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  1. Space (s) -the third form of matter

    In GR, a gravitational wave is a “ripple of Spacetime” in my theory a gravitational wave is a ripple of Spacetime. You don’t seem to understand the different thus you are wrong. A ripple in Spacetime is like smacking water in your bathtub and watching the wave move through the fabric. In other words, in GR the gravitational field is static, concentrated around mass yet has infinite range. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravitational_wave for example My expanding N.E.T. Wave theory says that gravitational waves are ripples “of” Spacetime, like dumping water into your bathtub creating more water as the ripples are generated. In my theory, energy is converted from the dipoles with the energy loss is transferred to creating the third phase of matter, the gravitational field of Spacetime, space itself. In the United States, a dental degree takes 8 years, four undergrad and four in dental school, our standards are hi, we are trained to write prescriptions and treat the patient like a physician, dental school is much harder than medical school during the first two years but then levels out. It’s actually insane that dental school packs 12-13 finals in four days with 36 credit hours per quarter. Since we are trained to diagnosis systemic disease and the impact orally, yes, we are Doctors, that is the degree, Doctor of dental surgery. We write the prescriptions just like a physician and the degree is a Doctor of dental surgery. So we in the United States are trained to be and we are bestowed the degree of Doctor of dental surgery. Your argument is with the system, not me, I did not choose the title, it is my degree. I also have studied theoretical physics for thirty years and have know the working of the universe for 15 of those years. I am not just having so fun while I patent a few new technologies. There is a difference between ignorant and stupid. What many people forget is that a mathematical construct is made to describe a physical reality. I understand the physical reality and have corrected the mathematical construct to fit reality. Example: the vacuum of Space Edward Morley and Albert Michelson bait and switched everyone. They determined, falsely, that the speed of light in a vacuum is the same all the time so therefore there is no medium of Space. They completely forgot and you did too, that an orbit, any orbit requires something, rather than nothing to keep it in orbit. By definition, nothing does not exist. Only something exists, so both I can’t hold an orbit. With general relativity, the gravitation field is static, no force is applied, instead it’s s warpage and that violates the understanding of a force because he creates a perpetual motion machine. By understand that all mass radiates space and space is the radiating gravitational field and it simply follows Newton’s three laws of motion then the evidence is the explaination, forward time, radiating space, relatively, dark energy, dark matter, inflation are all taken into account and make sense. And instantaneous communication is provable and that is my experiment which Won’t shut the ignorant up but you will have no explanation. Becaue I seem to have made the breakthrough and you haven’t, it becomes about personal attacks. It’s not my loss, it’s your loss. Funny, it would be like arguing A wall until you make the break through in your mind for both of us. If you already know then you are bullying and harassing me The current problems in physics that the Expanding N.E.T. Wave solves. Inflation, dark matter, dark energy, forward time, expanding space, relativity, the twin paradox. The twin paradox- it is 100% admitted by today’s theoretical physicists that they have no explanation for time dilation. How does the twins time slow in Einstein’s twin paradox? What is the mechanism? What is the process running the twin’s forward time that by going fast, slows it? Can you tell me, outside of my theory that the medium is increassing per until time thereby slowing the twins ability to radiate his own continuous field into a field ? Explain and stop the stupid bullying! Facts not name calling please
  2. Space (s) -the third form of matter

    The energy of a photon within a magnetic dipole within the atoms decreases, (10^-54 kg ?) is e, c is the speed of light and ^ is to the power of , squared, cubed, etc. an increase in the gravitational field energy = a decrease in the energy within the magnetic dipoles of all mass multiplied by the speed of light cubed. The other is just conversion to mass equilivant using the energy to mass formula. It should be clear now hopefully. Again, mass is in static equalibrium as the energy from the background and star generated amounts to a bath of energy while radiating gravitational energy as the energy used being radiated from all mass. The fabric of space is generated locally, that is why the laws of physics are local and non local, they start out being generated. Locally. It is quite simply actually, and explains mechanically and logically how the universe works. Unknowin phenomenon which are explained - dark matter, dark energy, inflation. Quantum entanglement.. and also follows Newton and Einstein under local reference frames. Three phases of matter, mass, energy and space, the universe is a forward/ Expanding Spacetime universe because it is an inheritent quality of particle to wave, potential to kinetic energy process which drives the life of the universe.
  3. Space (s) -the third form of matter

