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  1. It's indicated online that 1–4% of the genome of modern non-African humans is Neanderthal DNA but this doesn't make sense when both Neanderthals and earlier-Sapiens both evolved from a common ancestor. Are the 1-4% Neanderthal genes what is left over after they've subtracted the identical DNA? If yes, what is the percentage of homo sapiens genes after we subtract the identical DNA?
  2. This is a speculation thread to get to the bottom of the truth. I'm not here standing on a soapbox claiming I know what this energy is. The arrogance from people on this forum is astronomical. It's like people come on here to prove how much they know. Constant ego talk. If you have nothing nice to say. Don't say anything at all.
  3. I didn't say soundwaves. I don't know what this energy is. Depends on the restaurant kitchen. You've probably been watching too much Gordon Ramsay. Can the following be quantified? https://www.google.com/search?q=cooking+food+with+love One of the world's best chefs says you can taste the love in really good food | The World from PRX
  4. The condescending I have done experiments by feeding others food I cooked while humming and when they weren't in the room or aware of this food transformation. Every single one of them had some odd comment like they could taste this supernatural energy. I already know that it sounds absolutely crazy. I have no way of measuring it. Anyone else who's going to comment some condescending crap. Please leave and find a hobby.
  5. How come every galaxy isn’t consumed by the black hole at its center? (qz.com) Vacuum or chew celestial bodies apart. What's the difference? You're saying that the gravity of black holes is no different than that of other bodies. Why are all the bodies going around the black hole and galaxy in unity? Looks like an indication of a higher power at play.
  6. Who made you king? This thread is in "speculations" for a reason. To speculate. Any idea "how" I can measure subatomic particles at home?
  7. Nobody actually knows. I'm speculating. You're cherry picking part of my sentence as if I believe it is fact.
  8. I've always wondered what holds the universe if the big bang is real. Such a mind screw just thinking about it. Perhaps the universe is self-recycling? Black holes are vacuums that vacuum up and then big bang when they're full or when there's nothing else to vacuum? To prove creation. We'd need to prove that a biological system has intention of creation by a (supposed) creator.
  9. Assuming that the "type" of energy transferred into the food is sound waves. What if I'm also producing subatomic particles when I'm humming my unique tune? Would it be possible to measure this type of energy? These effects are on others. It's others commenting on the food without me telling them at all about this energy transfer into the food. Humming activates the parasympathetic nervous system. I knew I was going to be called out on this because I feel logical fallacies in my brain. I guess I'm going to have to visit my parents and feed the cat after humming and stirring their wet food. Watch the smart cat that never throws up... throw up every single time.
  10. Intellect isn't a learned ability. It can be developed but it's always the inborn energy in 47% of the population's brains based on calculations. The Ajna Center - wholeandunleashed.com Good question. You'd feel the constant imprinting and activation of gates during the transits if you'd know your mechanics. I can share a paid software for free via DM where you can create your own advanced aura mechanics chart if you have your precise birth time and see how accurate it is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9B_bJA5AhxU LOL. Except our aura mechanics are a lot more complex than easily seeing over the horizon and seeing that the earth is a sphere. What do you say to those with sacral gut energy that keep saying to everyone else to follow their gut? Being dismissive isn't scientific at all. I know it sounds completely crazy but I understand that it would look crazy if I were ignorant.
  11. We know that not all humans have intellect and therefore intellect is an inborn ability. Machines did not naturally evolve with the universe and aren't imprinted at birth by neutrinos like we humans are. I believe in the Human Design System because I discovered my aura mechanics before knowing anything about the human design system and therefore can't deny it's accuracy. Those of us with Ajna energy in our brains have intellect to different degrees. Machines on the other hand are static and aren't influenced by the shower of neutrinos. I know this sounds all woo woo however it's the only information I've found to explain my supernatural abilities.
  12. Chickens need to consume grains to produce eggs. Conventional grain feed contains pesticides. Backyard chickens consume the same conventional grains. "unsafe levels of pesticides" is a dismissing remark when the accumulative effect will have a detrimental effect. How do you know if some sort of humming energy isn't transferred to food if you haven't tested it? I know it sounds completely crazy but it happens.
  13. I do because I have genetic mutations from acute mercury poisoning. I'm the exception. Not the rule. I'm aware of the placebo effect.
