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  1. Hi: Why isn't molecularly-pure morphine just mixed with clean "drinking" water and ingested? Why is the morphine molecule combined with HCl, sulfate, or other impurities? Thanks, GX
  2. Hi: I'm looking for a parasympathetic-stimulant -- in the form of a pill -- that: 1. Has minimal side effects 2. Has minimal withdrawal effects 3. Has minimal rebound effects 4. Not addictive -- physically or psychologically 5. Does not lose effect over time 6. Immediate-release 7. Fast-acting yet with persistent intended effects [i.e. treating hypertension] 8. Most potent 9. Highest concentration of the active ingredient in the pill This active ingredient in this pill should have ultimate effect of treating hypertension by directly stimulating the neurons in parasympathetic nervous system. This will, in turn, signal the heart to slow down and result in a decrease in blood pressure. Which medication should I take? Thanks, GX
  3. Hi: There are many cases of patient who are "clinically dead" and are then brought back to life. During this 'death', these patients are able to perceive the universe in locations beyond the range of normal perception. For example, such a patient can see what is happening in other parts of the hospital and outside the hospital. What the patient perceives is often confirmed by real events. In addition, patients who are born blind can see during this out-of-body-experience and patients born deaf can hear. What are the scientific explanations for the above interesting facts? How can one perceive beyond normal sensory mechanisms? How can one born without sight be able to see during an OBE? How can one born without hearing be able to hear during an OBE? After reading about these cases, I'm no longer convinced there is such a thing as 'death'. No matter how depressed I am, I'll never jump off a cliff because, the resulting OBE maybe a lot more painful then any agony I could experience while 'alive'. Thanks, GX
  4. What would be the direct cause of death? Is it possible to survive this 96-hour plan without taking anti-biotics? Is there any alternative to antibiotics?
  5. Hi: 'Salmonella fluid' is a theoretical liquid that consists solely of pure water and live cells of bacteria in the Salmonella genus. This liquid has the same viscosity of healthy human blood and contains an equal amount of each and every species, subspecies, and serotypes of Salmonella. This high viscosity is due to the large concentration of bacterial cells relative to the water. Let's say I were to go 4 days [96 hours] without eating/drinking anything other than this fluid. In this scenario, for 4 days, I eat five small meals consisting solely of 'salmonella fluid'. The first meal of the day is the biggest while the last meal of the day is the smallest. The 2nd meal is bigger than the 3rd meal. The 4th is smaller than the 3rd. The 5th is even smaller than the 4th. After the 4th day of this routine, what symptoms will I experience? Thanks, GX
  6. Hi: What is the smallest bacterium that fits all of the following categories?: 1. Not gram-negative 2. Free of lipopolysaccharide 3. Coagulase-negative 4. Relies solely on homolactate fermentation for energy and therefore does not generate any CO2. 5. Aerotolerant-anaerobic [can survive in oxygen but doesn't use it for respiration or otherwise require it]. 6. Hemolysin-negative 7. Free of super-antigens 8. Non-allergenic Please note this is not a homework question but simply a question of my genuine interest. Thanks a bunch, GX
  7. No matter how healthy I am, there will be a certain age at which my heart will malfunction. This results from the natural process of aging. When I reach this point in my life, I would like my heart to be replaced by an artificial heart. More info can be found on artificial hearts here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Artificial_heart#Total_artificial_heart Readers may have more questions: 1. How I plan to spend my time after my dream operation is done on me? Make music by plugging my brain-computer interface to a synthesizer. Specifically, I’d like to make karaoke tracks for both pop music [such as Backstreet Boys] as well as bollywood songs [including the songs in old Hindi films]. 2. What would I like to have done with the unwanted body parts after they are removed? I would like the parts that can be transplanted to be donated to someone who really needs them.
  8. Using this: http://computer.howstuffworks.com/brain-computer-interface1.htm Using artificial devices that will protect the retinae while allowing light to pass through. What do most patients find uncomfortable about dialysis?
