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  1. To answer to your current question; it is very unlikely you'll find studies showing the differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated siblings, as the same kind of comparison can be made with people that don't necessarily share the same genetics: despite the immune response of an individual also depends on genetic factors, a lot of research need to be conducted yet. Thus, you'll indeed find countless papers reporting the data of vaccines' effectiveness. I've also read your previous thread, and if her way of thinking is influenced by her family, then probably she lacks of ba
  2. Hello everyone! I'm starting an undergraduate degree in computer science and physics in September, but I'm really passionate about lots of diverse scientific fields and therefore love to engage myself in studying and practicing as much as I can. In addition to the two disciplines I mentioned above, examples of subjects I'm attracted to are mathematics (pure and applied), artificial intelligence, astronomy, astrobiology, biology, computer programming and so forth. I've decided to join this forum as I'd like to discuss with people having similar interests and, of course, learn more thr
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