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  1. It should be legal to expresses your wishes for harm to occur to your enemy. However, threatening to cause such harm is -- and should remain -- a criminally-actionable offense. For example, if you say "Joe [just a random person's name] deserves to die", that is [i would hope] totally-protected by 1st-amendement rights and you shouldn't face any legal hassles. On the other hand, if someone says "I'm going to kill Joe", that's a serious crime [criminal threat] and -- in all fairness -- should be prosecuted as such.
  2. The only way to stop prison-rape is to put all inmates in a comatose state while they serve their sentence. Sadly, this practice will never happens because human-society is sadistic and wants to cause as much suffering to individuals as possible. People want to make other people suffer. Prison-rape is one of the ways society gets pleasure from observing the stronger abuse the weaker. That is why prisons were invented in the 1st place. It's not to make an inmate a "better" person but rather to make the sadists who run the prison-system salivate to the horrific mistreatment of weaker bubbas by stronger bubbas. It's not limited to America. It happens all over the world in almost equal amounts.
  3. I don't know about you but I, for one: 1. Care about the non-human entities of the world, universe, and multiverses 2. Want my parents and siblings to live forever and with the medical advantages of most 31-year-old humans [strength, energy, intelligence, ability to think clearly, etc.]. Since I believe in fairness, I want to extend this theoretical immortality and "healthiness" to non-family members as well. 3. Think giving birth to new humans is distressful. So is having to change their kakaa-filled diapers. So is having to raise them with properly. Most distressing, is the effects of human-reproduction on the non-human environment. So many non-human forms of life are suffering and dying because humans are exercising their right to reproduce. So, my wish is for all humans who are currently alive to stay alive and robust forever BUT for no new human to ever be conceived. The goal here is "survival, health, and comfort withOUT reproduction". Be chronologically-3,100 years old and at the same time biologially-31 years old. Enjoy the fruits of life without the falls. Let's also be fair to non-human animals with psyches and provide these creatures with the hypothetical ability to survive & thrive [eternally] without harboring the physical and mental anguishes of reproduction.
  4. Ok, but what if negatively-charged lactate ions [stripped of the toxic H+ ions] are added to this product? I made a mistake in thinking that the brain can depend solely on ketones for energy. Only astrocytes can rely on on ketones - neurons and other glia would still need lactate ions for energy. Normally, lactate is obtained from glucose. However, if lactate already available, then glucose is not required. So if my product contains lactate, then the consumer's brain can still be in tip-top condition, while he/she loses weight without exercising. Right? Toxicity associated with lactic-acid is due to the H+ ions. The negatively-charged lactate is what provides energy to the CNS.
  5. U do realize that this tachycardia increases your risk of MI. Don't you?
  6. What causes humans to be the most malodorous of all animals?
  7. God stinks like human kakaa. God is human kakaa. Stinky god. Smelly god. Eew! Pee-yoo god! U stink! U stink like the human-kakaa that results from the human eating human-kakaa that results from the human eating human-kakaa <insert infinite repetitions of "that results from the human eating human-kakaa">
  8. Thanks for further proving to others that the society-of-humans stinks badlier than the kakaa-of-humans. This stench grew oppressive ever since humans formed a society separate from their non-human ancestors. Getting OT but has N E 1 [other than me] noticed that human kakaa stinks the badliest of all kakaa? Even tiger kakaa is roses compared to that of humans [i don't know this for a fact but I could easily guess correctly]. In addition, a poorly-hygienic-human will smell worse than a non-human animal with equally-poor -- or perhaps ever poorer -- hygiene.
  9. It's impossible, that is why I call it a "fantasy". Angels descend from paradise and control those physiological-functions [in humans only] so that people are unable to do or say unfair things. As a result, malicious-minded humans are extremely-bored and very-upset -- simply because they want to be evil but can't. Wouldn't it be a miracle, if a villain wants to cause harm but is unable to? That's the most interesting form of punishment for such a bully. This would cause massive psychological trauma to the evil person, without physically-harming him/her to any extent. I'm totally for it but then a lot of what I want is impossible. A "physiological response to a psychological state" is a "physiological response to a psychological state" -- regardless of whether is it voluntary or reflexive.
