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  1. Hi, There is a growing phase of hair that is geneticly decided, however you can do things to make this phase last longer. It may be 7 years for one individual for example. In dreadlocks the hair that fall off (also an phase) will get stuck in the dreads and accumulate. Dreadlocks also grows lenght slower since the hair doesn't grow straight. Let's say your hairs growing phase last 7 years and you have saved for 4 years, then you want to get dreads. Will the dreads not be so long then?, because the dreads will first shrink and then after about 1 year start to grow for 2 years, or will the dreads get really long, like to the butt (or will it continue grow forever?), because the hair that falls off will accumulate in the dreads?
  2. Hi, I see a film series on Netflix called "Better Call Saul". There is a guy called Chuck (Charles). He is allergic to electricity so he can sense if there is electricity. His brother had a guy put a fully charged battery from his phone inside Chuck's pocket without him noticing it and he didn't sense the electricity. Therefore his brother though he was mentally ill. I wonder, is there a current if the battery is not in use? Should he even have sensed it or is his brother mistaken?
  3. Hi, I wonder why you are more prone to get sick (get colds) when you are cold. How does the immune system get weaker?
  4. Hi, I know that the vitamin biotin (B7) improves hair growth. What I wonder is why is this? One website states the following: ""The biotin you consume in foods helps your body to turn the food you eat (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) into energy.". How does it make the hair grow faster then?
  5. Hi, I have a Garmin Instinct watch. When I press one of the buttons I come to a place where I can choose to set alarm, timer, stop watch etc. It will remember what I did last and show that when I get to the that place again. For example, if I use the alarm, the alarm will be displayed first. How does the watch save this even when it's turned off? It can't stay in RAM if the watch is turned off right?
  6. But it can only grow in length for about 7 years?
  7. Hi, I've read that the grow phase of hair (anagen phase) can last about 7 years and that the hair grows about 0.5 inches per month (depending on each person). World record is about 6.3 meters. How did he get so long hair then?
  8. Yeah that's what I mean. Thx for the link, I will check it.
  9. Hi, When people lick their lips they get dry lips. Dogs lick their lips very often so why don't they get dry lips?
  10. No I really don't think it would since it's very easy to massage your own head with your fingers.
  11. No, but it will improve the blood circulation in the scalp and I've heard a lot of people telling that this will make the hair grow faster. But no, I do not have any evidence.
  12. Head massage will make your hair grow faster for sure, but I wonder if rubbing nails also works.
  13. Hi, I've heard that rubbing nails provides faster hair growth because it will improve blood circulation in the scalp in the hair folicles because the nails is somehow connected to the scalp. Is this true?
  14. Hi, Tattoos made by machine will fade over time. I have heard that tebori tattoos (hand poked tattoos like they do in Japan) instead will look better as time goes. Is this true and if so why?
  15. Yeah I know, I meant they eat a lot of calories when they compete sometimes. Matt Stonie for example.
  16. Yeah okay, so they can really stay skinny when eating a lot of calories if they keep a very low calorie diet when they're not competing? So all of the food they ate when they competed will be processed by the body. How does the thyroid hormones boost calorie burn?
  17. Yeah okay. So Matt Stonie probably have hyperthyroidism then? So Matt Stonie probably have hyperthyroidism then? Thanks for the answer. I already know that their stomach get stretched out, what I wonder is how some of them won't get fat when they consume a lot of calories like Matt Stonie for example.
  18. You sad that the food goes right out the window and then you say that they will go on a extremely low calorie diet after the competition. Well if the food that they consume goes right out the window, why would they need to go on a low calorie diet, their bodies haven't absorbed the calories, right?
  19. Hi, I wonder how some competitive eaters, like Matt Stonie for example, can be so skinny even though they eat so much. I understand that their bodies can't process all the food they eat so they will have to go to the toilet, but shouldn't a lot of calories still be processed and stored in the body? Where does the limit go for how much calories can be used in the body and how much the body can't handle? I understand that this does not just have to do with how many calories is being consumed, but a lot of other factors like how big the stomach is.
  20. Yeah I understand that injecting it to fat isn't good, the enzymes can denature the antigen since it takes so long for the antigen to be processed, but I don't understand what the problem is with injecting it directly into the bloodstream. But I give up, I won't understand, but thanks for all the answers.
  21. Hi, I know how allergies works and how the body gets affected by it. What I wonder is why do you get allergic in the first place? Why will the body get sensitive to different things like pollen in the first place when some people are not?
  22. Hi, I have rash from my watch. I switch wrist when I sleep, but I always want to keep my watch on because it measures health information and sleep data. It also needs to sit tight for accurate measurement. I wonder if it's bad for the body when you have rashes like mine even if it doesn't hurt or is it ok? Look at the image I attached. It's the same on the other side as well but a round mark and it's on both wrists.
  23. Thanks for the answer. The following website that you gave to me: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5287301/ states "Whereas subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue contain relatively few DCs (dendritic cells), the dermis and the epidermis are densely populated by different subsets of DCs. Consequently, antigen delivery by hypodermic injection will bypass the skin's immune cells leading to less efficient vaccination". It also says that these dendritic cells processed the antigen. Why will the antigen get bypassed when there is much DCs? Wouldn't it be more affective? And how about the DC-level direct in the blood stream? Why is this except that it's good if the person can't handle the vaccine? Why can the body get into shock if it's taken up fast?
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