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  1. Shut down by hypervalent_iodine. Some people are allergic and most people dont care. No one is following this anyways. How many points am I allowed?

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      As swansont mentioned, all we ask is that you follow the rules. If this isn't an appealing prospect to you, you are welcome to leave. 

  2. Its not a discussion if you dont listen. Its more like oppression is what I get from this site. Just like when people pretend that air is not matter and only see it as air. 

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      you should hear yourself. "hand-wavy nonsense" you sound like some one who cant explain what they are seeing. 

    3. Theredbarron


      I brought an observation asking for tests and all you did was shut it down. How does the scientific method work again? So how can I give you data if I dont know what data you need? I'm beginning to think there is no tests that you have. Accelerometer test would only work if I had relatable data. Like someone holding an accelerometer outside earths atmosphere and what are the result in relation to earth only then compare the effects to mine. That doesn't really show anything. Otherwise I have to put one on the wheel and it will create acceleration no matter what. Drive a car at a constant speed and turn it at a constant degree and you will get a constant acceleration in a direction.  The g forces. If you think I didnt account for this you are very wrong.  So why do I keep getting told what it is without any data to show or explain exactly why matter moves to it and not away? Why does it continue to pull on the paper after the airflow is stopped? You dont even know what the wheel looks like? If your just going to answer the questions without testing it then I guess that how science is done now because thats what this science website has done. I found something if you like it or not. Its not new. Its been around for a long time. We have already been using it just not in this way. And its been cast out due to not knowing what to do with it. Thats what I'm testing.

    4. hypervalent_iodine


      Statuses are not the place to bring up closed topics. I am locking this, please do not bring it up again. 

