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  1. A nonconformist is neither a conformist nor an anti-conformist. A lot of people have the mentality of others being against them if they aren't with them. I'm trashing both sides. Again. Two wrongs don't make a right. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_wrongs_don't_make_a_right The human design system isn't astrology or numerology or a system that predicts the future even though there are zodiac symbols around the wheel to appease to the masses but that's how far it goes in terms of astrology. The wikipedia page on the human design system is incorrect because the human design system isn't a belief system. The human design system is mechanical in which a person surrenders to their aura mechanics and witnesses their mechanics in action. It speaks for itself. It isn't for everyone and it can't be "used" or "forced". The issue I have with the human design system is that the in dept science is hidden behind expensive books and a software application. I'll start my own thread to put it to the test since I have the software which reveals the in dept science of a person's aura mechanics.
  2. I used the correct single words and "Two wrongs don't make a right" shouldn't have been erased because it makes it seem like I'm favoring the right when I'm not. I didn't use "anything goes" and "responsible" because I don't believe in these definitions for the left and the right. I also don't believe any of the other definitions for the left and the right. Another definition for liberals is putting the cart before the horse while another definition for conservatives is if it ain't broke; don't fix it. Both sides don't understand discipline. I see politics as a bunch of incompetent squabbling chickens. We need Laws because there are people who disregard the lives of others however it seems like non-born leaders are always trying to lead. Trump being a loudmouth non-born leader. Nayib Bukele (President of El Salvador) is an example of a born leader and how he swiftly cleaned up the country. From an outside perspective. It seems like Trump's hubris and his loudmouth followers does make the US look full of hubris. Change is actually afoot. We'll get a taste of a compassionate collective neutrino energy starting April 12th till May 23rd. Then we'll see real change starting January 30 2025. This isn't astrology. It's the human design system and it doesn't contain nonsense astrology. It's a mechanical system which explains how neutrinos from the Sun and planets have an effect on our aura mechanics. The same Pluto energy was around when the American Revolutionary War started and eventually the American Constitution was written. We the people. 1775 + 248 years (pluto orbit around the Sun) = 2023 We've already seen this energy play out. Such as the outright ban of dangerous dog breeds in the UK. This is a great time to be alive in.
  3. Why do I need to know? You could have simply ignored my comment or address my supposed misunderstanding of liberals.
  4. Unless the biology science we study leads to a complex discovery that proves intent by a creator. Why do you equate religion with god(s)? OP specifically said religion.
  5. Two wrongs don't make a right. It's either leniency or strictness in politics. The leniency of the left leads to the strictness of the right to steer the economy back on track. Take a look at Canada and the wastefulness of the liberals trying to save everyone. I'd like to see a government that understands discipline.
  6. I'd like to create a total mg/dL blood cholesterol table that equates to a percentage of total cholesterol in the blood. 100mg/dL total blood cholesterol in % ? 1dL = 100mL 100mg/1000=0.1mL 0.1mL is 0.1% of 100mL ? 0.1% is 100mg/dL of total blood cholesterol ? Then to saturate the blood at 100% total cholesterol; total blood cholesterol would need to be x in mg/dL. 100/0.1=1000 100mg/dL x 1000 = 100000mg/dL to 100% saturate the blood with total cholesterol ? Is this correct or is "mL = mg / 1000" incorrect when applied to total cholesterol?
  7. It is self-evidently proven indirectly. Not everyone can fully use critical thinking skills despite learning them just as not everyone can actually drive a car despite taking driver's education. Therefore, critical thinking and driving precisely is an innate ability that can be perfected. An energy in the brain with various thinking channels. I don't have an issue with science. I have an issue with formally educated scientists and their inability to use the scientific method because they're focused on producing a product to make money. It does seem so from an outside perspective that I'm being held back. If I'm not with you, then I must be against you? Nope. I see the technological progress however I'm not impressed with the concomitant wastefulness. There are no lines being drawn. Not data I deem true. Data that is self-evidently true. Such as measurement data. Measurement data with obvious off the chart measurements is valuable and can be used further to interpolate/extrapolate with other scientific fields. Polymath - Wikipedia Cognitive biases occur when we're holding onto beliefs. No beliefs = no cognitive biases. It's either self-evident or it's nonsense. It takes a while to train our brain to see possibilities and discard the probabilities.
  8. The high rates of imposter syndrome say different. Those who are extrinsically motivated tend to believe subconsciously that we're all equal in cognitive abilities and that they can be seen as having high cognitive abilities if they obtain multiple degrees. They believe on some level that they have intelligence and/or intellect or that they can obtain it via learning (copy and pasting information). There are obviously different types of intelligence and tests should be split to highlight strengths and weaknesses instead of lumping everything together in one test.
