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  1. I have no problem with boys being treated "a little well" than girls. Tit-for-tat. You gender-discriminate against boys -- I compensate by gender-discriminating against girls. Then society is evil for forcing gender roles on innocent helpless individuals.
  2. This is exactly the "pro-girl sexism" I'm against. Girls are actually stronger than boys, so this sexism should be reversed. Sadly, evil society doesn't seem to want to follow logic. 1. I only find it offensive when it is applied to minors. I don't care if adult women are treated better than adult men. 2. Don't tell me what gender to assign myself. 3. Your macho definition of what a "man" should be is also offensive. More info: I'm *not* part of any of the following groups: 1. Male 2. Female 3. Intersex 4. Hermaphrodite However, I'm trapped in a body that society defines as "male". Despite my genderlessness, I do NOT at all want to go through any gender-related surgery. I have the following strong beliefs: 1. There is more to gender than simply "male" or "female" -- [for example I don't feel like I'm male or female]. There are hermaphrodites, non-gendered persons [like me], intersexed, etc. 2. Genitalia does not determine gender [i maybe male "down there", but my gender is anything other than male, female, or anything in between]. 3. Gender-identity does not determine sexual-orientation [my lack of masculine features does not make me attracted to men]. Society has often criticized me as being "effeminate" due to my lack of masculinity. I agree with the latter but not the former. I'm may the least-manly of what society considered to be "men" -- in fact I'm completely void of any virility. However, I'm not at all effeminate. There is nothing about me that is feminine. I may not be male but I'm definitely not female, either, nor am I anything in between. They shouldn't.
  3. If there are such things as reincarnation and karma, I must have done something really bad in my previous life. In this life I'm made to pay off that "debt". Either one of the following happened in my previous incarnation: 1. I was a wicked macho man who was very popular and always got his way. I treated girls better than boys. I laughed at the suffering of boys when they showed resentment against the horrific "pro-girl sexism". I assisted girls in mistreating boys. I was the very type of cold-hearted sadist that I hate in my current incarnation. 2. I was female and aware of "pro-girl sexism". As a minor-girl, I was a 5-letter-B-word. I was very cruel to boys. I beat them up, tortured, and humiliated them. Whenever any boy tried to defend himself against against me, I would cry " rape" and society would torture and kill the boy for me. I would laugh sadistically as I observed such a boy suffer under societal-stress. In either case, I perpetrated "pro-girl sexism" in my previous incarnation. In my present life, some higher-power-of-morality wants me to feel the pain I inflicted on others in my previous life.
  4. The evil men-of-the-society-of-humans deserve to have their criminal-framework "disturbed". I'm sick & tired of their gender-discriminatory abuse of boy-children and their species-discrimination against non-human animals.
  5. Under the condition of invincibility, immortality, and discomfort-resistance, I'd also do things un-related to gender-discrimination. For example, I'd protect all species classified as "non-humans" from evil humans. I'd visit a bullfighting ring and rescue the bull, this would piss off all the sadists who find the bull's agony to be humorous. The reason I support non-human organisms over humans, is because non-humans are handicapped when compared with humans. I tend to sympathize with the underdog while wanting to severely-punish the bully. Those who hunt for sport deserve to be hunted. In addition, humans are the only organisms capable of being cold-hearted. Humans are the only animals capable of gaining pleasure and humor from the suffering of another life-form [be it a non-human organism or another human]. Humans are the only species capable of forming a sadistic society [which they did thousands of years ago] that oppresses individuals with illogical norms -- such as the gender-bias I've endlessly spoken of. Please note that I don't hate humans as individuals. However, I hate the society-of-humans. I support individuals humans [who are victimized by their society] but I abhor the society-of-humans [which victimizes its individuals just for pleasure of it]
  6. LMAO... ... and just how would I perceive this as a "punishment" considering that I'd be injury-proof and pain-proof? Time would fly very fast as I wouldn't feel any discomfort. No exhaustion from working to clean up the BMD mess. No sticky feeling from being submerged in molasses.