  9. Hi: I want to eliminate the following body parts because they are a nuisance to me: 1. Digestive system [including, the mouth, lips, teeth, gums, tongue, rectum, anus, and jaw BUT excluding the liver because the liver is absolutely essential for survival and cannot be replaced with artificial devices] 2. Urinary system 3. Entire integumentary system and its appendages [such as skin, hair, and nails] 4. Reproductive system 5. Gallbladder 6. Olfactory system [including nose] 7. Outer ears [including wax-producing cells] 8. Middle ears 9. Breasts 10. Any epithelium not necessary for survival, given the state of today’s technology 11. Limbs [such as toes] and muscles, tendons, & ligaments attached to them 12. Adam’s apple 13. Adipose tissues 14. Any skeletal muscle not need for vital functions [such as breathing] as well as any ligament or tendon attached to such a muscle 15. Parts of the eyes not directly involved in – or necessary for – vision. Example of such parts are tear glands/ducts, eyelids, cornea and sclera; I would still be able to see without them. 16. Muscles of the ear 17. Hips 18. Waist With today's technology, I don't need a digestive system because I can live off of parenteral nutrition. In addition, dialysis can substitute for the urinary system. I'm also sure something can substitute for the eye/ear parts I would like to remove. In addition, a synthetic substitute can replace my skin to protect my body from infection and dehydration that would otherwise result. I hate needing to use the bathroom. I drool when I floss and the salivating sickens me intensely. I hate the bad taste on my tongue in the morning. I hate foul odors. I hate having to cut/file my nails. Shaving and haircuts are insufferable pests. Earwax is disgusting. I don't plan to have children nor am I interested in a relationship, so there is no need for a reproductive system. Nasal allergies just make me want to burn my nostrils. Healthy foods [such as vegetables] make me gag. Thanks, GX
  10. Hi: A wireless router is connected to a cable modem. The wireless adapter is external and connects to the computer via USB. The adapter and router have their own own power supplies for maximum amplifications upon reception and demodulation. There is a single radio frequency used by the router and adapter to communicate with each other -- 2 GHz. The modulation is AM. Both the carrier and modulation signals are completely linear. The carrier is always analog and amplitude-modulated. The modulation signal is initially digital but is converted to analog -- via a DAC -- prior to being transmitted on the carrier. Prior to entering the DAC, the digital modulation signal has it's amplitude attenuated until it is just strong enough to be clearly recognized by the DAC and subsequently the 2 GHz AM carrier generator. In the last step before transmission, the resulting AM carrier signal is also attenuated, until as weak as possible while still being intelligible. Obviously, both the router and adapter have their transmitting and receiving ends. On the receiving end, the analog AM carrier signal is amplified [using a 2 GHz amplifier] and is subsequently demodulated. After demodulation, the resulting modulator signal further amplified. Finally, the modulation signal, is converted back to digital -- via an ADC so that the computer can recognize it. On the receiving ends, all of the following entities are built in such as way that they are both omnidirectional AND as sensitive as physically-possible to weak signals: 1. The antennas attached to the receivers 2. The receivers 3. The demodulators Given all of the above specs, what would be the benefit -- if any -- of using these devices to connect a PC to a cable modem? Thanks, GX
  11. Hi: When an inflammatory agent enters the bloodstream [such the LPS of G- bacteria], the coagulation pathways are activated causing the blood to clot. These clots can be fatal if they block circulation to vital organs. The clotting process also exhausts the supply of platelets needed for the blood to clot when the coagulation is actually necessary -- such as during an injury. Hence, I fail to see any evolutionary benefit of the blood clotting when there is an inflammatory immune response. Any inputs? Thanks, GX
  12. Hi: Here is a computer chip made out of bacteria: http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/blog/2009/jul/24/bacteria-computer Reading that article caused me to daydream about a similar but speculative computer chip made of cells of the smallest existing bacterium with the following characteristics: 1. Aerotolerant-anaerobic 2. Non-pathogenic 3. Non-allergenic 4. Not gram-negative 5. LPS-free 6. Use homolactate fermentation as their only source of energy This chip uses bacterial cells and their connections in place of silicon and electric circuits. In electronic chips, electrons are what make up the intelligable signals. A bacterial chip would use chemicals in place of electrons. What chemicals would be used? Proteins? Thanks, GX
  13. Hi: Here is a speculative situation involving satellite internet access A client connects to the internet through a two-way satellite modem provided by the ISP. The satellite is geostationary and uses one frequency for radio telecommunication -- 2 GHz. The modulation is AM. Both the carrier and modulation signals are completely linear. The carrier is always analog and amplitude-modulation. The modulation signal is initially digital but is converted to analog -- via a DAC -- prior to being transmitted on the carrier. On the receiving end, the analog AM carrier signal is amplified [using a 2 GHz amplifier] and is subsequently demodulated. After demodulation, the resulting modulator signal further amplified. Finally, the modulation signal, is converted back to digital -- via an ADC. What would be the benefit of using 2 GHz AM for this purpose? Thanks, GX
