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  1. Thx for the answers. I remember how it works now and I don't need help with explaining anymore. Since I cannot mark this post as "solved" I post this comment instead if that's ok.
  2. Yeah I forgot that, I wrongly though of it as protons, thx for reminding me. Why is this? It's quated from this source: https://www.electronics-tutorials.ws/electromagnetism/hall-effect.html
  3. passing a continuous current through itself. When the device is placed within a magnetic field, the magnetic flux lines exert a force on the semiconductor material which deflects the charge carriers, electrons and holes, to either side of the semiconductor slab. I wonder why the semiconductor needs to send a current through itself in order for the protons and electrons (positive and negative charges) to get effected by the magnet and get to either side of the semiconductor. There are only negative charge in the current of course (cause it's all electrons, which should result in the electrons getting to one of the sides of the semiconductor, but how does it works with the protons (the positive charges)?
  4. Thx for the answer, but I wanted to know how digital voltmeters works. Ok, can I change that?
  5. Hi, I know that voltage is the potential energy, but I wonder how it's measured. For example, how do they measure the hall voltage in magnetic sensors (image attached), or how do smartphones measure the voltage in the battery to show the battery life? 
  6. I wonder why the speed-cup in this case will follow the magnet: Since they're electric currents, and they're moving in an electrical conductor inside a magnetic field, another law of electromagnetism says they will create motion. How? The currents actually make the speed-cup rotate in such a way that it tries to catch up with the spinning magnet. Source: https://www.explainthatstuff.com/how-speedometer-works.html
  7. Hi, I wonder how turbos in cars can compress the air it gets. I've heard that the air compresses because the compressor wheel spins very fast. Why is the air compressed because of that?
  8. Yeah I know this, but I wonder if you know an animation or video where they are engine braking so that I can see directly how it works without trying to imagine the process.
  9. Thx, but I meant an animation or video showing how the engine braking works, when the car copresses air and shows how the car slows down.
  10. Thx for the answer. Do you know an animation or video showing this?
  11. Thx for the answer. Why is the resistance higher when the rpm gets higher and how does it slow down the car. Can you explain in more detail plz.
  12. What do you mean with they interfere? What happens?
  13. Thx for the answer. Does the photons need to be in the same phase in order for the laser to be concentrated? Or is there other advantages?
  14. Hi, I know that laser works by giving atoms in crystals or glasses energy so that they can get excited and then jump back to their steady place and that emitts a photon. I also know that these photos only are one wavelength. What I wonder is how they make the lasers so intense so they can reach very long distances and stay concentrated. What makes laser differ so much from fire? Because the color of fire is also photons emitted from the exciting atoms when they jump back.
  15. Ok, so both the camshaft and a piece of the camshaft sensor is magnetic and when there is a blank spot, the magnetic force between the camshaft and the camshaft sensor decreases and the sensor sends that to the car computer so it will know the position of the camshaft?
  16. Hi, I know that camshaft position sensors works by reading when there are blank spots in the camshaft. I wonder HOW it reads that. Is it magnetic?
  17. Can you explain this in more detail please? I don't understand how the capacitor get charged. I understand everything else.
  18. Thx! I meant how the capacitor gets the different charges depending on how far away the masses are.
  19. Hi, In this video (  Look from 3:30) they show how they use capacitors in gyroscopes. I wonder how these capacitors operate with the masses of the gyroscope.
  20. Hi, In this video they explain how the resistance in the resistor changes depending on the temperature and you can therefore calculate the temperature. I wonder why the resistance change depending on temperature.
  21. Thx for the answer, can you plz explain in more detail how this works, maybe using an illustration.
  22. Hi, I know that when your car roll down a hill and you switch to a lower gear, the engine will break and the car slows down. I have heard that it slows down because higher rev in the motor and therefore there will be higher friction. I don't understand how this works, can you please explain?
  23. Can you explain in more detail how this works please? Ok.
  24. How does the other components generate the current? Doesn't the oxygen generate current while taking electrons from the lead? Can you please show an image or paint one where it's showed how the photodetector operates?
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