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  1. Thx for the answer. I looked on the link that you gave me, but I don't understand why it's not enough to only use the lead anode that get oxidesed. So when the sensor have sent out the infrared and the C02 absorbs it, how does it get the information back? And how does it know how much C02 is in the air by doing so?
  2. Thx for the answer, can you plz explain how this fuel cell works more specific and how the co2 absorption bands works more specific.
  3. Hi, I know that indoor air quality sensors works by measuring the amount of oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. I know that oxygen and carbon monoxide is measured by consuming it and get the electric current from that consumption to see the quantity of the gases and that carbon dioxide is measured with an infrared sensor. I wonder how the sensor can consume oxygen and carbon monoxide and then get the electric current. I also wonder how the infrared sensor gets the amount of carbon dioxide. Does it calculate how much infrared light is reflectes back to the sensor?
  4. Thanks for the answer!, now I understand
  5. Ok, does this mean that the initial neutron has enough kinetic energy to get two neutrons out of the first uranium and the two neutrons from the first uranium has enough kinetic energy to get three neutrons out of the second uranium and so on?
  6. Thx for the answer! I also wonder how they make it that the first uranium shoots out 2 neutrons and the second 3 neutrons and the third 4 neutrons and so on. How do they do that? I know it's necessary to hit more and more uranium and get the donimo effect. I just don't know how it works.
  7. Thx for the answer. But I still wonder why they want to fuse, what benefits are there?
  8. Thx for the answer. Can you please explain more basic why the hydrogen atoms wanna fuse together to be helium atoms instead of giving the formulas? So kinetic energy is released, does this mean that the helium atom willl get that kinetic energy and move very fast, or will the surrounding atoms move fast or both? I'm don't know much about this, but I'm curious.
  9. Why will hydrogen fuse together to form helium? How do they get attracted to each other just because it gets very hot and how (in what form) is the energy released when they fuse?
  10. Ok thanks for the answer. How do they prevent uranium from spontaneously undergo fission in an atomic bomb before they want the explosion? Thx for the answer. So they can use beryllium in atomic bombs to start the fission reaction of uranium. How do they isolate beyllium from the uranium before the moment that they want the explosion?
  11. Hi, I have heard that both fission and fusion take place in a hydrogen bomb. Is it true that the fission part is to make the fusion part very hot so that fusion can take place? Is it hydrogen atoms that will fuse together to helium atoms and this will make the big explosion?
  12. Thx for the answer. Thx for the answer. How is the initial neutron shot at the uranium?
  13. Hi, I wonder why uranium (don't remember what isotope) splits when a nuetron hits it. I also wonder how the initial neutron get shot at the first uranium.
  14. Hi, I think I have heard that the liver can only store fructose and the muscles can only use glucose (to make glucagon). Is this true? What happens then if the muscle needs energy and you only consume fructose? Will no glucagon get stored in the muscles then? I have also heard that fructose can get converted to glucose. Can someone please explain? I am confused.
  15. Hi, I have heard that when you have consumed protein, but no muscle cells (for example) need it, the protein is stored as fat. But if you excersie like an hour after you eat, will that protein get stored as fat because the muscles didn't need to repair then, or is it still in the blood ready for the muscles to repair after the excersie?
  16. Hi, Can someone plz give me a list of which proteins are used for energy, in what food you can consume them and which of the proteins give most energy. Can someone also give me a list of proteins used for muscle growth and the ones that are most efficient of those.
  17. Hi, I don't understand how long carbohydrates last in the liver to be used up by the body. I know that the cells will take as much energy as they need when you have consumed carbohydrates, but let's say there are suger left over in the liver which will be stored as fat, HOW LONG WILL THE SUGAR STAY IN THE LIVER BEFORE IT'S STORED AS FAT? Maybe after a while you'r cells need more energy, but the sugars has already been stored as fat?
  18. Oh ok, thx for the info. So what happens when you eat those fats?
  19. Hi, I know that there are a lot of different days in different food and that unsaturated fats doesn't have any hydrogen atoms but only carbon atoms and that saturated fats have both of them. What I wonder is that when you consume fat, say unsaturated fat for example, it will behave just like carbohydrates and get converted to glucose and used up by cells if the body needs energy and otherwise store it as fat? Or does it get stored as fat directly and then burned?
  20. No, I don't but I'm giving up and I don't know how to delete this post, but thx.
  21. Hi, I found this smartwatch band called "Little Black" outside and used without problem until the battery died. Now (about after a year) I tries to charge it again which I have accomplished to do, but I can only tap the watch one time and see the screen a few seconds and then it's dead again even though the battery is 100%. I am trying to charge it with my DC socket to my mobile right now. Can someone plz help me?
  22. Ok, thx for the information. You say that the melting and boiling temperatures differs between them. But both types of fat will be stored in fat tissue, make you fat and cause triglycerides to accumulate in the blood? Is my understanding true?
  23. Hi, I wonder if the only difference between unsaturated fat (like in nuts for example) and saturated fat (like in cockies for example) is the amount of bonds in the fat regarding carbon molecules and hydrogen molecules and in that case, how can that matter?
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