  3. Its not just speed its also the imperfections of the surface of what is rotating and the size of what is rotating and whats surrounding it. Thats just planets. To replicate electricity we use artificial magnets and spin them. So I created something that is designed to generate drafts only because all of the planets are rotating and have a certain amount of imperfections. Even hurricanes have a low pressure zone in the middle thats rotating. it would be very hard to calculate each planets imperfections and how it would create a draft effect. So Einstein used comparison to calculate. I have even placed this in a different setup and still came up with the same overall result. that is all matter surrounding is still moving to the center of rotation. It will have a capacity. The gases density surround its rotation will effect is overall capacity or effect because I dont know its only comparison at this point. I only found something that ties a lot together and I thought the science community should be the first to know for more the one reason. Even if its against the grain I have a responsibility to investigate! The simplest way I can say how the effects most easily created is by draft. What is really happening is much more detailed then just a draft. This is where it get confusing. Inside a draft in comparison to whats outside is a lower density. The true details of density is how many electrons, protons and neutrons are occupying a given space at a given time in all matter. So If I gave you a source of 12v dc and it had to charge a battery that was at 6v dc it would have a 6v differential. All of that is above 0. So if all matter is made of electrical properties then the higher value would push into the lower one. What I'm saying is that all matter is subject to this and it does have magnetic like properties or effects on matter in this way. It appears as vacuum and pressure but thats the result of the effects for this attraction. Gas is matter to. Its very light so its the first to go. I haven't even got to the core yet.
  4. Einstein solved all the math with comparison logic of the planets and a whole lot more. But I am purposing that the functions of how to create said force is not proven yet. Saying he proved the functions of it to me is like saying knowing the horsepower of an engine is the same as knowing how the horsepower is created by said engine. The only thing I found from all of what is out there is that its simply matter occupying space and nothing to do with motion. But when you look at all things demonstrating gravity why are they all in motion? Einstein did not leave this for us to just stop there at the numbers. You would be nieve to think only one man can think that way then believe in evolution and not think that we can all understand with time.
  5. I have no idea how to be direct about this. You can spout numbers and things from education and all you want. It was to easy to prove a certain thing to myself that I find it very hard to understand how this is not part in the action of creating gravity. I know it sounds stupid to all of you but I decided to use common denominator logic in a physical sense and this is what I came up with. The results repeat themselves every time. Change one thing then the results change. Very basic as I hope I have said before. This is not a game to me even if it sound like it. There is a common thing between everything and its very hard to explain with words especially since I clearly suck at it. Drafting is a very rudimentary term but I dont know any other words to use. Its not just simply drafting either so it confusing because its much more detailed in its action then just that. Thats why I have been saying density so much and electrical properties so much. So I thought this would be the easiest route for some reason because its so easy to replicate without too expensive of materials. A visual would be easier then me trying to explain all that and convince you in doing so. Does that at least make sense why I would come here? This would in fact be the best route logically for anything like this even if I am so convinced. Is that enough because I'm not one of those gimmicks?
  6. That was actually good stuff that I just got the chance to read. I am more then happy to change from the tube to a chamber. I know it was crap for the first setup. how much would you spend? Im not using math for this. Einstein already solved that part. I'm showing functionality. Just because you can say what the horsepower is does not explain how to make it. I am merely trying to find an outside source to compare for proving or disproving. Shutting me down doesn't disprove anything. So can I proceed? Im sorry I didnt prove it immediately after other responses or are you controlling information? Can I continue because it doesn't effect your life at all? Because it is effecting mine
  7. Actually what I want to do is take the real test. The irrefutable one. What I'm having trouble with is which one it is? I know its air that you see but there's no way I'm going to sit here and try to convince with words on how thats relevant because I have tried. I get that I'm slumming it down here but if thats what it takes to find this answer then so be it. So I thought another experiment. As you can see there is a lot of biasness to anyone that comes on here like I have. Not that its all undeserving just dont let it blind you too much. I'm not trying to be confrontational. I said I wanted to know and this is how I'm going to answer it. If I can prove it to you here then I can prove it anywhere otherwise its a bust right? Visually that is. I did not say any numbers where wrong. I'm only proving functionality. How can I do this? My theory without getting to deep is that gravity is created by density differentials by use of drafting from surface imperfections of a rotating mass. I have created a wheel to replicate this effect and it does. I thought placing a bubble level perpendicular to the rotating axis with a camera watching it on a bigger wheel could do it. The idea is that if the air in the bubble level goes to the top then the rotation is effecting the matter through the material which would prove what my wheel is doing. That or making a trike thats accelerated off of a version of this.
  8. Ok so the wave would be more or less the effects of a change in gravity? What does it mean by accelerating a mass exactly?
  9. Venus atmosphere is about 200 times shorter then ours and the speed is also over 200 times slower then our planets. The exit velocity of that size of mass moving would almost have to stand still for the planet to rip apart. Venus is not standing still. Plus it already has a bubble of gasses around it that would have to be ripped from the planet first before the surface is effected. An its spinning the opposite direction which is an opposing force against the rest of its surrounding which may be a factor. Its not simply just sitting there
  10. Watch the video on this site and tell me thats not what I have been posting about here on this site. This is exactly what I have been trying to point out gravity. Notice the rotation. Thats weird how thats what I have been saying about gravity! Just because I cant make sense of it doesn't mean I'm wrong. The waves are density differential. The lower density allows higher density to move to and same goes as higher density pushes into lower. The surrounding matter including gases change gravities effects because of density. The faster its moving the stronger the attraction. Slower rotating planets have much less gas surrounding them. It even says on the site "The strongest gravitational waves are produced by catastrophic events such as colliding black holes, the collapse of stellar cores (supernovae), coalescing neutron stars or white dwarf stars, the slightly wobbly rotation of neutron stars that are not perfect spheres, and possibly even the remnants of gravitational radiation created by the birth of the Universe." Not Perfect spheres. The imperfection of the surface of a rotating mass effects the total gravity that can be generated by said mass. All Im saying is that gravity has everything to do with motion. The first paragraph speaks about massive accelerating objects creating said waves. If I placed this wheel in a tube with both ends open. It will hold a piece of paper on each end. I have already done this. Air is matter. The use of air in that situation is how the gravity is being created. The surrounding of the wheel has air around it so its going to effect it first. Then the paper is pulled in by the Moving Air. We are standing in the draft path of what is rotating. Not all planets are like earth so it just so happens that we have a lot of gas surrounding our planet. Mars is about half the size and the surface speed is about half of earth and the gravity is about half of earth. The atmosphere is mad of co2 for the most part which is less dense then our atmosphere which temperatures come into play there. Gases can move objects and draft them as well. A venturi is gases drafting. The surface is what attract and holds the gases of a planet. The density of the gases along with the surface imperfections and speed and size determines how much the planets can hold. Even the planets effect the gases around it much like the wheel that I made if you have been paying attention. If our planet stopped rotating or slowed down escape velocity goes down. At a certain speed the surface loses its attraction which reduces what it can hold. If it gets to low it will rip our planet apart. So gravity relies on the planet rotating not just occupying a space. https://www.ligo.caltech.edu/page/what-are-gw
  11. Ok so what I was meaning by bringing the future here is because we cant be there and here. What I was meaning is by prediction we can determine certain things and make certain things happen earlier then predicted. For example food rationing. Changing how much something is happening to change when something is going to happen. You ration so you can have food for longer time. Evolutionary patterns of relative events of all types is what would be used to compare what is to happen. Changing the existence rather then the time itself. I dont know if that makes any sense. I guess it would be more of a perception of time since we can really go there yet, why not make it come here?
  12. Can you be in the future and the present at the same time?
  13. I am definitely thinking about time travel. I was thinking that instead of going to the time, bringing it here without the aging. I actually thought that maybe there is more then 4 dimensions its just which one is relative? Whats the link? I am picking up what your saying. I just try to ask all the question rather then judge the question with an assumption from my point of view.
  14. Date time stamp of a location in space with xyz coordinates. So just one instance.
  15. So the numbers used is more like a snapshot of space time?
  16. Is it just simply the time? thats what google gave me.
  17. By the "location in time" what do you mean?
  18. Sorry I actually thought you were joking with that one. Doesn't temporal one mean temporary more or less? What Im getting at is that energy cant be destroyed as far as I know. I though it can only transform. If thats the case then it never ends. How can it be temporal? Existence is energy right?
  19. Why is it called space time is the question. not what it is. you cant answer that can you? Space is a location. Time is a measurement. None of which are the same thing.
  20. I noticed you dont answer my questions at all like this one.
  21. Why is it called space time wrap and not existence?
  22. Theredbarron


