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  1. Quick Electric Machines

    Hydrogen powered, fuel cell electric aircraft company: Electric Air Taxi – HY4:
  2. Quick Electric Machines

    Thanks! For short hops flights, maybe consider compressed hydrogen instead, still higher volumetric energy density than Li-ion batteries and much lighter. Then there's Skylon for LH2 powered spaceflight - Skylon (spacecraft) - Wikipedia: Hydrogen Turbojet engines are being developed.
  3. Quick Electric Machines

    How would burning hydrogen in an ICE or turboprop compare? More noise, but efficiency? Also, SOFC output is so hot, it is used to run a turbine to increase efficiency in generator situations. Could some version of this work to combine electric and thermal power?
  4. Hurricane Florence and hobo engineering

    DC to AC is called an inverter and they are a fairly common item - price varies with Watts delivered. Don't think it will run very long though unless you have large batteries available.
  5. Polonium 210 Power Plant 1 MW

    Where does polonium come from and how much energy is needed to extract it?
  6. CPU vs GPU

    One consideration is that GPU tends to be memory space limited due to expense of fast RAM. So very large structures might be better on the CPU side or CPU side breaks down the size of data needed to something manageable by the GPU side(s). in cryptocurrency mining, multiple GPU boards can run on a single system, so some fast parallel processing can then be done.
  7. CPU vs GPU

    Maybe a sparse octree for 3d representation, but I don't know if GPU libraries are easily available. Maybe Nvidia?
  8. Can you save the Marshal Islands?

    I'm guessing it's an economic problem, not an engineering one. Lives in the balance: climate change and the Marshall Islands | Environment | The Guardian: Adding insult to injury: United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement - Wikipedia: [Nasty comment about Trump omitted]
  9. Separate pipelines for impure water

    If we're going to blue sky, we should add non-potable water as "ground-source" heat-pump loop. Heat or cool your home using non-potable water as a heat source or sink. It's actually the best way to go 100% electric heating in northern climates. Also requires separate storm sewers BTW, otherwise we're processing the effluent in larger quantities because once mixed, it all needs to be processed.
  10. Separate pipelines for impure water

    Salt water might kill vegetation and the quantity of municipal water used in the event of a fire seems to be manageable by existing infrastructure. I'm more concerned that the pace of forest fire events is increasing due to Climate Change and feel this is what should be addressed more seriously.
  11. Separate pipelines for impure water

    Don't they do water drops from a plane or helicopter filled from a lake or ocean? Aerial firefighting - Wikipedia:
  12. Separate pipelines for impure water

  13. Yeah, I think they confused litres of methane with either CNG or LNG... Don't feel like doing the math, but 900l methane/day is 900l * 0.641g/l=576.9g : Calculate the density of methane gas, CH4, in grams per liter, at 25.0C and 0.978 atm.? | Yahoo Answers: energy density is ~52 MJ/kg, so 30 MJ/day ; Energy Density of Methane - The Physics Factbook: 0.4 MJ per kilometer, so 75 km assuming 100% conversion, probably closer to 20 km, certainly not all day, also 8 kWh/day according to google 100% conversion. Didn't verify the sources. Tesla ref. 0.4 MJ per kilometer: The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me) | Tesla UK:
  14. So first off, it's probably the WORST way to power your cell phone. But... Cows do produce a significant amount of methane: Cows wear BACKPACKS to capture methane emissions | Daily Mail Online: So instead of a cumbersome backpack, a small accumulator, generator and battery combo could harvest this energy. When the cows come in for milking, they can help power the farm! It also reduces GHG by converting methane to CO2 and offsetting some power generation emissions.
  15. Also wifi beacons: Wi-Fi challenges Bluetooth for the beacon market | Computerworld: