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  1. Religion is science you just don’t know it. Anyway I hope all the big boys on this site feel suitably protected by the paternal moderators. Bye bye
  2. What right have you to criticise your fellow secular scientists? Don’t you think that step one of any experiment like this would be an analysis of generations vs number of specimens vs virtual timeline it represents? go read some case studies, there are thousands Ok I’m going to tell you this because I am duty bound to offer you salvation. I am in no way preaching at you and I never will mention this again but you asked. Be careful not to offer a knee jerk response, best to say nothing in case you offend a greater being you later regret offending, and you will. Read John 3 16.
  3. Or else you will have wasted your earthly life denying that you are really an eternal soul inside a physical shell but by then you will not have the wisdom to save yourself. It’s easy to test the degree of change. Get a billion short life span organisms and condense the mutations in a lab and run this for many years to get something new. it’s been done and is still being done in an attempt to prove your position. But all we ever get is more bacteria and more fruit flies.
  4. Then without proof I am entitled to deny it. The issue is that it’s presented as fact when it isn’t There was no Big Bang When quantum physics is understood and mainstream and when we can access the other 10 dimensions of the universe and when we realise there is life outside of our materialistic experience and when you are faced with a choice of which side your on you will wish you had listened to those who claimed the supernatural exists and that this life is a shadow of a larger existence. Enjoy the ride.
  5. You are stretching the virus model too far. They are uniquely unstable in terms of genetic replication. It’s not clear that what the mutations produce is beneficial in a non vaccine world. They are made up of if RNA not DNA, no new structures are made, the mutations never move the virus any further up the ‘tree of life’ i am still waiting to see a mechanism that can take a single cell eukaryote and build stuff in the DNA code to get to us, this isn’t it
  6. Ok I’ll try from one angle. Fossils are not formed today so why were they in the past?
  7. They observed the world around them and created scientific disciplines from that with no need to investigate origins. Gravity and electromagnetics are testable and demonstrable. Evolution is conjecture despite how often we are told it’s fact. I have so many objections to it I could spend a lifetime debating it but I am sure no one really cares.
  8. I could answer this from so many angles but the bottom line for me is this, there were so many creationists at the birth of modern science including Isaac Newton whose house is just up the road, that it would take some convincing for me to accept they were wrong. Darwin doesn’t have it, Dawkins and Krauss couldn’t lace his boots, and the whole thing smells of atheist propaganda. I’m not here to change your mind but if you calmed down a bit and entered into a discussion along the lines of ‘ why are finches evidence that Darwin was wrong?’ I’d be happy to tell you
  9. Your scatterlogical obsession would be disturbing if I’d read anything you’ve posted that had a single original thought. You are to science as a karaoke singer is to music.
  10. Thanks Arthur brilliant as always, I am reading that viruses are a very special case in that they are RNA based and prone to copying errors. I’m also thinking that any definition of positive, neutral of negative mutations do not apply to viruses, mainly because I don’t really know how they become immune to vaccines and other than that whether the mutation would be considered negative. Exchemist also, and I realise you are using shorthand, but I am wary of agreeing to nature as a creative force, it sounds a bit Druid
  11. So to follow your example, taking it one step at a time, you agree that DNA is a code? What is it a code for?
  12. Thanks Arthur and Bangstrom Im marking you down as our resident virus experts
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