  7. LOL! What if -- with my invincible body -- I shake, twist, turn with sufficient intensity to break-off the concrete [remember, while I'm invincible, the concrete isn't], swim up to land, and continue forcing society to stop perpetrating it's evil gender-bias?
  8. Hi: If you were to suddenly become completely & eternally physically-invincible, along with being immortal as well an unable to feel any physical discomfort [such as pain, tickling, stickiness (that nasty sensation you get with you play with syrup), itching, nausea, fatigue, etc.] and you knew about it right after... ... what would you do? Besides the obvious, physical-invincibility includes not needing to eat, drink, sleep, or eliminate waste products as well as being able to contract/relax muscles without any exhaustion. A successful violation of the second-law-of-thermodynamics and many others. Here is what I would do: I would force society to stop perpetrating the heinous crime of "pro-girl sexism" which I speak of in the "Are girls really treated preferentially" thread. I would eliminate this horrific gender-discrimination by being a nuisance to society. I spend night an day on parading the streets and giving speeches as to how I feel "pro-girl sexism" is evil and unfair. We people try to talk over me, they would eventually get exhausted while I [being invincible] would continue to vocalize my opposition to pro-girl-sexism. People will attempt -- in many ways -- to shut me up. When their vocal cords are exhausted from attempting to verbally "cut me off", they will then turn to physical violence. They will pelt me with stones, throw bricks at me, pull out their guns and shoot me, they will drench me with lighter-fluid and set me ablaze. Realizing that it is impossible to kill, physically-injure, or physically-torture me... ... society will eventually reach a point where it will do anything to pacify me -- including listen to me and stop its evil gender-discrimination-of-minors. Regards, GX
  9. In men's-prisons and boys'-juvenile-detention-centers it is common for any inmate who is accused of abusing -- sexually or non-sexually -- a younger-minor-girl [falsely or not] to be himself-molested [and often tortured and killed] by stronger inmates when they find out what he is in for. If he survives, then -- regardless of his age at the time of the said offense -- anything & everything about him [who, what, when, where, why, and how] will be open to the public for the rest of his life. This means boys as young as 10 are often made to register as "sex offenders" and will likely be tortured and killed by lynch mobs before they are old enough to display secondary male gender characteristics [such as deep-voice, increased body hair, increased muscle-mass/strength, etc.]. To make matters worse, any of the boy's brothers [even if younger than him and totally-innocent] are shamed-to-death by society along with him. Most -- if not all -- cultures of the society-of-humans have advocated this retribution for any case [even if false] of any abuse [even if non-sexual] of a minor-girl [by a man or older-minor-boy]. Sadly, minor-boys -- especially in cultures that are impoverished, fundamentalist [such as the nazis, rednecks, white-superamcist.etc], and/or non-western -- are not given nearly as much [if any] protection or justice [against abusive men or older-boys] as girls are. In the case of a man-molesting-a-girl, society gives the victim extreme sympathy while wanting to burn the perpetrator alive. In the case a man-molesting-a-boy, society doesn't care to condemn the perpetrator but rather condemns the boy with transphobic/homosexual taunts such as "faggot", "sissy", "homo". In many parts of the world, a man who molests boys is not considered gay, but the boy-victims are because these boys are seen as playing the passive role and this passiveness is considered -- by irrational society -- to be feminine or unmasculine. This "femininity" in a male [regardless of his age] is considered [often falsely] a sign of homosexuality. For example, in Russia, the pedophile leader Putin molested a little boy by kissing the boy's stomach but no one cared. Just imagine the public outrage that would explode, if Putin did the same to a girl. If Putin kissed a little girl instead of boy, then he'd be burnt alive by a lynch mob. Also, Sai Baba is a pedophile priest in India who rapes boy-children but again no one cares. If Sai Baba abused girls instead of boys, he would likely die a horrible death in the hands of an angry lynch mob. In Pakistan [where conditions are even worse than in India], boys who are raped [by men or older boys] are often themselves jailed on charges of "sodomy" while the perpetrator is seen as "elite" and goes scott-free. In prison, these helpless boys subsequently face additional sexual violence from older male inmates. The best culture is the modern western culture of USA. This culture maybe bad enough [in terms of 'pro-girl sexism'], but in my opinion, cultures that are impoverished, fundamentalist [such as the nazis], and/or non-western are far worse because they encourage and tolerate 'pro-girl sexism' to the point where innocent pre-pubescent boys are heinously-mistreated by the macho men of evil society. Boys who live in the upper-class