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  1. holy crap! where is the end then? look I have always been the end but maybe where is the end of vacuum? where is the end if we cant get there?
  2. what switch? and tell me the varialbles? I will do my best on making in happen! I will apply everything learn from this site and I have!
  3. So is this site for only mainstream science or are people allowed to get answers to questions that are relevant to what they are doing even if you dont believe in what they are doing? not trying to argue just you have only been negative! What is it that you have accomplished that you want me to respect? I would be its just not showing me on here and I cant find it! look I have come off as a dick! I know you have a phd! So you can understand that sometimes it takes someone to observe something to learn it. You definitely have what 30 inches hg means to you! im not talking about the actual measurement but the actual effects on our existence in every situation. Not every but most likely. It shows that water evaporates at a huge amount but only 1 inch for example or am I reading things wrong? the last line is but only by one inch is what I understand in that area of pressure 29 inch to 30 inch is 1 inch but why doe that one inch have so much effect or is it the effort? I tell you what I dont want a prize or reward, If I get a prize I will not accept! I will give it away. I dont care about being the first person to do something. I think a whole lot further then just what im doing! if I move too fast just answer what you can! im not going to hold it against you. I want to learn as much as possible! The way I learn is not the same as you!. I apply everything I learn and TEST it! I may not be able to tell you here on this site that I appreciate you but I have learned more from this site then everything else! I put myself in speculations because it is all speculation using physics that is understood to test. I want whats in your brain faster then what you think people can learn! state the obvious first! so phil is not here?
  4. ok I get that. Thanks. So it doesn't really matter that I reach 30 because its not even close to space is what I have understood so far? So if that is the most attainable then how are things tested against the forces of space other then a calculator? or better yet is there any place in space that has is absent of matter? probably a dumb question but it is relevant to how my crap works and another thing is there a chemical based smoke that creates without it pushing the smoke? im using smoke bombs and it forces the smoke around the chamber and makes it hard to see the effects that im trying to observe. something that oozes smoke I also apologize for not being nice! Since I have been coming here people haven't exactly been awesome. I do come off arrogant. Its more of a defense thing. I understand that some of you deal with people that do the same crap as me but you should expect it. Your an open website for people who think they are scientist. im probably one of the worst. if I need to bring up a different subject to show you that im not playing then I can but I dont have property rights yet. im broke and it takes years for stuff to happen for some reason. I am very over qualified for power systems and electrical energy even if it doesn't seem that way. I ask questions not just to hear the answer but to also check the source. now my chamber has a leak. This is the 3rd chamber I have imploded. this idea that im working on is just the one I know I cant prove to you here! I like the challenge. The very first topic I posted on here I request the challenge on this. I still want that. Im not here to convince anyone. I dont want a prize. I love reverse engineering! its extremely fun! right now for me its like 2 different coding languages having the same result You can think im crazy or an idiot. It doesn't matter to me. I thought I was too. Then all the doctors later its still stands. How about that for context? I dont know if you remember me posting this but I have a mild brain injury! of course it effects my reading cognition to which im sure you can see maybe! So I dont have social media like snapchat or face book. I have a gmail account. So when I come here and ask stupid questions usually its because there is little human contact let alone with people that understand anything! Example how to change a light bulb. I think most people dont know how to in America. I was going to say the world but intellectual evolution has effected areas I have not been or understood yet! your on the internet! you dont know who your talking to at all times! I just read this!. This is exactly what I need. What is meant by different vacuum?
  5. isn't that because the one side of each blade gets hotter creating a slight pressure on that side spinning the deal when its in a near vacuum?
  6. see what I mean by I suck at at this! I littlerally have a problem with reading and comprehending it even my own questions sound great at first. ok the reason why vacuum is important to what im doing is because the wheel that im using generates vacuum or a lower pressure differential in one spot. dont know if that makes sense. it moves pockets in a manner that generates the lower pressure area. I used planets as the original understanding of how to create this wheel. I dont want to explain all that again because you wont get it is what I see. Its not telepathy. its a physical object and its actually extremely simple to understand but very hard to explain to any of you here. everyone else on the other hand.
  7. you wanted context and see what happens. just because people dont understand or believe in something doesn't make it not happening. The vacuum is to attempt to get rid of air and see the effects if they still hold. I wanted to understand how important it is to get to 30. Where in space is comparable to 30 inches maybe? I got the other stuff which I am going to use but as an understanding from an observational point of view now with context I hope how important is it. I kind of doubt some of you have any idea where im going with this and you dont need to. if I state what im doing then idiots like phil start in way out of context and say crap only to argue I get that magnetism works in a vacuum but this is not magnetism and it only works on magnetic matter not all matter! How about what is the lowest vacuum? Is it simply a space that is not occupied by any matter for the lowest or is it a state of density of matter or gasses that occupy the space?
  8. I even apologized for not being able to ask the question correctly PHil he is going to shut it down because he cant read Why should I be grateful to you or some others here when all you do is talk crap like you know everything im doing? you cant move anything in a vacuum without contacting it with the force directly and you think you know what im doing. This is speculations correct stop reading if you dont like it
  9. Yes vacuum first as if its in space is the idea but not whats happening. Just as a planet does is what im expecting but if the conditions are controlled then maybe I can get it to hold but not something im going for. So would I need a pretty good sized chamber so I can get some distance from the wheel and setup a couple gauges or so? I might weld one up and place a camera in lights in it is what I was thinking on that. I my original question is how important is the difference between 29 and 30! someone answered it and some just tried to ask about my setup. I didnt originally ask how to get to 30. I was trying to see how important getting to 30 would be not that my setup can do it or not. The same people on here doing the same thing because they dont like someone. I clearly thanked the one gave me good info! sorry that I dont quite understand what was meant by context which I also stated. are you being just like those few and not reading and just being biased? I dont have to respond to people just because you state something. Re read and then tell me I wasn't trying to get info you dont read and then spit bullshit
