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  1. hey strange hi; I am blue89 , I cannot reach you via personal message. would you like to apply patents together?? let me know if it is possible. (Note: I am sorry I could not find any way except here to express the statement) Regards
  2. f(x+1)= x(x+2) ---> f(x+1)= (x+1-1).(x+1+1) ----> f(x)=(x-1).(x+1) and f(x+2)= (x+2-1).(x+2+1)=(x+1).(x+3) f(x)-f(x+2)= x2-1 - x2+4x+3= 4x+2
  3. ...make collaboration for patenting and/or for writing articles at here this forum?
  4. only pronunciation is problem. they are speaking very fast in movies otherwise I can understand written texts.no dr krettin it is not silly that you wrote
  5. hi; I understand almost all reading passages ,I can write articles and read,but I can't understand videos ,how to leave this problem ?
  6. are patentings and written articles to be effective ,too?
  7. I am writing from turkey,. in assumption we hold PhD degree ,can we work at european countries or usa?
  8. hi, I am loooking for documents for psychotherapies but don't know sources, could someone help me for the best sources? many thanks
  9. sorry I can't reply to this question to protect copyrights ,I applied patent institute and will await after completion of PCT application
  10. mathematics presumably <10 don't know it might be very costly, one of the projects requires observation and experiment if observations and experiments are succesfull then it will provide us industrial benefit
  11. research project. ı want funding but unsure whether ..I can I have no institution
  12. I have no MSc and PhD degree but I am writing academic and engineering projects. how can we sell our projects?
  13. jinni. generally these people are known as mentally problematic (psychiatric). what did you experience?
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