modern western culture of USA are blessed because they are safer [though not completely safe] from the horrors of 'pro-girl sexism' that terrorizes cultures that are destitute, non-western, and/or fanatical [such as that of radical Islam]. Just watch Slumdog Millionaire and you'll see the horrors boy-children face in the backward nation of India. I'm not racist, just honest. BTW, my ancestors are from India. India -- like most non-western, patriarchal, developing nations -- is polluted with intense 'pro-girl sexism'. As a hater of 'pro-girl sexism', I prefer matriarchal cultures over patriarchal ones. In matriarchal societies, boys are allowed to express distress and defend themselves against girl-bullies. In patriarchal societies, the macho men brutalize boys while pampering girls. The modern western society of USA is matriarchal while other cultures are mostly patriarchal. Bless the feminist movement which has made modern USA what it is. In addition, you're not taking into account the following: Non-sexual abuse of minor-girls -- by adult men or older-minor-boys -- is often misconstrued [by the men-of-the-society-of-humans] as sexual violence. Even non-abusive physical contact of minor-girls -- by adult men or older-minor-boys -- is also often misconstrued [by the men-of-the-society-of-humans] as sexual violence. Let me give you examples of non-abusive physical contact and how society's evil gender stereotypes influence such physical contact: In situations where invasive searches of children are mandated by law [such as in juvenile detention centers and in airports], society should stop demanding that girls be given the privilege of being searched by women. If boys are subjected to the discomfort of being searched by men, then girls deserve the same discomfort. Either that, or men should *not* be allowed to search children at all and all invasive searches should be performed solely by women regardless of the children's genders. There is nothing special about a child being a girl. Girls are no more precious than boys. If a child -- of any gender -- is subjected to physical contact by an adult, the child would rather be 'contacted' by a woman than a man. For any child, being searched by a man causes the child to feel a significant amount of distress, while being searched by a woman doesn't not cause much negative or positive emotions. As for invasive searches of adults [persons 18 or above], I agree with society that such searches should be performed by officers of the same gender because adult women feel especially uncomfortable if searched by men. In addition, in contact sports [such as martial-arts] which involve physical contact among adults and children, a male instructor should be allowed -- by society and the law -- to treat a girl the same way he is allowed to treat a boy, *without* facing bullshit accusations of "sexual harassment". BTW, here are more facts about the Gray Bar Hotel: The purpose of prison is to give pleasure to the sadists who get horny from observing the stronger mistreat the weaker. Prison is not meant to make an inmate a "better" person. Prison guards/wardens love to see the alpha inmate torture, mutilate and kill lower-ranking inmates. There is no such thing as "protective custody" because guards often intentionally leave the doors to p.c. open to allow these vulnerable inmates to be abused by the general population. It's bad enough in adult prisons. In juvenile detention centers, it is much worse with 17-year-olds bullying and abusing 10-year-olds. In both adult prisons and juvenile detention center, the general population has a strict code of "don't mess with girls" but it's okay to sexually-assault and kill boys. In juvenile jails, there are plenty cases of strong adolescent boys [who look like and sound like adult men] sexually-assaulting and killing pre-pubescent boys just for sick pleasure. The guards also encourage such activity. Even if juvenile halls were co-ed, boys would still not lay a finger on girls because mistreating girls is seen -- by the macho "prison culture" -- as being 'unmanly'. The general populations of prisons -- both adult and juvenile -- are filled with evil macho men who are extremely protective of girl-children but gain cold-hearted pleasure and dark humor from mistreating boy-children. As a result, I hate the general populations of prisons and the corrupt guards/wardens who run these pens. Just how do I know what would happen if prisons housed inmates of all genders and age groups? That is because it is rather simple to correctly-guess the behavior of inmates in hypothetical housing situations. On a side note: Remember the Michael Jackson child molestation case? The accuser's so-called "friends" bullied him mercilessly, often pointing fingers and saying "that's the kid who got raped by Michael Jackson". If the accuser were a girl, her peers would show her a lot more sympathy and Jackson would be lynched -- trial or no trial. After being accused -- wrongly or not -- of child sex abuse, Jackson continued to remain rather popular. This is because Jackson was accused of molesting boys, not girls. If he were accused of molesting girls -- even falsely -- he would lose all his popularity and likely be burnt alive by angry inmates in jail.
