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  1. happy birthday

  2. It doesn't matter, the point is, THE US AND ISRAEL are allowed to posess weapons of mass destruction on their soil without limitation. Why Does the U.S. government not want other countries to have equal oportunities to defend themselves, The U.S. has military advantage, So the other countries should be allowed to have em for it to be fair.
  3. Simply, if you can't take the heat don't go in the kitchen. resolution: you don't attack my threads, i don't interfere with yours. ?
  4. Your answer as stupid I agree. Picollo even explained it better than you, so ban me because you can't argue with me anymore ? Is that how Zarkov disapeared from the scene ?
  5. You still haven't explained the role of depression in our development , but since you are psychology major do you know anything about psychic energy system and chakras ?
  6. thats a stupid answer, as good as 'i don't know' ,
  7. I know that will come up, but i already know what causes the depression, the q is why we have the abiliity to become depressed, They say happiness is the healthiest way to live, and natural selection is what allows us to adapt for the better, So to our life what are some benefits that involve depression?? Depression can be as bad as cause someone to kill himself, that is definately not good for evolution. Then Why depression exists??? I know why, but this is not metaphysics category , so i can't discuss it here
  8. proceed to escort this thread to Psuedoscience, Where questions are answered logically, not in theory.
  9. My personal opinion is, If U.S. and ISRAEL can have weapons of global destruction but no one else can't, then they shouldn't listen to U.S. because what kind of fair treaty is that.
  10. Is it just not for a purpose , because i think science can't explain it yet, Why did natural selection arm us with depression what i want to know, cause i have alternative explanation.
  11. What is the overall purpose of depression , I coudln't find it in search engine, someone told me something about balancing out be serotonin, can anyone tell me ?
  12. Obiously you don't understand that Arafat is the only person that could ever create peace between palestine and Israel, Israelitis are aware that if they assasinate him , it will lead do a nuclear strike. Arafat wants to talk to Sharon personally as we're posting, what does that tell you? does it tell you anything at all?
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