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  1. Yes, it is all about balance, if that is what you mean. If you have to motivate your employees with brute force something about your business model is wrong. Yes, wages should be fair on both ends, to both lower operating costs and properly compensate employees.
  2. Practice computer programming frequently and work on real-world projects to gain experience and improve your skills. A good way to do this is to contribute to the open-source community. Contributing to open-source projects can help you learn new skills, build your portfolio, and network with other developers.
  3. Higher wages can motivate employees to work harder and improve morale.
  4. Here is my opinion: JavaScript: For Full-Stack Web Development, Front-End Web Development, Back-End Web Development with Node.js, and Game Development. Python: Back-End Web Development, Data Science, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Automation, and Game Development. Java: Platform-Independent Desktop Development, Back-End Web Development, Full-Stack Android Development, Game Development. C#: Windows Desktop Development, Cross-Platform Desktop Development with MAUI, Mobile Development with MAUI, Back-End Web Development, Unity Game Development.
  5. C and C++ are well established in the game development community. Many game development frameworks are compatible with C and C++. Rust and Go are newer languages but are also well supported for game development and have memory safety features that make them better choices for beginner game developers than C or C++. Go Is also considered high-level while C, C++, and Rust are considered low-level. Game engines will save you time in building a game, because you can focus on the game and not the game engine, but building a game engine from scratch will give you full control over your game engine and game.
  6. I had done some research and discovered using a game engine like Unreal Engine, Unity, GameMaker, or Godot is a great way for a beginner to learn how to make a game because you do not have to waste time programming your own game engine.
  7. pacman9090


    Yes, HTML is not a programming language, but you can use it to write software that runs on web browsers, and use it alongside a stylesheet languages like CSS, or a computer programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, and other computer programming languages. Some popular text editors for writing HTML code include Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, and Notepad++.
  8. pacman9090


    Visual Studio, IntelliJ IDEA, Aptana Studio 3, PyCharm, PhpStorm, WebStorm, Eclipse, RubyMine, Komodo IDE, and Brackets are also great for web development.
  9. C, C++, Rust, and Go are all high-performance middle-level languages. JavaScript, Python, Java, and C# are high-level languages. C and C++ are more mature than Rust and Go. C++, Rust, and Go are more modern than C. C is probably easier and quicker to learn than C++, Rust, and Go. C++, Rust, and Go have more modern features than C. Because C lacks these features it may be higher-performance and lower-level than C++, Rust, and Go.
  10. pacman9090


    NetBeans and Notepad++ are great too.
  11. Thanks. I know C is quicker and easier to learn than C++, but I am unsure if C is quicker or easier to learn than Rust or Go. C is a popular computer language for systems programmers, but I it is great for application development too. C++, Rust, and Go can be used for systems programming, if I am correct, but they are more popular for application development. I am interested in game programming so I believe either C, C++, Rust, or Go would be perfect for that because they are high-performance. JavaScript, Python, Java, and C# are not as high-performance as C, C++, Rust, or Go but they are great computer languages that are great for developing applications and games quickly and easily.
  12. Thanks for the info, and C# calculator coding tutorial, Sensei. Unreal and Unity are great game engines, but they are not completely free. Godot would be better for me. I was interested in coding a game engine and games in C, C++, and Raylib. C and C++ are fast and efficient, so they are perfect for coding games. JavaScript, Python, Java, and C# are slower and less efficient than C and C++, but they are easier to work with when coding games. I was also interested in eventually creating my own game engine and games in C, C++, OpenGL, and Vulkan, but that goal is a bit ambitious for me, at this stage in my coding development.
  13. Thanks, rathlin and Sensei. I was leaning more towards C and C++ to start because they are fast, efficient, and mature, meaning they are well documented and supported across platforms, which would make them perfect languages for creating games. Rust and Go both seemed like more modern choices, C++ is also modern, but C is not, but I was afraid all those modern features would slow down C++, Rust, and Go. I also have an interest in learning about technologies like Raylib, SDL2, OpenGL, Vulkan, and DirectX 12. C is an easier language to learn than C++, so I would normally prefer beginning with C, over C++, but C++ is considered better for game development, while C is better for OS kernel development than game development. There is just so much to consider.
  14. pacman9090


    I did some research and had discovered you can create websites in Python using Django or Flask. I had also read you can create Java servlets that can run in webpages.
  15. Python or JavaScript is a good place to start. Both languages are high level languages and relatively easy to learn. Both languages can be used to create web, mobile, and desktop applications.
  16. pacman9090


    HTML is the foundation of a webpage, CSS is the design aspect of a webpage, JavaScript or Python is what adds functionality to a webpage. You can write web applications for a website in computer languages like Java or C#.
  17. I know C and C++ are two fast, efficient, and mature computer languages that can be used to create operating systems, applications, and games. Are Go and Rust, two fast and efficient computer languages, that are also less mature than C and C++, good, if not better, alternatives, when it comes to speed and efficiency, for programming operating systems, applications, and games? I also know C++, Go, and Rust are considered modern computer languages, while C is not.
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