  10. I wonder if a brain transplant would be like a soul transplant. If Mr. A were to successfully have his brain wired into Mr. B's body and then look into the mirror, would Mr. A see Mr. B's face? I guess so. In this case a brain-transplant could be defined as a "total-body transplant" or "mind transplant". But then how are true out-of-body-experiences explained? In medical facilities, there are often patients who are in situations where their brains are deprived of oxygen [due sometimes to cardiac arrest]. In these cases, such a patient can sense beyond the normal range of human perception -- such as in other rooms of the hospital or even outside the hospital. What such a patient perceives is often confirmed by real events. In addition, patients who are born blind can see during this OBE and patients born deaf can hear. What are the scientific explanations for the above interesting facts? How can one perceive beyond normal sensory mechanisms? How can one born without sight be able to see during an OBE? How can one born without hearing be able to hear during an OBE? Sorry if this is OT. Thanks, GX
  11. Thanks for your understanding. I don't feel alone. Actually, I believe there is a significant portion of the human population who are non-gendered "at heart". However, the society-of-humans, being the evil and cold-hearted society it is, oppresses these innocent helpless individuals out of existence. By, "lack of virility", I mean I possess the following characteristics that are generally considered "unmasculine": 1. High-pitched voice 2. Extreme sensitivity to tactile discomfort [such as pain, itching, stickiness (such as that caused by syrup), tickling, uncomfortable clothing, etc.] as well as olfactory discomfort [such as "morning" breath] 3. Extreme emotional sensitivity to aversive societal norms [such what I perceive as "gender-discrimination against boy-children"] 4. Short body height 5. Lack of muscle size 6. Lack of muscle strength 7. Soft skin As I grew up I noticed myself being attracted to my teachers as opposed to classmates. It has to do with the physical body of a completely-developed woman vs. that of a younger female.