  10. I didnt say thats all I can move. Thats just what im telling you and what you have seen in the past. rubber metal glass all move with the same wheel grounded or not. wood is in there somewhere. it depends on the size of it because its relevant to the strength of the wheel which is also dependant on size. Dont forget air is matter and what im doing it is relevant but may or may not be the primary bases of this function. Hence why im asking about the 30 inches. From my point of view it is only relevant when in that environment or atmospheric condition. So not just simply vacuum but all densities. oh yeah and water but its a little hard to do that in a vacuum. Good thing space doesn't have water
  11. I started to wonder this. Just like in an ac system you have to hold the vac for an amount of time to get the moisture out. Makes sense I do have one question that you might be able to answer. Is there anything out there right now that can move a variety of matter in a vacuum without contact? The other issue with vacuum that im having is that the feature that I will install uses gasses to create its own atmosphere like conditions around the wheel in a vacuum. It will simply fill up the chamber so why even go for 30 in this case. Its more like I would have to actually take it into space which is sort of unlikely to test it. If I can get it to 30 without the feature is something im working on. by get to I mean not only vacuum but moving something in it. its a mechanical replication of a planet of no specific one but the common features of them!
  12. not relavent to my question is my setup! is that better? and im not talking about gravity. you dont even read the whole thing and then you speak and separate what ive stated and use them out of context. I have a long road ahead of me and I dont need no strange on the way. thank you again! I think im actually going to try both of those
  13. So pretty much not going to get to 30 with standard equipment? or would digital be any benefit like sensors versus mechanical even if im not making it to 30?
  14. Yes to the first but more about the feature that I want to add and if i need 30 inches for an important reason or not. As for gravity im not saying thats what im doing but there is a feature of all planets that I noticed that I may have been able to harness or whatever. It does the same thing repeatedly on every test. Its not a fan or representing a fan in any way. It is specifically designed to do what it is doing. 30 inches is the only one I haven't been able to get too for a while now! and its not hand made its 3d printed.
  15. No one listens to what I type about what im doing and some tend to simply pretend that im not doing this in speculations. So I would but moving matter without touching it is what im describing it as and I wanted to do it in a vacuum as far as I can with what resources I have. What I want to know is how much does it really in space or anywhere matter that one inch. only because my setup wont pull that on my guage and if I need to upgrade it would be because that one inch difference has more importance then lets say 15 to 30.
  16. How much does it matter from 29 to 30 in reality not in my chamber? so the context would be space since thats where most the vacuum is! How much in relation to that does that 1 inch specifically from 29 to 30 hg (hg because thats what im used to). planets might be involved in space so thats why thats there. Im using what I have observed about vacuum and pressure relationships but I wanted to know more of the finer details about the difference in that specific range and if what im doing requires me to get to that. Maybe my pump is bad or my gauges but if I needed the 30 then I would pursue that but if not then my questions have been answered either way. I didnt think it was that hard of a question. If I showed you my setup all you will do is tell me how jacked up you think it is. Good thing thats not my question so my setup is irrelevant. Sensei Gave me something useful so maybe I can look at it from a different perspective at least. How about from 15 to 30 in relation to earth?
  17. whats your deal? I only asked a question and you act like your under attack. You dont need to know anything about what im doing. I asked what is the real difference not what do you think of my setup. I get that my gauges are relative to the atmosphere and I dont need to admit anything. Get over yourself. all you have been is insulting. I dont need your help in understanding because all you want to do is pretend to know more then me. Sorry the type of gauge im using is an ac system gauges. Im guessing that its not true vacuum and I would need an absolute gauge or something like that or is the vacuum read on a gauge relative no matter what? maybe im not good at asking the right questions. like I said not a scientist.
  18. not a fan. The pressure matters because in space there not a lot there. Does it really matter that its 1 inch on a gauge difference is what I want. Not stall testing a fan or anything like that. If I can move matter without touching it in a vacuum then I can move matter without touching it in space. Then im going to add a feature to make it more powerful within a vacuum just like pretty much all planets do. Im not sure what context your looking for but im not a scientist! thank you.
  19. So what im getting is that if I were to move pieces of paper in a jar without actually contacting the paper, How much does that 1 inch of vacuum truly matter in a grand scale of things? It doesn't leak down at all. I pump it for about an hour or more depending on if I remember that its on. there is a motor built into the chamber that spins a wheel thats not connected to anything except by air. It moves the paper pieces the same way in 15 in or 29 in. Im just not seeing how getting to 30 is going to make a difference. I use paper just because it light and easy to get. I can do smoke by igniting one in the chamber after vacuum is applied so that the smoke is not pumped out. Im not sure what other stuff I can put in the jar thats light enough for this to move. dont worry im not trying to prove anything here. Im looking for the fine details.
  20. True but I was using smoke as an example of what it can move. I have not used smoke yet because I have been trying to get to 30. Thats why im asking how much of a real difference does it make between 29 and 30? and you said it air is matter!
  21. What do you mean context? its in a jar and I can move the matter whatever it is like paper or smoke particles stuff that I can fit in the jar and not break the glass while its flung around in it. Speculations because its my own theory that im working on/ the problem is that I cant get the jar down to 30 on the mechanical gauge. Im not sure if its not getting to 30 or if the pump or gauge is off some way. I wanted to know how much of a difference is it really from 29 to 30 in hg
  22. How much does it matter if I can move matter in what appears to be 29 in hg on my gauge from 30 inches? only reason I ask is because I cant get the gauge to read lower.
  23. Shut down by hypervalent_iodine. Some people are allergic and most people dont care. No one is following this anyways. How many points am I allowed?

