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  1. Zarkov, why not seek the isness where judgements of sane and insane have no impact. From there, Science takes on a new dimension.
  2. I would also like to add that to label someone a Troll as per Zarkov's undername is a misuse of the administrator's powers without substantial evidence. I haven't seen anything on this board to necessitate such a 'labelling'. In my previous life my career was in social work. Often, it was the most troubled, and mentally disturbed person that gave me most insight. That is no reference to you, Zarkov, just an attempt to expand the boundaries here of what is acceptable. When this social stuff is sorted out energy will flow so much more easily weaving thru the Science.
  3. It is the questions that limit the answers.
  4. I've heard it said that Enlightenment can start with a headache *lol*.
  5. It is the mind that expands and contracts.
  6. I think I like it here, Zarkov, thanks. And *real* can be very limiting, I think, in all things for it is a judgement of the mind.
  7. Darn.. One day science will *transcend* itself .. and become *more* than Science. Zarkov, hope you can return here. 'Questions will lay the tracks'. - Wonderful.
  8. re Teleportation - I think the whole idea of 'movement' has to be challenged. Everything already exists wherever you want it to be - just needs to be materialised. That's my two cents worth - without scientific data.
  9. Billzilla, if you think it necessary to link to posts from other forums to make a point, it might be a good idea if you supplied the name/names that 'YOU' posted under on those forums so you can be checked out as well. I think that is only fair, if you are going to pursue such activities.
  10. fafalone, 1+1=2 .. in your reality. In mine, I can open up that + sign and climb in and zoom down to infinity and come back and resume the 1+1=2 reality. Just an example of what I mean. There is reality within the reality, or universes within universes. Memry
  11. fafalone, I know when the mind is so busy *defending* it isn't open to expansion of new ideas. Sometimes there is a long journey between insight and words, and just to 'suspend' common held beliefs for a while might allow for more words to be found. I personally don't come from a Science background, but rather a metaphysical one and have had a lifetime of conscious awareness of the electromagnetic fields that appear to govern our existence and the privilege of 20 years of meditation to observe such fields. I don't have the words, either, that is why I've parked myself here for a while, in order to find some vocabulary for the processes and outcomes that I know operate. I've seen matter dissolve in an instant and observed the spinning fields devoid of any of the mind's projections. Damned if I can find the words for that *lol*, but somehow, I understand it. Memry Resuming lurking position ..
  12. I appreciate Zarkov's posts, and make up my own mind about what I take onboard or not. I don't know a lot about 'science', but I do know that the mind wants to have things put into nice tidy little boxes and will *attack* anything that disturbs common held beliefs. I think the abusive language on some of the posts here is more an issue to be addressed rather than someone expressing the insights they feel they have gained. If you can't control your own emotions and need to *attack and put down others*, you haven't even begun to master the avenues of scientific investigation. Challenge the ideas by all means but continually attacking the person won't lead this site to be all that it could be. Congratulations to those who have set it up, btw. Resuming my lurking position ..
  13. Thanks for that great link, Zarkov.
  14. Push and pull might simply be universal constructs of mind.
  15. ok. from Sitchin's site he says : 'According to the ancient texts as interpreted by me'. Wonder if there are any other interpretations? and where are the texts held? Might do some research on this.
  16. blike, thanks, I've also found http://www.sitchin.com/ and will have a look at what's available here.
  17. Adam, hi, Can you reference the studies on the Sumerian tablets? Thanks.
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