  9. It's underfunded because they aren't producing results. Doing right after I've been severely wronged and giving back my innate being after it was taken away from me for two decades. I was the healthiest child anyone has ever seen and strangely ended up with 5 mercury fillings in my teeth as a child. Experienced acute mercury poisoning and fought for myself like nobody has ever fought. Smashed my head with hardcover textbooks in the middle of class while nobody did anything. Held onto a school chair so tight to prevent fecal incontinence from the mercury poisoning. Ran away from home because it was like a nightmare I couldn't wake up from. Then walked around in high school like I had Parkinson's disease and nobody did anything. My school pictures are all of me with the Parkinson's disease demented smile. I begged my doctor in my 20s to help me and he smiled at me like I was a child who needed cheering up. He referred me to a gay psychologist who tried to sexually abuse me because I was so out of it. I eventually moved back to my home country in an attempt to regain my health and my awareness. Regained sufficient awareness to see the fillings were poisoning me. No help from my father to have them removed despite him having more than 100k in the bank. My father smoked inside the apartment and didn't care about anyone but himself and expected others to be sympathetic to his need to smoke. I made the initial piece of this discovery while breathing in massive amounts of secondhand smoke and drinking at least half a liter of raw carrot juice daily to prevent my brain from being severely inflamed. Went through withdrawal from the secondhand smoke every single day. Part of this discovery is why people smoke cigarettes and do drugs and why I live in a world of addicts. I tried to tell my father so he would stop smoking and he told me... "You're not a scientist", "You'll never accomplish anything", and "Once poor, always poor". Madness. This was a decade ago. After all of this. I'm left with GLUT1 deficiency syndrome and various unknown genetic mutations that resulted in severe covid with viral myocarditis and eventually heart failure. I tried to get help from doctors after covid in a developed country and no help at all from them because of my age and their ignorance. I had to read the scientific literature myself and use my intellect to understand how to reverse my heart failure with severe suicidal thoughts. Reversed my heart failure. I then tried to get help for my genetic mutations by sending my symptoms to a doctor so I could be referred to a neurologist and nutritionist because I'm struggling to maintain ketosis. No help from anyone despite free health sick care. Formally educated scientists have everything at their fingertips yet I'm the one who made this complex discovery while living through hell. I don't feel contempt. I feel resentment. If I release it. Then I will be asked... how did you make this discovery? Well... discoveries aren't made in safe spaces.
  10. Excess humans burning an excessive amount of fossil fuels causes global warming. Let's stop blaming molecules. The number of children being driven to school throughout the day from Monday to Friday is a major issue. All thanks to law and order svu, by making mothers paranoid. The only way is to reduce burning fossil fuels and the clouds/rain will naturally bring the CO2 back down to earth.
  11. You're right. They don't measure intelligence but they don't measure intellect either. I see the purpose of IQ tests as a way to sneakily measure the performance of our brains. I use the definition of intelligence that the majority inherently believe because they believe we're all equal. Which equates to obtaining a formal education with intelligence. Marilyn vos Savant is correct in the following video at the 3:40 mark. Feynman had the 43/23 Genius thinking channel. 23 – 43 – Structuring - Human Design Tools Richard Feynman: The Right Angle Cross of Explanation 2 (23/43 | 49/4) - Human Design Tools and Life Work Theme: Explanation (Personal Focus - Form) Feynman lived out his mechanics. Marilyn vos Savant also has the 43/23 genius thinking channel but her channel is completely in 'Design' red. A lot more powerful and hence her IQ over 200. Richard Feynman.pdf
  12. Intellect - Wikipedia Your*
  13. Intellect. IQ tests do measure intelligence and intelligence is nothing to rave about. Intelligence isn't used to verify whether the knowledge is accurate or not. intelligence ĭn-tĕl′ə-jəns noun The ability to acquire, understand, and use knowledge.
  14. https://journals.aps.org/prper/pdf/10.1103/PhysRevPhysEducRes.18.010119 I dislike the paper's unintentionally twisted view of white society and how the "why" behind what occurs to certain blacks is always swept under the rug as if all blacks are angels. I've lived both in a predominantly white pink neighborhood and a predominantly multi-cultural neighborhood for 3-4 years as a white pink minority. Only received racial slurs from entitled blacks when I was minding my own business in the multi-cultural neighborhood and heard a lot "because I'm black" from young blacks that weren't getting their way. A lot of entitlement and egotistical behaviors instead of them seeing how their behavior is self-deprecating and annoying others. Blacks are tolerant of each other's bad behavior. Other races aren't and hence their repulsion. What I like about living in a predominantly pink neighborhood is that we call out each other's bad behavior and essentially keep each other in line. We work together for the greater good. We strive for peace and quietness in our neighborhoods instead of blasting the music until 3:00 AM, and we segregate ourselves when our peace is disrupted. This is the WHY behind segregation. The author wants to dismantle a system that we fought wars over to keep the peace. It will never happen.
