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  1. Look I'm an accountant. I don't mean to be rude. Big companies are easy to steal from from when you're inside. And it does happen indefinitely. Theft means there are additional expenses. If they're still keeping prices down there's more shady business going on and I'm blowing the whistle. Call it what you want. I'm gonna be a truthteller. I said that. How'd it go on yours? This is what science was, while evolving: observations: the finer definitions should change over time but maintain this seminal absolute. Then reject it; you are entitled.
  2. Cheaper? If every gallon of milk requires a trip over the roads it's costing everybody more than necessary. Do you know how much methane and sulfates etc. Wal-Mart's parking lot produces perpetually due to anaerobic bacteria underground? Do you know their policy requires them to account for wasted produce and to donate as much possible; of the USABLE portion. Do you know that that policy is kept depending who manages that shift. Some just toss it. You debate. That's what you do. Utterly vain. Do you know what liberal arts means? It means I've studied fairly in depth IN MOST PRIMARY FIELDS OF STUDY. And I've kept it up, informally, over 25 years. I've graduated, and I continue to study face to face. This format here is lame because I have to deal with hecklers like you; but I know some do listen, most of whom don't comment; they're actually good listeners (sic). You're the type, you'd go to work, see the guy waste the product, say to each his own, punch out, go home for 40 years, retire and die.
  3. Not really... I've spent above 25 years studying books and media, in continuity with prior formal liberal arts studies, and I've left that mode for this: word of mouth research and studying people instead of text. 25 years in one mode kind of burns you out if you've kind of graduated from it.
  4. I've worked at Wal-Mart (that is, lived the culture) about 5 years, at 3 stores at either end of Pennsylvania, including as department manager of sporting goods with gun sales, including semi-automatics. I'm trained as an accountant to pick up on things; I'm not concluding on those bases. The conclusion is a determination I've long made against oversized business which has become the norm; I condemn it outright.
  5. Let me make sure I get this. So, you're using sarcasm because Ghandis's dead; very dead. But, you're implying the information on the internet is legit?
  6. For example, I know this fact to be true, but I wouldn't hunt and peck around the internet to amuse someone: if you leave a gallon of milk out a few days at room temperature with the lid sealed you have a mess because the system is anaerobic. If air can get in and out, it's still very fresh.
  7. Not so. Truth, taking strikes is the cross. "Simply looking up," these days, is very unnatural; and against nature.
  8. I'm not using faith as a basis for argument. I'm accusing zapatos of using it as a basis of bias. Then crucify it.
  9. You have to do with Trump. I have to do with truth. That makes sense when the topic is in terms of statistical questions. Mine isn't. I'm accusing Wal-Mart of breaching Antitrust law. The evidence is in the shutout of all the proprietor retail stores of yesterday. Wal-Mart is too massive for arms length businesses to survive without compromising integrity. That makes sense when the topic is in terms of statistical questions. Mine isn't. I'm accusing Wal-Mart of breaching Antitrust law. The evidence is in the shutout of all the proprietor retail stores of yesterday. Wal-Mart is too massive for arms length businesses to survive without compromising integrity. I'm also accusing corporations in general of faulty business practices. Also I'm accusing the SEC for not addressing financial statement fraud since the days of Enron, when they did nothing besides implement Sarbanes-Oxley. They refuse to mandate a secondary audit by a competing public accounting firm to audit the working papers and final audit report of corporate financial statements.
  10. You people always accuse of trolling when someone has strong faith convictions. The motive behind trolling is amusement. My motive is persuasion, in every case, without regard to people like you.
  11. This isn't in terms of numbers. It's in terms of culture.
  12. Quit pretending. Most people in America shop at Wal-Mart.
  13. That's opposite what I'm saying. The thing that I said was not sensible is the statement that it is false that the status quo American does most their shopping at Wal-Mart.
  14. I'm talking about department store retail sales. I should have specified. When consumers have to go get something for dinner or immediate use, it's Wal-Mart. That's where they shop from day to day. No sensible American will contest that. They thought Arthur Anderson was legit.
  15. I'm just judging by their size and by their operations, having worked there.
  16. Uh...no. Ask your average American where most their people buy most their goods.
  17. Do they share personnel with US Wal-Mart? Sorry. Too esoteric of a question.
  18. Do you know where they source their product? The thing is, corporations commit financial statement fraud because they're big enough to inflate their figures just enough to get buku bonuses to executives' private coffers.
  19. They utterly control the consumer retail market. What's ASDA if you don't mind? This is radical but, the corporate company structure should be abolished.
  20. It's not Sam Walton. It's Enron. And since the Sarbanes-Oxley "reforms" were the only reaction of regulators following Enron, the books of Wal-Mart and the next generation (those like Aldi), are likely treacherous too.
  21. Wal-Mart should have been brought down since Kmart failed, and so many smaller retailers. The Antitrust Act is supposed to oppose monopolies like Wal-Mart and protect competitive markets. Wal-Mart now usurps the consumer price index, which is treacherous. I'm sorry. I understand people are often fond of Wal-Mart. But they've literally monopolized the retail market in violation of antitrust law.
  22. I don't have any objection to lawsuits against Facebook for antitrust violations, but shouldn't Wal-Mart be first?
  23. Listen closer right at 2:00. He does something really cool with the key. I don't think he changes it but for a measure round about. Do they always do that?
  24. Nevermind about that. Maybe I can tell you what I mean later. 50F sounds perfect.
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