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  1. Because we let them think they invented the calculator; the first was five fingers on the left, and five fingers on the right. Who made that one?
  2. You call it ignorance. I call it not worth my time. Like uhh, aliens, ufo's, saskwatch, ghosts and goblins, etc. If I'm going to read a book as renowned as the Bible I'm going to consider it from the point of view of its authors, not some freakish idea of third parties, which is what bible code sounds like to me.
  3. I've heard of bible code many times. I've never taken it seriously enough to find out what it is.
  4. Very non-scientific answer. I expected something like: for every successive layer a season passes, during which the vivid green moss cyclically decomposes, older layers resembling petrification. And that during each cycle exchanges between energy from the sun and hardened minerals at greater depths exhibit new mineral formations. Not bad for a minstrel hehh?
  5. I think the only limitation is those limitations IMPOSED by man; not remembering that nature is dominant.
  6. I'm not here to show you you're wrong. I'm here to prove a truth. If I can avoid being banned.
  7. Companies produce an end product directly or indirectly. What is it? Your customers at the end of the service line must produce something.
  8. The thread was worded and intended as a question. It wasn't stated as something contradicting something something else. As far as how the moss question relates to the topic, it's introductory to the topic. And as for your kind suggestion, that's my intent. What other service to mankind does modern science make?
  9. Unless we know the definite number of solar years there's no answer.
  10. Because they disown their ancestry, that being philosophy.
  11. I don't subscribe to modern science. Here's why: That genuine science began as a branch of ancient philosophy. Modern science disowns it's ancestry for the sake of modern commercial interests, primarily institutions descending from mass manufactures. So this thread concerns the science I subscribe to, that being ancient science. That being said, I noticed today in my natural observations, some moss growing along the railroad as I was doing my daily winter rounds for next year's crop. And I remembered how moss will grow without soil and actually manufacture it. I remembered how vivid green it grows even sometimes on manmade concrete. I remembered that modern science objects, saying that the moss utilizes a minimal amount of soil in such circumstances. But I discovered some moss a few weeks ago growing on rock projecting laterally where soil could not have been. And breaking off a section, I noted it was stratified to a much higher degree and depth, and it was hardened minerals. What then are the implications?
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