    Why is time something and not just a measurement used by intellectual beings? We use it to determine the length of a period in which something exists. On the other hand existence is occupied by all. Existence is all. Time is ours. Existence is predictable. Intelligence agency's use this to predict events and activities using information from the past and present to determine the possible scenarios. So if you can predict the future events with any amount of accuracy you can place yourself ahead of time by time moving and not you. If the period of time is predicted then you can prevent it by creating events prior too the time that you want to change. You can also predict the flow of events like evolution. Using history and patterns plus the information from today can tell you possible futures. Certain events happen leading up to each one of the possible futures. Like predicting the weather. Once you can determine which events happen or are happening then you can change the pattern by making an event happen earlier then expected. Events can be anything in existence. A defense system in place before an offensive happens is predicting the future. Time is how its all measured and calculated.
  23. Wow. You dont even read what I'm putting do you. That first part you said. Moves! What happens when it stops? Do the tails do the same thing? Why doesn't the dust part actually cover the comets path? The motion relative to space not the sun alone. Remember the heliosphere.
  24. Gas trail is lower density then the dust trail. As the comet is pulled to the sun its as if its turning giving the appearance as falling if your perspective is from standing the surface of the sun. Do you understand rocket science? The gas is more in line with the direction of travel as you can see its always pointing at the sun comet first. The dust trail is more dense so it doesn't get pulled by the comet as easy as the gas. The gas is showing the change in density trailing its motion. So it is as if its in a drift across space like a car in a drift that orbits the sun. The comet is moving pretty fast I might add so a semi doesn't quite compare. You call it a trail even. What else does that mean? He just gave you it? I'm confused are you still trying to solve it or is it complete?
  25. Are you saying the tail is pointing in the direction or its the tail of the direction? The spot that I'm referring to is behind it. That means the rear side of travel. I'm not sure if I clarified that just so you dont think I'm changing my words. The tail is the rear. So we are talking about the same thing. Is it just simply the geometry of space time, really? So forget that all of it is moving and it doesn't matter. That sounds like it was ignored. Mine can be created which I have demonstrated but just putting something near something doesn't attract it. So explain why motion is ignored? Forget everything I said and explain why motion is not part of it? Dont give me the reason you think gravity is. Give me the information that take motion out of the picture undoubtedly so that I can actually research it instead talking to a human as to avoid influence.
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