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  1. I have read that, but thanks. Now I wonder what would happen if you were to inject it directly to the blood stream.
  2. Hi, I wonder why vaccines are not injected directly into the bloodstream? Why is it better that it takes like 40 minutes to an hour instead of directly? What would happen if you were to do it?
  3. But generating more heat means more energy being used. Yeah, but even if you drink much water, you still can feel tired when it's hot right?
  4. No, I just guessed. Okay, but why doesn't you feel tired when your cold? Then the body also has to regulate the body temperature.
  5. Hi, I have a theory that you get tired when it's hot because there is less oxygen in hot air than in cool air. Is this why you get tired or are there other factors?
  6. Hi, I know that laser guided bombs works by projecting a laser to an object and the bomb will have a photosensor that tries to keep the reflected laser in the center of the sensor, right? What I wonder is how does it know how to move in order to keep the laser in the center of the photosensor? Is this the only thing it requires to hit the target? Trying to move little all the time to keep the reflected laser in the center of the photosensor?
  7. Hi, I wonder how the laser coming out from a laser microphone gets affected by sound waves.
  8. Hi, I wonder how monochrome, sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) displays works. Like the one on my Garmin Instinct. Does it work like e-ink displays? The more light getting on the watch, the easier you see the display. When it's dark you can't see it at all. Image below.
  9. Thx, now I understand, when the voltage of the battery drops, more current is needed instead so more amps will be used, but how can the circuit decide how many amps will be used? How can it increase the current when the voltage get lower?
  10. My device's output voltage is from 0.5 to 9 volts and the battery is 1600mAh. If it uses 9 volt when vaping 50 watts, how can it then vape at 50 watts when the voltage drops down to like 5 volts for example? Thx for the answer, but can you explain in more detail plz?
  11. Hi, I wonder how devices like vapes for example can have the same wattage until the battery dies. Shouldn't wattage drop down when the battery level drops, because then the voltage will be lower?
  12. Hi, I wonder why cooling things very quickly makes it permanently harder. Why won't it get back to normal hardness when the temperature goes up again? Toughened glass used in car windshields is made by cooling molten glass very quickly to make it much harder.
  13. Hi, I wonder what "universal bandwidth compression" compresses. How and what type of data can it compress?: "Devices require less frequent charging thanks to a low-power Cortex A53 processor and efficiency-boosting features like universal bandwidth compression.".
  14. Hi, I understand the principle of how PDAF (Phase Detection Auto Focus) works. Look at the image I inserted. I don't understand how the incoming light splits into two rays of light in the two extreme sides of the lens. Why aren't lots of rays of light coming all over the lens? Source: https://photographylife.com/how-phase-detection-autofocus-works
  15. Yeah ok, thx for the answer. Now I wonder what happens when it pull away for the skull except feeling pain. Is there any benefit for the brain to do so?
  16. Yeah ok thx for explaining. No I wonder why does it pull away from the skull? Is it because the movement when it shrivels? and what happens when it pull away for the skull except feeling pain. Is there any benefit for the brain to do so?
  17. Hi, Let's say that the watch in this example is AMOLED so that the battery usage depend on the color of the display: When smart watches go to ambient mode the background of the screen turn dark (in most cases, some just reduce brightness of the screen) and the rest of the watch face turns white. I wonder why the rest of the watch face turn white, which is the most battery consuming color to display, rather than red for example, which only require the red led to light up? I know that it's easier to see white, but red would save more battery.
  18. Hi, This source:https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/317511.php says that: When the body is dehydrated, the brain can temporarily contract or shrink from fluid loss. This mechanism causes the brain to pull away from the skull, causing pain and resulting in a dehydration headache. I wonder why the brain pulls away from the skull and why that hurts.
  19. Hi, I know how LCDs and OLEDs works. LCDs uses a backlight and liquid crystals to control how much light is passed through the color filters. In OLEDs all pixels lights up by them selfe. Now, I wonder a few things: 1. Why can't LCDs be completely dark? I know that the backlight is on all the time, but the polarizers can align so that no light can come through? 2. Why does OLEDs have better contrast? Is it because it can get completely dark? LCDs can still get brighter. 3. Why does OLEDs have better viewing angle than LCDs?
  20. Spelling mistake or auto corect, sorry. I ment photons. Yeah I know this but I wonder why it twists. What makes it twist explained in atomic level? Thx for the answer btw. I totally forgot that the electric field attract or repell the charges in atoms
  21. Hi, I know that liquid crystals align with the electric field and therefore are able to either let the backlight through or not depending on if the there are electricity or not. What I wonder is why do the liquid crystals align with the electric field and why does the protons of the backlight wants to go in the direction of the liquid crystals? Source: 
  22. Hi, I've heard that under-display fingerprint sensors require OLED panels. Why is this?
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