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  1. Its not a discussion if you dont listen. Its more like oppression is what I get from this site. Just like when people pretend that air is not matter and only see it as air. 

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    2. Theredbarron


      you should hear yourself. "hand-wavy nonsense" you sound like some one who cant explain what they are seeing. 

    3. Theredbarron


      I brought an observation asking for tests and all you did was shut it down. How does the scientific method work again? So how can I give you data if I dont know what data you need? I'm beginning to think there is no tests that you have. Accelerometer test would only work if I had relatable data. Like someone holding an accelerometer outside earths atmosphere and what are the result in relation to earth only then compare the effects to mine. That doesn't really show anything. Otherwise I have to put one on the wheel and it will create acceleration no matter what. Drive a car at a constant speed and turn it at a constant degree and you will get a constant acceleration in a direction.  The g forces. If you think I didnt account for this you are very wrong.  So why do I keep getting told what it is without any data to show or explain exactly why matter moves to it and not away? Why does it continue to pull on the paper after the airflow is stopped? You dont even know what the wheel looks like? If your just going to answer the questions without testing it then I guess that how science is done now because thats what this science website has done. I found something if you like it or not. Its not new. Its been around for a long time. We have already been using it just not in this way. And its been cast out due to not knowing what to do with it. Thats what I'm testing.

    4. hypervalent_iodine


      Statuses are not the place to bring up closed topics. I am locking this, please do not bring it up again. 

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