i am an idiot. Anyway, that brings up some interesting ideas about our universe. Say time relates to the speed of an object. Does this mean that by a slight bit, time can change for your hand if you move it up and down? Time really probably accounts for energy. Because matter relates to space, energy relates to time. I have posted a million times a theory I have about how the universe began. Now, I said that matter and energy are connected the way time and space is. If time and space need each other, they are interconnected. Therefore, matter and energy are interconnected as well (just one more reason we can never reach Absolute Zero). If the energy for one atom is greater than the next, I believe it exists on a different plane of time. This is tough to visually explain, but picture a x-y coordinate plane. This is the grid of time and space. Picture millions of them stacked on top of each other. Now say that one atom has kinetic energy. It moves up one plane to the next. Each level of the 'stacked planes' is a different plane of time. This makes it a bit clearer, but it is still rather hard to visualize.
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