  12. Hi: I've known for a long time that I'm not part of any gender. I'm *not* part of any of the following groups: 1. Male 2. Female 3. Intersex 4. Hermaphrodite However, I'm trapped in a body that society defines as "male". Despite my genderlessness, I do NOT at all want to go through any gender-related surgery. I have the following strong beliefs: 1. There is more to gender than simply "male" or "female" -- [for example I don't feel like I'm male or female]. There are hermaphrodites, non-gendered persons [like me], intersexed, etc. 2. Genitalia does not determine gender [i maybe male "down there", but my gender is anything other than male, female, or anything in between]. 3. Gender-identity does not determine sexual-orientation [my lack of masculine features does not make me attracted to men]. Despite being a genderless person who is "pubically-male", I'm sexually-interested in women only. I prefer women who are at least 31. The following is un-related to the topic of the thread but I'll discuss anyway: 1. Why am I attracted to women who are 31+? Extended adolescence can last up to 30 years of age. For good measure, I add an extra year. 2. Doesn't adulthood start at the magic age of 18? Absolutely, and I've shown agreement to this in many of my other threads. However, as in the answer to #1, the body can -- and often does -- continue to develop even after 18. Ok, back to the topic of genderlessness. Society has often criticized me as being "effeminate" due to my lack of masculinity. I agree with the latter but not the former. I'm may the least-manly of what society considered to be "men" -- in fact I'm completely void of any virility. However, I'm not at all effeminate. There is nothing about me that is feminine. I may not be male but I'm definitely not female, either, nor am I anything in between. Regards, GX
  13. I don't but society does. So my AFFGRD simply stoops down to society's level. No. Quote from http://articles.latimes.com/2006/mar/14/world/fg-defile14 : ""These are nothing more than young people finding out about life," said Geoffrey Odaga of Save the Children, an advocacy group in Kampala that is preparing to challenge the constitutionality of the law by arguing it discriminates against boys." "As many as 2,000 boys, most of them poor or abandoned by their families, are facing defilement charges, according to estimates from the Legal Aid Clinic in Kampala, which represents children and the poor. Several hundred are being held in jail or juvenile detention facilities because they or their families cannot afford bail while they await trial." "Despite a law that prohibits sending children to adult prisons, some boys barely into their teens spend days, weeks or even months in local jails, mixed in with killers, rapists and other hard-core criminals. The boys are often subjected to beatings and rape by the older inmates, putting them at risk for AIDS." Quotes from http://ageofconsent.com/india.htm : "What is obvious is that whilst Indian law sees the use of young girls as illegal, that of young boys seems to leave them totally unbothered." "Then the case went to court in Tamil Nadu, where, rather than convict me, they wanted to arrest the ´victim´! The reason: according to the testimony of the person who filed the false case, I had sucked the penis of the boy. The boy therefore penetrated me, therefore in Indian law, the boy is the one who abused me ! I actually have the legal minutes stating this. I had to intervene so that they did not bother my young friend, who was being treated very badly indeed. Therefore there is no abuse or rape or anything punishable if the victim did not either suck you or get sodomised. There are no laws for ´pedophilia´, since there are no laws relating to age limits involving boys together. On the other hand they have the únnatural offense´law which states that one cannot sodomise anyone (penetrate) or have sex with an animal. Outside of these things, it would be very hard pushed to get any conviction. There is, therefore, only an anti-homosexuality law. My experience is big in this field, and I notice that all cases that come up are all blackmail cases, in which one complainant in one case gets a counter case against him accusing him of homosexuality. very rarely are there any cases of people being tried for homo sex in a case only involving that. No conviction can be obtained in India if no medical examination is carried out to prove that forceful penetration had occrued on the ´victim "
  14. What a lame excuse. What if a drunk pedophile molests your underage daughter and doesn't realize it due the alcohol in his system? If a sex-offender victimizes your minor daughter, does he deserve *any* of what you're asking? This is why I support the women's movements around the world. I am a extreme radical feminist who abhors traditional gender stereotypes. Absolutely. This preferential-treatment turns girls into boy-abusing sadists. A girl is spoiled-rotten by the men in her life. She realizes she can do whatever she wants to boys and a boy isn't allowed to defend himself against her. She is aware that she can degrade, humiliate, torture, and kill innocent boys -- with impunity. So that is exactly what she does and the evil men-of-the-society-of-humans support her against the helpless boy. That is what it is like to be a minor-girl. Come 18 years of age, the girl automatically-changes into a woman. Most adult women are compassionate, fair and equitable. Women tend to feel protective of children, regardless of the child's gender.
  15. Only if the "wanter" threatens to kill and/or actually kills. Read about the passive version of my AFFGRD. I specifically said: Passive-AFFGRD does not cause men to to abuse girls. It simply causes these men NOT to treat girls above boys. Feel better now? Those who do wrong deserve punishment. Punishment involves some amount of suffering.