  14. Wouldn't the lack of hypertension [caused by the pill] help prevent brain hemorrhages from taking place?
  15. The mods/admins/ops might decide to move this thread to "Speculations", since there are some hypothetical aspects to my questions below. Let's say there is a supernatural force of feminism that enters the brains of all male humans ages 18 and above [i.e. men]. This mystical entity enters the parts of these men's brains that regulate the conversion of thought to action and thought to word. Specifically, this force makes adult men *unable* to be nice to female humans who are below 18 years of age [i.e. girls]. By being "nice", I mean to provide any of the following: 1. Compassion 2. Sympathy 3. Respect 4. Gentleness 5. Easiness 6. Empathy 7. Cleanliness 8. Protection 9. Luxury 10. Personal space 11. Privacy 12. Security 13. Freedom 14. Modesty 15. Decency 16. Leniency 17. Politeness Simply put, this supernatural force of feminism pretty much controls the free will of men and forces them to completely ignore girls. As an added bonus, this feminist force further restricts the free will of men by making them unable to perform what are considered by society to be "manly" activities including but not limited to: 1. Weightlifting 2. Sports 3. Attempting to speak in an unusually low-pitched voice 4. Visiting clubs, lounges, bars and other "masculine" locations 5. Fighting 6. Expressing sexual/romantic interest in female humans below 30 years of age* 7. Making sexual contact with female humans below 30 years of age* 8. Attempting to impress female humans below 30 years of age* 9. Displaying -- or attempting to display -- "masculine" mannerisms 10. Wearing "manly" wardrobes *This mysterious feminist force makes men unable to the aforementioned to female humans below 30, because extended adolescence can last up to age 30. I remember reading this in the health section of the newspaper about a year ago. I can't find the source though. Please note the is supernatural force of radical feminism does not necessarily make men effeminate. It simply makes them unmasculine. Here are my questions: Let's say this pro-feminist force were to enter existence and do all of the above. 1. How would most men feel? 2. How would most girls feel? 3. How would most women who at least 18 -- but below 30 -- feel? 4. What would be the general effect on society? I, for one, would be jubilant as society would no longer be able to victimize individuals with machismo and pro-girl sexism.