  10. The answer both your questions is "yes" *Any* bodily response [whether somatic, visceral, autonomic, or voluntary] to a mental entity equates to "physiological response to psychological state" Your heart-rate increasing in response to a terrifying-flashback is an example of "physiological response to psychological state". So is the facial-blushing when caused by embarrassment. However, the following do NOT classify as "physiological response to psychological state": 1. Decrease in heart-rate following increased carotid pressure 2. Increase in respiratory-rate due to excess CO2 3. Yanking your hand away from a painfully-hot object before you even notice the pain
  11. So do I. Where did I say N E thing about wanting to eliminate, impair, or control free will? Free-will is the ability to think in your own unique manner, to make your own choices and decisions. Physiologically-expressing-the-psychological-state is something completely different from "free will".
  12. "Thankfully"? How so? You, me, and all individuals of all ages, genders, and species would be a lot safer if humans with evil psyches were unable to physiologically-act on their evil intentions. Think about it. You could walk at 1:00 AM in the inner city. Sure there would be evil gangsters how would want to torture and kill you -- simply because they are sick sadists. However, these gangsters wouldn't be able to act on their "wants" no matter how hard they tried, so you'd be totally-protected. Wouldn't you prefer that to the current state of affairs?
  13. Wrong on so many counts. If I had it my way, the jerk being unfair would suddenly end-up having his/her physiological-responses-to-psychological-states regulated by a supernatural-angelic-force that would make such an @$$hole incapable of perpetrating such unfairness. This cold-hearted non-disabled adult human being would badly-want to continue being unfair, he/she would try desperately to be unfair, but his/her psyche would be betrayed by his/her own body. The result is a sadist who is bored and so bored that he/she wants to die. The sadist wants to inflict pain on defenseless beings but is totally-unable to. In other words, I lose my displeasure from depriving otherwise-malicious human beings of the ability to act on their malicious intent. Note, I said I LOSE my *displeasure*, I don't GAIN any *pleasure*. Once again, however, such miracles of justice are impossible.
  14. Gender is a not a valid reason to treat kids differently. Much like treating kids according to race, ethnicity, religion, skin-color, national-origin -- are also invalid.
  15. Fairness means equal-treatment but not necessarily exactly the same. Fairness means, if you treat people differently, you provide this differential-treatment based on the following: 1. Age 2. Behavior 3. Strengths/weaknesses 4. Abilities/Disabilities 5. Size If two people are exactly the same in all above 5 categories, you treat them exactly the same. On the other hand, if you see a 5-year-old kid and a 15-year-old kid get into an altercation, you side with the younger kid -- regardless of who instigated the situation. This is called "reasonable discrimination" and I'm totally for it. The older kid is not only physically-stronger than the younger kid, but also has a better understanding of right vs. wrong, than the younger kid. So, in all fairness, you should discipline the kid of 15 while protecting the kid of 5. An angel is a hypothetical entity that fights evil and wins. Sadly, angels don't exist.
  16. In December of 2010, I revealed some of my fantasies -- about retaliating against society's unfair codes -- to my folks because I was planning to discuss these thoughts with my psychiatrist. They advised me against it because [they claim] psychologists, therapists, and psychiatrists -- and other creeps who run the mental health businesses -- will reveal my thoughts to the authorities even if: 1. I haven't broken any laws 2. I haven't threatened to break any laws 3. I'm not a danger to anyone -- including myself According to my folks, these thoughts will then be used against me in the court of law if -- in the the unlikely-but-theoretically-possible -- event that I'm accused [even falsely] of a crime. That fact these jerks who are supposed to provide mental-patients with "professional help" are instead betraying the confidentiality of their patients upsets me to no end. I strongly believe all mental patients should have the right to 100% confidentiality, unless: 1. The patient is known to have committed a crime 2. The patient confesses to a crime 3. The patient threatens to commit a crime 4. Patient poses danger to self or others If none of the above take place, then the authorities should have no business delving into the minds of psych-patients and neither should the shrink have any right to reveal the patient's thoughts to N E 1. I'm very reluctant to express myself to any mental-health-staff because of the warning given to me by my family. There is an infinite difference between the following: 1. Harboring thoughts about perpetrating illegal acts 2. Actually perpetrating -- or threatening to perpetrate -- such acts Psych-patients -- like me -- should have full right to express #1 to mental health staff without risking legal/social consequences. On the other hand, no one should have any right to do #2.