  16. I prefer not to change the way evil humans think. I want them to the suffer the inability to act on their evil intentions. This the best punishment for the bad-guys. To change the thoughts of these villains, will decrease their suffering, because they would start to agree with my views and wouldn't desire to retaliate against me. I want them to desire revenge against AFFRGD but be unable to physiologically-express such desire. Absolutely, because children will not suffer the horrors of pro-girl sexism. As said above, convincing humans to change their behavior takes away the "punishing" affect of otherwise-criminal person being unable to commit crimes even though he wants to and tries desperately to.
  17. Wanting -- without physically-acting on it -- is wrong only if death threats are made. Threatening to kill [even if you don't go through with the threat] equates to "acting on it". That's why I'm extremely anti-evil.
  18. 1. AFFRGD does not affect free will. It affects the ability to physiologically-express volition. In other words, the man's body betrays his mind. 2. Because of #1, these evil men will be completely unable to put up such a 'fight'. Within their psyches, emotionally-charged intentions of retaliating against AFFRGD will rage incessantly. Fortunately, these evil sadists will not be able to act on such intentions. Try as they might, there will be a sufficient amount of mind-body dissociation to prevent them from perpetrating pro-girl sexism. I don't care what society wants. I only care what it expresses. Wrong. I want to psychologically-torment the evil men-of-the-society-of-humans by making them unable to treat girl-children better than boy-children. This means that the only way these men can show compassion for a minor-girl is if they show an equal amount of compassion for a minor-boy.
  19. I could care less what the evil men-of-the-society-of-humans think. It's the physiological expressions of their psychological states, that matter. For example, if you want to kill someone, that's okay -- as long as you don't ACT on that want of yours. The moment an evil mindset expresses itself physically, safety issues arise and can cause a serious emergency. On the other hand, if the evil mind does not convert it's mental energy to physical energy, then all is well. BTW, your "equality officer" would be totally helpless regardless of whether he has a gun. There is power in numbers and if society wants to continue to perpetrate pro-girl sexism, they can simply lynch and kill the "officer" and continue with their evil ways.
  20. Yes. I totally agree. 1. I'm not so concerned the sexism against men [as adults]. However, when boy-children face mistreatment via this gender-bias [perpetrated by men and older boys], then I lose my sanity and want to lash out at the perpetrators. 2. Boys who face any form of child abuse [by men and older boys] are treated far worse by society than girls who are abused [by men and older boys]. This is despite the fact that boys are more likely to face any/all forms of childhood abuse -- sexual and/or otherwise -- than girls, if the caretakers are men or older boys. This anti-boy sexism may not be the fault of any girl. However, it clearly *is* the fault of the men-of-the-society-of-humans who knowingly/willingly treat her better than a boy and provide this prejudice treatment solely on a gender-differential basis. The only way to punish these aforementioned evil men is to regulate what they do and what they say via my too-good-to-be-true AFFRGD. Perhaps it would more more ethical to use a "passive" form of AFFRGD as opposed to an "active" version of it. Passive AFFGRD makes men unable to provide girls with any "friendly-treatment" but does not force these men to provide girls with "unfriendly-treatment". Active AFFGRD, on the other hand, forces men to involuntarily provide girls with "unfriendly-treatment". In either case, the motor functions of the men-of-the-society-of-humans would need to be under direct neurological control of AFFGRD. The best way to punish the "system" is with passive-AFFGRD. Sadly, as said before, AFFGRD [of both kinds] is way too-good-to-ever-be-true.