    1. hypervalent_iodine


      As swansont mentioned, all we ask is that you follow the rules. If this isn't an appealing prospect to you, you are welcome to leave. 

  24. Its not a discussion if you dont listen. Its more like oppression is what I get from this site. Just like when people pretend that air is not matter and only see it as air. 

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      you should hear yourself. "hand-wavy nonsense" you sound like some one who cant explain what they are seeing. 

    3. Theredbarron


      I brought an observation asking for tests and all you did was shut it down. How does the scientific method work again? So how can I give you data if I dont know what data you need? I'm beginning to think there is no tests that you have. Accelerometer test would only work if I had relatable data. Like someone holding an accelerometer outside earths atmosphere and what are the result in relation to earth only then compare the effects to mine. That doesn't really show anything. Otherwise I have to put one on the wheel and it will create acceleration no matter what. Drive a car at a constant speed and turn it at a constant degree and you will get a constant acceleration in a direction.  The g forces. If you think I didnt account for this you are very wrong.  So why do I keep getting told what it is without any data to show or explain exactly why matter moves to it and not away? Why does it continue to pull on the paper after the airflow is stopped? You dont even know what the wheel looks like? If your just going to answer the questions without testing it then I guess that how science is done now because thats what this science website has done. I found something if you like it or not. Its not new. Its been around for a long time. We have already been using it just not in this way. And its been cast out due to not knowing what to do with it. Thats what I'm testing.

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      Statuses are not the place to bring up closed topics. I am locking this, please do not bring it up again. 

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