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  1. Magnetic levitation and the Northern lights disagrees with you . Also a car doing a 180 is not the same as a reversal of polarity . I'm sorry I have to leave this forum , was hoping to find some intelligence here but I was sadly mistaken .
  2. The problem in the world is that in politics , the worlds politicians who have advisors try to come across as smart , using word gibberish rather than open transparency . Me peronally if I was Joe Biden, I would directly contact Xi Jinping and state my case transparently , we all love China and the Chinese people but we feel you are wrong in ill treating minorites in regards to morals . As for Japan , they should also make way towards China in friendship because unless the world finally unites , the world is probably over . We have more important things than war games to consider at the moment .
  3. Why antoganise the Chinese by sending ships through the straight without giving China a phone call asking if they could dock and enjoy the sights of China why they were that way ? Newtons laws about reactions and the world needs to stop these games and become friends , forget history that is the cause of hostility and build a proper future . China is a beautiful country and there should be more tourism , the Chinese should respect that our laws sometimes differ from their laws . I know Dubai isn't China , but giving somebody a decade in jail for CBC oil is bad morals . Laws are the difference in how society interacts .
  4. You say you want to find the accelleration of the masses , don't you mean the acceleration of the ''free mass'' ? Also in which direction do you want to apply the acceleration ? Do you want the ''free mass'' to lose grip and recede -ve or do you want the mass to assend +ve ? F=ma2 in this situation remember and also consider Newtons third law if you want to assend . Also remember the Newtons of down force is the same as if it weren't on an incline .
  5. Oh please don't get upset over nothing . I can not predict the future although space-time is transparent , the lottery numbers are random , each ball having a probability of 1/t in making an appearance . I can do a scientific analysis of the lottery numbers and pick the best chances but that isn't knowing , it also has the chance of failure . However , many Chinese people live in America and China and America realistic have strong ties due to movies and other influences . I am sure China and the USA don't want actually to war with each other so that leaves Taiwan in the middle . Taiwan need to see they are neighbours with China and both can trade with the USA , an agreement should be reached where Taiwan keep certain independence , that simple .
  6. Ok, but a polarisation reversal is not the same as a flip . A flip would consist of a 180 degrees displacement . A pole reversal would consist of a change of direction of ''flow'' . Do we agree on that ? Or do you think the matter of the field can flip causing tidal surges etc , if so what evidence is there that the field is independent of the Earths mass ? IMO the North pole is presently being forced to curve more South Easterly from what information I have read ?
  7. That is not really possible and speculation. The Earths components ''emit'' fields , these fields are ''fixed'' to the mass but can wave etc . For a field to flip it would have to be independent of the mass , free to move . We have never witnessed a bar magnetic poles flip , If we turn the bar magnet , the field moves with the magnet , it is ''fixed'' . If you spin a magnet fast enough the field will curve but remain ''fixed'' . I want to learn maths but how can I learn maths that does not yet exist ? I am trying very hard in maths terms to explain a Higgs field and an expansion of this HIggs field , I can represent it easy enough but we aren't getting any math that gives a value . What if we said , (a+b)(a+b)=1/V Could we say that the HIggs field components are 0.5 and 0.5 times kE , 0.5 and 0.5 ?
  8. The world leaders may like to point out to China that their economy is over if they go hurting innocent civilians in war games . Their economy will be restricted to their own economy with no export of anything . Don't ask a question then if you don't want answers .
  9. I have done some quick research and it sounds like Taiwan committed ''mutiny'' against China and China want to take back control because of the maritime border and close approximity . As for Russia , Ukraine , that sounds like speculation . Why doesn't America politically intervene and be the negotiator, making no threats but reasonable compromise ? Example Chinese Navy and air, ''free'' access to the waters and skies to show there is nothing going on . Have Taiwan agree to let Chinese troops camp there etc , quite easy to show China that Taiwan isn't going to ''stitch'' China up . Also China would boost the Thaiwan economy , whats the problem they are neigbours . The only thing to argue is local laws really .
  10. I can help you with an answer but firstly I need to know some answers . 1)Is China intending to invade Taiwan on moral grounds ? 2)Is Russia intending to invade the Ukraine on moral grounds ? Please state reasons why China and Russia are planning to take control of these countries ?
  11. Added proof : Transition force F=<hf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7dvJj5gB4g Further proof : F=<hf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuSXy32JagA ''The Cavendish experiment, performed in 1797–1798 by English scientist Henry Cavendish, was the first experiment to measure the force of gravity between masses in the laboratory'' Mass is a form of energy F=<hf
  12. I understand that and I admire Faraday for his persistence and work . I am aware of the Higgs Boson that gains energy from the Higgs field but also produces energy in the form of kinetic energy , as it moves through the field . I am not a novice at science but I don't know everything , including some of the maths . I can explain Quantum mechanics quite well and add my thoughts on the mechanics . I was hoping Guass's Law could explain a possible Higgs field but it fails . We are stuck at C/(d/t)=V/t if we was to use Coulombs ?
  13. Fare enough but you confirmed earlier the speed of light mechanism was not known . Isn't the idea of discussion to found new theories and build them up to a testable stage ? I am terrible at maths and asked for help . Some of what I am saying is already tested , water will reach room temperature and other similar scenarios . The Earths magnetic pole is being curved towards ''China'' ? because of this . The Earths magnetic field not independent of the Earths mass , the poles cannot flip but can curve by force . I give up , no idea what people expect .
  14. Light isn't a material but can be viewed as a material when it is a part of a material . What we call photons are points of energy passing point to point through quantum fields . In example light travels through the Earths magnetic field , the earths magnetic field is also light but more of a material because of density . Anology - A sponge soaked with water (Sponge credit elsewhere , not my terms) Light that passes through quantum fields is observabably indistinguishable from those fields and space but detectable by device . I don't think ''solid state matter'' is illuminated in the day time by photons passing through the field ,I think the Suns field maybe reacting with the ground . Why not ? I thought we could use hf to represent photon energy ? Could we express as my previous supplied model : 1ev/F=c ? F yet to be determined ? The obvious is 1ev/(d/t) = c but that doesn't explain the force involved . I have added a second model to the thread , demonstrating the question .
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