  21. Hi: I remember a biochemical pathway by one of the non-pathogenic species of Clostridium bacteria. This pathway convert ethanol to butyrate [which smells like cheese] and caproate [which smells like goats]. The above being said, is it possible to make goat-cheese from wine, if it is inoculated with the aforementioned microbe? Thanks, GX
  22. Hi: I'm looking for an escape from life's sufferings. I want to OD on MPM. How do I do this? I'm not addicted to any drug nor do I ever plan to be. However, I have some questions about a once-in-a-lifetime consumption of morphine. "MPM" is an acronym for Molecularly-Pure-Morphine MPM is the purest form of morphine. An MPM molecule does contain any sulfate, HCl, salts, or other impurities. "MPM-fluid" is a liquid consisting solely of MPM and clean "drinking" water. In the MPM-fluid, the ratio of MPM to drinking-water is just high enough to give the liquid a viscosity similar to that of filtered orange juice but not higher. Where can I obtain MPM-fluid and the necessary IV-equipment from? I want to receive a euthanasia-dose of MPM-fluid via IV. Here are my problems: 1. I hate shaving because it makes a mess. I can't stand the sensation of disconnected hairs. OTOH, I don't like the sensation of male-specific facial hair, so I HAVE to shave to get rid of them. Catch-22 situation. 2. I hate needing to get a haircut because because it results in a mess of disconnected hairs that produce a nasty itching/tickling sensation. They also make a mess of the car I drive to/from the salon shop -- due to this I half to ask my brother if I can use his car, which is an inconvenience to him. On the flip side, I don't want my hair to grow out because I have these involuntary hand movements that cause me to play with my hair to the point where my hands and head hurt. So I need to keep my hair at a #2 length or shorter. Much like the above issue, this is a lose-lose situation. 3. I find any contents of the human digestive system [e.g. vomit, stools, spit, drool, etc.] to be extremely sickening. I hate needing to deal with those disgusting entities in any way, shape or form. So, if/when I enter MCS, I wish to receive intravenous nutrition via a pic-line. 4. My skin is extremely sensitive to many types of clothes. I'm very limited -- around my whole body -- as to what I can wear. 5. I'm mentally-deficient and my future career path is severely limited. I don't want to end up doing poorman's work and living on the fringes of poverty. Due to my sensitivity to socially-appropriate clothing, I may not receive any employment at all. 6. I have an incurable form of athlete's foot. My feet itch like hell. The only way to relieve this itch is to submerge my feet in painfully-hot water, not hot enough to burn, but none-the-less it is hot-enough to activate pain reflexes. Nothing else relieves the itch. I don't want to walk around with bare feet because my feet then feel sticky and dirty. 7. When I floss my teeth, I drool involuntarily and this sickens me to the core. I have a mental disability that causes severe impairments in the following: A. common sense B. moderation C. decision-making D. social interactions E. multi-tasking F. concentration G. attention span H. comprehension I. data retention J. processing speed K. reaction time L. executive functions I was born on 10-22-83, hence I'm currently 28-years-old. I'm a biology student at the California State University in Pomona [aka "Cal Poly Pomona"]. I don't have job and am still dependent on my folks. I still live with them. Due to my mental deficiency I've been taking too long to get my undergrad degree. I started at Cal Poly on Fall of 2002. This it taking way TOO long. If I try to get a job somewhere, the staff will take notice of this and will not be comfortable hiring me. For the above reasons, I want to euthanize myself with MPM. How do I do this? Thanks, GX
  23. I don't believe in harming women, I respect women. It's girls who I hate. As for the evil macho men who protect girls, these men need to be controlled by my AFFRGD [Angelic Force of Fairness and Reverse Gender Discrimination]. AFFRGD is a hypothetical science-fiction entity that enters the brains of all humans. It specifically affects the parts of these brains involved in voluntary-vocalization and voluntary-movement. AFFRGD does not involve any mind-control. Rather it regulates how volition is physiologically-expressed without changing how the human thinks. All opinions, thoughts, emotions, and other psychological entities are not directly affected by AFFRGD. AFFRGD is a miracle that makes the men of society incapable of perpetrating the "pro-girl sexism" I've previously-discussed. AFFRGD lives within the brains of humans and forces individuals humans -- who make up the evil entity I call the "society of humans" -- to go against the unfair rules of this cold-hearted society. In particular, AFFRGD