  17. When dealing with a cold-hearted non-disabled adult human being of society, I am determined: 1. To stoop down to his/her level 2. *Not* to be the bigger/better person I also feel like cancelling his/her cold-heartedness with my hot-heartedness I believe in fairness -- and hate with a passion -- N E cold-hearted non-disabled adult human who knowingly/willingly perpetrates unfairness. A cold-heart gains pleasure, humor, and happiness from misusing his/her power. A hot-heart [like me] wishes for such injustices -- perpetrated by cold-hearts -- to disappear and wishes for the angels to descend from heaven and punish these cold-hearts by causing these cold-hearts to endure eternal suffering of immeasurable intensity. Sadly, my fairy-tale wish is way too good to ever be true. BTW, I maybe adult and human -- however, I am disabled. My handicap is Asperger's syndrome.
  18. No problem. I still think minors should be treated -- by adults and other minors -- in a genderless manner. This is because, in all fairness, girl-children don't deserve to be treated [by men and older-boys] better than boy-children if such preferential-treatment is provided [by these men/older-boys] solely on the basis on gender. I don't care if women treat girls better than boys because women rarely treat children based on gender. Women usually treat children in a genderless manner. It's the men who are the problem. Men treat girls better than boys, because these men fear being falsely-accused -- by the evil men-of-the-society-of-humans -- of sexually-harassing girls.
  19. Gender and sexuality are two totally-different entities.
  20. I disagree because gender is one of the many evil societal-constructs -- created by macho men -- to oppress minor-boys while deferring to minor-girls. There is nothing innate or natural about gender. It is simply a form of unfair discrimination perpetrated by the cold-hearted society-of-humans.
  21. I would like to post a poll regarding a question relevant to this thread but the forum's configuration does not enable polls on messages that are not new. So I can't post the poll. Anyways, here is the question: Should adults and minors -- of any gender -- treat minors in a genderless manner? I vote "yes" because I don't like "pro-girl sexism". Adult = human who is 18 years of age or older Minor = human who is below 18 years of age Speaking of racism, the British used to rule Hong Kong. When HK was under British rule, did British men/boys ever publicly-mistreat Chinese girls -- in ways that are so heinous that they are not appropriate for discussion -- and get away with such mistreatment even if their fellow British male citizens found out about it?
  22. Hi: "Mental Salmonellela" is a hypothetical disease that only affects all parts of the brain that constitute the psyche. All non-psychological parts of the brain are totally-unaffected. Here is what happens in "mental salmonella": Multicellular-units consisting of one cell of each and every serovar of each and every subspecies of each and every species of the bacterial Genus of Salmonella enter the patient's brain. Following such entrance, these units then multiply until there are enough of them to surround all the neurons in the patient's psyche. Following this, each and every cell of each and every serovar of each and every subspecies of each and every species of the Salmonella genus separate and then attack the patient's psyche in manners that include -- but are not limited to -- the following: 1. They use up nutrients that the brain cells need for energy and nourishment. This starves those cells 2. They release toxic substances as a result of their metabolism, which poison the brain 3. They produce enzymes which digest the brain tissue. Following this they release waste products which further injure the brain. 4. The injured brain cells release substances that are toxic to neighboring cells. 5. The presence of the Salmonella cells triggers a violent inflammatory reactions [due in major part to the presence of LPS (LipoPolySacharride) which is present in all Gram-negative bacteria -- including all bacteria of the Salmonella genus]. Inflammation causes the release of toxic chemicals and raises the temperature of the host's body -- both results further damage the already injured brain. Innate-Salmonellosis does not kill the patient, because autonomic/vital functions -- such as breathing -- are spared. What symptoms will the patient experience? Thanks, GX
  23. If an adult makes sexual contact with a minor, the psychological distress experienced by the minor is so intense that it physically-damages his/her brain. Read more about the damage to the central-nervous-system caused by child-molestation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Child_sexual_abuse#Neurological_damage
  24. I will answer the questions in the order they were asked: 1. Feeling the pain suffered by victims of "pro-girl sexism" 2. The physical and psychological suffering caused by "pro-girl sexism" 3. Yes 4. Yes, and not just me. This happens all around the world and has been ever since humans formed their disgusting society. 5. Yes 6. Very much so 7. Probably more but I'm not sure 8. Well-to-do family with a younger brother. Thankfully no younger-sisters below 18.
  25. Yes it is. Boys feel resentment, they just don't express it because society forces them not to display emotion.
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