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  1. Of corse animals can feel time, they know when to wake up and when to go to sleep, they also have seasonal changes to their bodies such as hibernation during winter and females going on heat every so often during the year.
  2. The best tasting food usually contains alot of sugar, and thats why it is not good for you. Sugar is very addictive and can rot the teeth and make you fat, it is good to stick to foods with low sugar and indulge in some high sugar foods only once in a while.
  3. It seems hard to imagine. But humans (and most other species) are perfectly adapted to living with only 2 sexes. If there were another sex, then there would be alot of competition and eventually one sex would die out and there would only be 2.
  4. It depends what god does. Processes such as genetic modification require the mixing of genes from two different species, for example the glow in the dark pigs, the regular pig gene is mixed with a jelly fish gene and is inserted into a zygote of a pig. This creates the glow in the dark effect.
  5. Yes, but not for ever. They need extra nutrients to survive.
  6. http://biologycellfunction.com/
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