makes men unable to provide minor-girls [female humans below 18 years of age] with any "friendly-treatment" and forces these men to involuntarily provide such girls with "unfriendly-treatment". "Friendly-treatment" = the following: 1. Compassion 2. Sympathy 3. Respect 4. Gentleness 5. Easiness 6. Empathy 7. Cleanliness 8. Protection 9. Luxury 10. Personal space 11. Privacy 12. Security 13. Freedom 14. Modesty 15. Decency 16. Leniency 17. Lack of discipline 18. Lack of strictness 19. Lack of physical contact 20. Politeness 21. Courtesy 22. Lack of expectations "Unfriendly-treatment" = pretty much the opposite of friendly-treatment As an added bonus, this AFFRGD makes men unable to perform what are considered by society to be "manly" activities including but not limited to: 1. Weightlifting 2. Sports 3. Attempting to speak in an unusually low-pitched voice 4. Visiting clubs, lounges, bars and other "masculine" locations 5. Fighting 6. Displaying -- or attempting to display -- "masculine" mannerisms 7. Wearing "manly" wardrobes As I said before, there is absolutely no brainwashing of any human in the process. These evil macho male bullies will continue to think the way they do, however, they will be unable to voluntarily act upon their evil thoughts. This will bring an end to the deplorable "pro-girl sexism" that I often speak out against. As a result, AFFRGD causes the world's men to be what society traditionally considered "unmanly" or "effeminate". AFFRGD causes the macho men of evil society to be extremely frustrated as these men are forced to publicly-mistreat minor-girls in the most heinous manners possible. To further punish the evil society, these macho men now involuntarily dress in unmanly and womanly manners. This leads to the death of machismo. AFFRGD causes men to become pre-op transgender women with female identities while continuing to possess male organs in their groins. AFFRGD forces the otherwise-macho men to enforce some new rules against their own volitions such that: 1. It is now common for a boy to fight with a girl and win "either way". If the girl wins the fight, the boys will beat her to death for "hitting a boy". If she loses, the boys will tease her and beat her to death for being weak-enough to "lose to a boy". In either case the boys who observe the altercation will attempt to rescue the boy whose is fighting the girl and check if he is okay. This is in retaliation for current and historic codes of the society-of-humans, where if a girl attacks a boy and he fights back, the other boys will pick on him for beating up a girl. If she attacks him and he loses the fight, they'll pick on him for being weak enough to lose a fight against a girl. In either case, if a boy fights with a girl, the other boys will come to her aid and try to rescue her from the fight and check if she is ok. 2. Boys are allowed to be what society historically-considers effeminate. However, if a girl is tomboyish, then the boys will severely-mistreat her and cause her fatal and humiliating physical injuries. This is in retaliation for current and historic codes of the society-of-humans, where girls can wear boy clothes, but boys get severely picked on if they wear girl clothes. 3. Boys are allowed to cry -- or otherwise express -- emotion. However, girls who express distress are publicly-tortured to death by men and older boys. While this painful execution takes place, such a girl is used as an example to other girls who plan to cry, whine, whimper or otherwise express displeasure. As a result, macho men feel terrified, humiliated and outraged to the core. Terrified because they no longer have control over their own bodily-movements [including speech]. Humiliated because they involuntarily mistreat minor-girls in socially-unacceptable manners in public. Outraged because they are no longer able to rescue such girls from such mistreatment. Sadly, AFFRGD is an entity that is way too good to ever be true. I simply daydream about it as an escape-mechanism. This discussion of AFFRGD is my way of talking about a hypothetical make believe drug/pathogen/something.... that would reverse the gender discrimination I perceive minor-boys to suffer, and then describing what a reversal would look like. Meaning? Yes. As an individual who radically-respects right from wrong, I support the victims-of-society who retaliate against the societal codes that cause these individuals to be victimized. I want the men-of-the-society-of-humans to stop publicly-treating a younger-minor-girl better than a younger-minor-boy, if/when such treatment is provided solely on the basis of the children's genders. Such pro-girl sexism is unfair and is equivalent to treating a child of one ethnicity better/worse than another child of a different ethnicity and providing this treatment based solely on the children's ethnicities.
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