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  1. how do Yeast undergo Cellular Resp. with no sugar

    but ye its largely focused on unit 2 and prokaryotes and eukaryotes also know photosynthesis equation and cellular resp equation annnd like cohesion adhesion covalent hypertonic hypotonic ionic h+ ions
  2. Hover or Solar powered Skateboard

    speaking into it, super shoe, a solar powered skateboard, and a watch that can shoot tranquilizer darts. I thought Conan's skateboard is solar powered. Then why is he using it at night? If you want to know details information on this topic then you can visit on this website. I forget that conan never really uses the solar powered skateboard in manga canon bc he always has it and breaks it in the movies
  3. Calming the brain

    The color blue has a calming effect. It causes the brain to release calming hormones.
  4. Intelligence test

    Please tell me about the details. Thanks.
  5. science question help

    Most of the people ask this same question. "Specific Heat capacity" is total amount of heat required to raise temperature of a substance a certain amount. "Latent Heat capacity" is total amount of heat released during a change of state, i.e. boiling of water or the melting of ice. This is the difference between Specific Heat capacity and Latent Heat capacity. Hopefully you have got your answer. Thanks.
  6. Limit calculator (solver)

    You can use this tool symbolab (dot) com Hopefully this tool will solve your problem. Thanks.
  7. What is the opposite of love?

    “The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference."
  8. REMnux v6 is the best software for reverse engineering. You can use it. Thanks
  9. Quantum Entanglement ?

    Therefore, the quantum entanglement is 1/0 = ±∞. For times ±∞, the energy is "1 or 0". That is, 空 is a program.
  10. Recrystallization

    Typing up my organic chem lab report and realizing I still don't know what recrystallization is after I already did the lab. Just remember these things new favorite recrystallization technique: add hexanes, then DCM to dissolve. add more hexanes. heat until all DCM boils off. cool, filter.
  11. Why do non-human animals masterbate?

    Funny question. Just learned that animals (non-human) can be gay, masterbate and can preform oral on one another. You learn something new everyday...
  12. It is not a difficult task. Just upload an image then it will be matched automatically. Scherado, your solution is awesome.
  13. Design a device to catch egg from 2m drop

    Daecon Your solution is awesome. It is difficult to do but your solution is great. Catch egg in 2m is not an easy task but many devices are available to do that. Yogomo you can find them and implement. Hopefully you will be benefited.
  14. Yeah it is true. But people can't use it properly. Cosmetic surgery is very important for health. Most of the people mistake and also doctors are not very serious on this topic.
  15. Journey to Alpha Centauri

    I haven't see this document. But I can say you that you must have required pedantry. It is very important.