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    How to pray?

    To pray you need to talk to G-d like you talk to your mother when your in trouble. Pray and pray with time you get better. Know it is ahrd because when you talk to air or the sky people don't see him but he is there always listening.
  2. Arikel88

    Fake News

    Whoa, whoa, whoa easy there just showing my sources where all of cnn blunder's come. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CNN_controversies Specially the wikileaks saying that only media can download them which was false and fake news and a bunch of more there. Besides Cnn there are other for other media outlets.
  3. Arikel88

    Fake News

    Fake news look at CNN there is nothing more than fake news from there.
  4. Of course he delivers us and we are saved anyone can believe in G-d.
  5. Mr.peterson is A genius as sound he says he has done marvelous work. But just like most geniuses does get cuaght in his high thoughts and thinks he has superior intellectual. No justice is for Peterson he wants to be prime minister of Canade he can but still the world will not be change by Peterson was. If he really would he would of done it A long time ago but he is better observer than one might think. Truly Peterson is genius without doubt but still he has not surpass Einstien, Kasparov, or Nikita for that wish to see with that the same difficulty for them to achieve their feats he is many of many geniuses in this world.
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