    By overlaying the Expanding N.E.T. Wave theory of the radiating gravitational field from all mass over a static field concentrated around all mass with infinite range as in general relativity and by knowing that radiating low energy fields in a medium collide and form larger combined radiating fields the resulting reactions of field tension simply follow the physics laws just like radar 1/C^4 when the range is infinite vs 1/r^4 when the radar range is known. This is basically Newton’s third law or Euler’s law of motion. Coincidentally, this is the undiscovered back action of wavefront formation of the Huygens principle which is by definition, now the Huygens law. So low energy gravitational wave emissions from each mass collide forming wavefronts with back actions of gravitation which include gravity and dark matter (no particles) is a reaction function of Spacetime radiating from all mass. Mass energy (particle) Photon energy (particle/ wave duality Space energy = all wave. M + E+ S= total energy e=mc^2 s=ec^3 m=s/c^5 The universe is radiating/ expanding from mass to space via photon decay with in the magnetic dipoles holding the atom together. An orbit, a dark matter halo and an event Horizion are continually radiating standing waves of the the gravitational field of Spacetime. Particles and lowest energy waves simply follow Newton’s (Euler’s) three laws of motion. Time and space and gravitational mass are relative because they are aspects of mass radiating it’s field into a larger combined radiating field. Depending upon your speed relative to the surrounding changed the density relationship which is the basis of relativity. Radiating waves into a field and by increased speed desynchronizes the field by increases density of the field thereby slowing the ability to radiated into a more dense medium slowing time and increasing relative mass and constricting relative length. So with this understanding, space does not violate any laws and has to obey the speed of the gravitational field (wave). This is becaue in this theory, a gravitational wave is a ripple of Spacetime, not a ripple in Spacetime. Therefore, by overlaying General relativity with a radiating field from all mass in static equalibrium and these fields following Newton’s three laws of motion then the universe’s actions can be understood completely. So with my theory you understand 100% of the universe, with the current way only 5% of the universe is understood. Expanding N.E.T. Wave theory all forces use energy and space follows the laws. With current thinking: energy spontaneous appears in vacuum energy, orbits are perpetual motion machines, atoms are perpetual motion machines and magnetic fields are perpetual motion machines. Space is outside the laws. Yes it is embarrassing that I a dentist has to step in and straighten out the universe of theoretical physics. Even solve the formula that Einstein said he was not smart enough to figure out and spent 30 years trying and died not knowing. Answer me this. What the hell have you been doing as your second job? I have been solving the universe. In increase in Spacetime, the fabric of space radiating from all mass = A decrease in the energy within the magnetic dipoles within mass x c^3. S=ec^3=mc^5. Dark energy= Newton’s second law Dark matter and gravity = Newton’s second law because Newton’s three laws of motion apply to the waves of Spacetime, not just particles. And how does that have anything to do wirh anything? Read a little Richard Hamming Not relevant
  4. Space (s) -the third form of matter

    It’s a new theory which simplifies the understanding of general relativity. The newest Theory of Everything by Dr. Charles Michael Turner. The Expanding N.E.T. Wave theory states that not only did the Big Bang transition the finite singularity to create mass, energy and space, three forms of matter, but each atom is still radiates more space. Space is defined as the gravitational field, continually radiating as a lowest energy field from all mass. It is important to note that low energy gravitational waves radiating from all mass simply follow Newton’s theee laws of motion, like mass. s=ec^3 is the formula linking the standard model and general relativity. By overlaying the static field of general relativity with a continually radiating field and by understanding that Newton’s (Euler’s) laws of motion apply, the entire universe’s mysterious actions are easy to understand. Dark energy is Newton’s second law applied to three dimensions which also explains inflation properly. Dark matter and gravity are Newton’s third law which makes the Huygens principle the Huygens law or Newton’s(Euler’s) third law applied to waves. Time and space and gravitational mass (weight) are measurements of this process which creates a force of expansion and as each galaxy is losing mass with a constant force then each galaxy being its own Spacetime generator can travel up to the speed of light relative to other galaxies and no laws are broken. General relativity and Maxwell’s equations create perpetual motions machines which violate the basic laws of physics. This corrects the flaws in general relativity. A dark matter halo is the constructive wave interference patterns of all mass radiating gravitational fields in the galaxy and forming a standing wavefront outside the galaxy and the inverse square law needs to be added from that perspective losing force back to the center of the galaxy. Its the copyrighted paper from Dr. Charles Michael Turner