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  1. Hello, In qPCR, is there an optimal concentration for primers with a total volume of 20ul per reaction? Thanks for your answer in advance!
  2. I want to maximize the yield of DNA extraction from insects. I am already using different DNA isolation kits and I know that these are not specifically designed for insect samples. Does anyone have any tips to maximize the yield?
  3. My RNA concentrations from brain tissue were at highest around 80ng/mL and as low as 5ng/mL. Can I converse my RNA to cDNA with this low concentration of RNA?
  4. Does anyone has a suggestion what is the best medium or method to reactivate my dormant lactobacillus paracasei cells? Thanks in advance!
  5. Can somebody help me with the following question: Is there a certain duration for gene knockdown using shRNA or is the knockdown permanent? Stay save and at home!
  6. After the Corona crisis is over, I want to do an analysis with crystallization on a trimeric protein complex. This trimeric protein complex is from mammalian tissue. Can I express and purify this protein from mammalian tissue culture cells?
  7. Good afternoon! I have a question about an experiment. Which transfection reagent works best for a reporter gene assay with luciferase on stem cells? Thanks!
  8. Okay, I will ask Qiagen as well then! Thanks for your answers;)
  9. Sorry for the late reply, Thanks for your answer. I used this kit: - https://www.labettor.com/combos/detail/id/3413/ -https://www.qiagen.com/us/products/discovery-and-translational-research/dna-rna-purification/rna-purification/mirna/mirneasy-serumplasma-kit/#productdetails. I used it for miRNA purification in Plasma from human blood samples. In the end I will use it for qPCR.
  10. Good morgning, I used a serum/plasma kit. After phase separation there should be 3 phases. Aqueous phase, white interphase and a red organic phase. In some of samples there did not create an aqueous phase after some time. Does anyone know the solution to this problem? Thanks in advance!
  11. Thanks for your answer Dagl! My question was for a school project and I agree that there should be more information to this question. However, you got me to think about some things and I will further investigate this! Thanks again!
  12. Which region should I target for floxing mice using CRISPR? Does somebody have a tip for choosing which region?
  13. Is it possible to extract RNA from animal tissue without using liquid nitrogen? I used Trizol for RNA extraction and I homogenize the tissue with polytron homogenizer at room temp for 30 secs. Did I do this correctly?
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