  16. Hi: A theoretical pill to permanently cure hypertension and the non-aura stages of migraine is developed. This pill decreases blood pressure by changing the dynamics of the cardiac muscles such that: 1. When a cardiac muscle relaxes, it relaxes completely 2. The extent to which the cardiac muscles un-relax is minimal enough that the patient cannot hear the heartbeat or arterial-pulse unless he/she covers his/her ears, is in a completely-silent environment, and consciously chooses to concentrate on the sounds of the heartbeat or resulting pulses. 3. The heart rate is as slow as it can get without causing any medical concerns provided the patient is in a resting state. 4. The cardiac muscles totally ignore any commands from the body's regulatory systems [including the heart's own pacemaker] to increase the intensity or speed of un-relaxation -- even during the most intense aerobic exercise! After the pill is ingested, the active ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream via the villi and microvilli of the small intestine. Next, the active ingredients enter the cardiac muscles via the bloodstream. Finally, the above 4 changes immediately take effect. These changes are permanent and completely unaffected even by drugs that would otherwise alter them. The active ingredients in this pill also cure the non-aura phases of migraines by affecting the width of blood vessels in pertinent parts of the brain [that would otherwise constrict/dilate] in the following manner: 1. Veins and venules in the concerned parts of the brain dilate to full width. 2. The width of the capillaries in these parts of the brain are not directly affected by this pill. 3. Placing a restriction on the extent to which the arteries and arterioles in these parts of the brain can dilate such that they cannot dilate anymore than the normal width. The above changes to these blood vessels are permanent and cannot be changed -- to any extent -- by any of the body's regulatory systems or by drugs that would otherwise cause such changes. What are the disadvantages to this therapy? Thanks, GX
  17. You're absolutely right. What I'm doing is an Atkins's "induction in a pill" approach. So, the consumer will pretty be in the induction phase for the rest of his/her life regardless of what he/she eats.
  18. Ok, I'm learning a lot here. Let's forget about the blocking of lipids -- of any kind. Let's allow them to enter the lacteals like they normally would. Let's also forget about directly converting the glucose to lactate. I'm changing this hypothetical situation to the following. Carbohydrates that would normally enter the enterocytes -- such as glucose, galactose, and fructose -- do enter. Galactose and fructose are converted to glucose as they normally would be. However, there is a 100% effective theoretical mechanism that prevents the glucose from entering the bloodstream. Right before any molecule of glucose can enter the bloodstream [as the glucose normally would], the glucose molecule is instead instantly transported out into the lumen of small intestine and then excreted in the stools via the colon. Supposing -- against all odds -- such a mechanism were enabled and was working at 100% efficiency. What symptoms would I experience if I follow the aforementioned diet and exercise plan?
  19. Thanks for the link. 1. If lactate is flowing through the small intestine into the colon then excreted, will there be a painful sensation similar to that of lactate build-up in skeletal muscle? 2. Fatty acids are allowed to enter the lacteals supplying the enterocytes as long as they are unsaturated. BTW, the excess energy requirement you describe is probably a good thing as it would force the body to increase it's metabolism and burn even more fat. The source of energy for this are unsaturated fatty acids from food as well as any fatty acids resulting from lipolysis of the visceral adipose tissue.
  20. Sorry, "organelle" maybe the wrong term to use here. Perhaps a "secondary" enterocyte could be engineered to do that aforementioned tasks. These secondary enterocytes could pair to the primary [natural & already-existing] enterocytes in the small intestine and do the tasks of: 1. Fermenting glucose, galactose, and fructose to lactate -- without letting any of these molecules enter the primary enterocytes. 2. Re-routing glycerol, cholesterol, lactate, and saturated fatty acids back into the small intestine to be excreted in the stools via the colon. 3. Allow the entry of other nutrients [including fat-soluble vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids] into the primary enterocytes. If this worked out, what would be the disadvantages that I haven't spoken of yet?
  21. Actually they are undesirable. See below. Incorrect. Note that this hypothetical system of organelles *does* allow unsaturated fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins to pass into the enterocytes. However, it selectively filters out the unwanted lipids -- cholesterol, glycerol, and saturated fatty acids. These "fatty wastes" are then pumped back into the small intestine and finally excreted in the stools via the colon -- spelling the end of constipation as we know it. We don't need "fatty wastes", as our bodies are fully-capable of producing them [a process which helps consume calories that would other turn into adipose].
  22. 1. I'm a biology major @ Cal Poly Pomona 2. Why not make a method in which all molecules of glucose, fructose, galactose, glycerol, cholesterol, & saturated fatty acids -- regardless of their concentrations in the given meal -- will fail completely to be absorbed into the enterocytes? 3. This isn't about stopping the absorption of all nutrients, just the undesirable ones -- such as what is mentioned in #2
  23. 1. Insulin resistance is unlikely because carbs aren't entering the bloodstream. 2. You're right about the bloating aspect.
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