  14. You're right. I feel it after a week or two of consuming those specific eggs every day.
  15. Dismissing me because you believe humans are robots. Real mature. I'm a runner and have clean arteries. They weren't always clean and I would collapse to the ground huffing and puffing whenever I tried to run. I can feel when my arteries are clogging up after I've cleaned them via healthy eating. There's a correlation between egg intake and atherosclerosis. We know that cholesterol and natural fatty acids don't cause atherosclerosis. There's definitely something harmful in some eggs that causes atherosclerosis. My correlation is the green ring of hardboiled eggs causing atherosclerosis. I've overcooked a specific brand of organic eggs and they never develop the green ring. There's a lot of assumptions on the internet in regards to what causes the green ring because it's theoretical. Pesticide exposure and risk of cardiovascular disease: A systematic review - PubMed (nih.gov) Exposure to Agrochemicals and Cardiovascular Disease: A Review - PMC (nih.gov) Pesticides (Hexachlorocyclohexane, Aldrin, and Malathion) Residues in Home-Grown Eggs: Prevalence, Distribution, and Effect of Storage and Heat Treatments - PubMed (nih.gov)
  16. Correlation does not imply causation. It depends what kind of feed the chicken ate. Cheap eggs bioaccumulate pesticides and other POPs (persistent organic pollutants) from their conventional feed and these toxins have been shown to cause atherosclerosis. I'm susceptible to developing atherosclerosis and I've noticed that hardboiled eggs with the green ring always clog up my arteries, while hardboiled Organic eggs that don't develop the green ring, have never clogged up my arteries regardless of how many I consumed. Also, cell membranes contain mostly cholesterol. Cell membrane - Wikipedia
  17. Allergy to certain foods. Wheat, soy, lipid peroxides (seed oils), etc.
  18. ChatGPT is like VOX in the following movie. Artificial Intelligence =/= Artificial Intellect. Artificial Intellect doesn't exist and never will because a machine cannot gain intellect. Many people sure confuse intelligence for intellect though.
  19. I've noticed that when I'm cooking and I decide to hum while I'm stirring the food. The food gains whatever energy that is released from humming. The more I hum, the more energy the food gains. I've giving food to people without informing them of this energy transfer and some comment how it tastes strange while one person said it gave them so much energy like they've never felt before. I also tested this a year ago when I had to feed a cat. I mashed their wet food while humming, the cat ate the food and not even a couple minutes later... The cat threw up the food as if it couldn't handle whatever energy I transferred into it by humming. The cat never throwed up when I fed it wet cat food previously. I've also noticed when my mother cooks her tomato sauce and hums/sings. There's a unique taste to it that can't be replicated. How can this be scientifically measured? Would this be considered alchemy?
  20. I'm trying to understand my non-epileptic GLUT1 deficiency syndrome on a genetic level because my experiences with it doesn't make sense completely with how it's explained. I don't need medical advice because the treatment is plainly a ketogenic diet. No drugs. GLUT1-DS is an autosomal dominant genetic metabolic syndrome. Basically the nervous system and red blood cells can't use carbohydrates effectively as fuel and therefore starve of energy. The movement disorder symptoms which occur after physical activity are basically the same symptoms of when a vehicle is running out of gas. The gas being ketones for someone with GLUT1-DS. I judge whether I'm producing sufficient fuel(ketones) based on my level of awareness of my environment. More ketones and I can see in 4K+ resolution; less ketones and I see the world in less than 1080p and almost blind if I consume carbohydrates. So... What I've noticed in myself is that if I fast for a little bit over 24 hours and then consume carbohydrates... my awareness increases to 4K+ resolution as if GLUT1 transporter protein on the cells increased to be able to absorb the higher levels of carbohydrates. Do we humans have two copies of the SLC2A1 gene? One dominant and perhaps one recessive which is activated during fasting?
  21. It's possible since taller people tend to be natural leaders. I believe maturity is also related to how well someone metabolizes carbohydrates. I have GLUT1 deficiency syndrome which is basically permanent ketogenic metabolism and my maturity decreases to that of a child if I consume carbohydrates.
  22. The chicken came first as there's birds that don't lay eggs. It's not like we can prove otherwise. It is all speculation. Just because you can't... It is not an indication that a supernatural power can't create a tiny egg that grows into a new animal with organs that function in complete harmony. I have superpowers and I definitely believe there's higher powers but they definitely don't want us praying to them.
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