  15. Bitterness yes; contempt no because "contempt" is a feeling of mentally being on a pedastal and looking down on people. I'm on solid ground. The major issue is when said models are based on making money over seeking indisputable truth. Medicine is a pseudoscience by the legal drug dealers that doesn't face the extreme scrutiny that it should. Legal drugs don't heal the body and the word "treatment" is a misleading word which essentially means "the management of degeneration". The receptors in our bodies are for vitamins, amino acids, neurotransmitters, hormones and other essential molecules. Not synthetic drugs and/or herbal supplements that play pinball with our biochemistry. Hence the side effects. I don't care whether it's taught or not to the next generation of students. For me it's about taking out the stinking garbage that I don't want to take out. My discovery is shockingly sensational and the tip is exactly how I made it. I had to drop all my beliefs and only accept data that was self-evidently true. I don't have a problem with science. I have a problem with formally educated scientists not following the scientific method and instead manipulating the world for $$.
  16. Critical thinking is an innate ability to see bias, not hold beliefs and not overlook information. Combining information into knowledge while maintaining confirmation bias and holding beliefs is what mainly occurs when books are written. I'm a born nonconformist. I will gain something useful when some people actually use the scientific method and stop treating Science like a cult where nobody is allowed to see the world independently. Copy and paste a subject into their minds and get a piece of paper with a fancy golden symbol. Hence extrinsic motivation. I feel resentment at formally educated scientists for overlooking the science of a particular subject because of their confirmation bias and corrupt mentality. I made a complex hidden world changing discovery that will eventually collapse all the corrupt industries because I lived through hell and it bothers me how formally educated scientists are paid billions, and can't even see the arrogance and errors in their conditioned ways of thinking. I have no choice. I can't obtain a formal education by forcing myself to learn misconceptions. Very well articulated. While I have an issue with the educational system because it tends to foster the know it all mentality in a good amount of people. You've explained the contempt tree beautifully. I'm wondering if the OP is in a position of authority and should use empowerment towards others by enlightening them on their ignorance and/or be open to being wrong instead of feeling contempt.
  17. Rosy retrospection - Wikipedia I'd suggest you stop reading history because you're not the type of person who's bound to repeat it and see the solutions to humanity's problems.
  18. The 'judgmental reflex and feel less contempt for others.' is the result of formal education because formal education doesn't foster critical thinking. It shapes/hammers the brain into accepting everything without fact checking or using intellect. Yes. Prove the other person wrong in a humble way instead of saying 'because science said so' or 'because my book said so' while at the same time not providing indisputable evidence. Scientific books are so watered down from their topics that its laughable to those who have actually learnt from the raw data. Shining the light is more like it and what you're doing is misdirection. Making it personal and not seeing the errors in your thinking.
  19. School promotes this type of mentality in a lot of people. Unfortunately. People get their degrees and believe they know everything there is to know because the books can't be wrong. right? Wrong. Science in books has been proven incorrect time and time again because of arrogance by some scientists. Learn to eat humble pie and you won't feel contempt. The arrogance of scientists (bmartin.cc)
  20. Link please. Creating simple amino acids does not constitute life.
  21. I'm not comitting logical fallacies because science has not proven how flapping our ligaments leads to developing wings. Makes perfect sense in theory but why would an animal or an insect flap their ligaments? What is the "intent" behind flapping their ligaments before they developed wings? We can see evolution at work with professional basketball players and how they're so tall because they keep jumping. The intent of jumping is to shoot the ball and reach for the hoop to dunk. You're committing confirmation bias. Supernatural has nothing to do with faith. It's all mechanical.
  22. This seems like an abuse of power. Why not just prove my points incorrect with science? Why can't I believe in both? I don't need the supernatural. Supernatural experiences naturally occur with me. No choice. I'd love if scientists would study me. Science still hasn't proven how the first organism created itself into existence. When scientists can create with favorable conditions any form of life where no life has existed before is when I will believe that there's no intelligent design within the universe. I also don't believe in God.
  23. I find it hard to believe that an animal flapping their arms would develop wings or feathers and for what purpose to being with. There has to be a supernatural energy or energies behind these intelligent designs or the universe could be a consistent intelligent design in itself. Evolution doesn't have a direction because the energy from the Sun and the planets is/are always different.
  24. What is the African homo lineage called during the time of the Homo sapiens neanderthals lineage?
  25. Spiraling how the earth travels around the Sun or how Pluto travels around the Sun?
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