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  1. No, I've gone out with *women*, not girls. I've discussed my opposition to "pro-girl sexism" in chat rooms. Many of the guys call me "gay", because I'm against the societal pro-girl bias. Let me just say something... If a grown man calls me "gay" because he believes I don't like girls, I'll mirror his insult right back at him and call him a pedophile. Here's is why. Grown men are NOT supposed to like girls. Girls are children, just like boys. So if adult man calls me 'gay' for not liking girls, I can safely assume he DOES like girls. If he likes girls, then he likes children -- and any grown man who likes children is a pedophile. Hence I make the connection that if any adult man calls me 'gay' due to my hatred of 'pro-girl sexism', he must be a pedo with a thing for girl-children. BTW, I *am* solely attracted to females but *only* the ones who are fully-developed -- physically, psychologically, biologically and chronologically. Since 'extended adolescence' can last up to 30 years of age, I prefer women who are 30+ years of age. I like women, not girls. Any man who likes girls is mentally-ill and needs to be kept away from children. Boy = male under 18 years of age = child Girl = female under 18 years of age = child Woman = female who is 18 years of age or older = adult Man = male who is 18 years of age or older = adult
  2. I daydream about my retaliatory thoughts only when the gender-discrimination I speak of, is reinforced to me. Otherwise, I do just fine. Sometimes I daydream about writing a sci-fi novel in which the main character is a childhood victim of the "pro-girl sexism" I speak of. He is a smart "geek" or "nerd". He retaliates against this horrific gender-discrimination using microbiological-engineering. He invents a microbe that will live in one of his testicles in a dormant phase. When he passes away, this microbe will respond to chemicals released by the dead cells of the aforementioned testicle, by springing to an active stage of life. During his life, he carefully engineers this microbe such that it will only activate after he dies. In addition, he engineers the microbe such that when it springs to life, it can give rise to many different versions of itself -- some being mesophiles, the others fitting any/all categories of extremophiles -- acidophiles, alkaliphiles, halophile, thermophiles, etc. Hence, after the main character passes away, the germ he invented is able to spread around the world throughout a wide diversity of environments. During his lifetime, his genetic-modification of the microbe is such that -- after release into the globe, following his death -- the microbe's biological-descendants will infect the testicles of all male humans. Such infection will alter the ratio of X:Y sperm such that if the man fertilizes a woman, there will be 2 girls fore every 1 boy. In addition, the resulting infection attacks some -- but not all -- of the X-sperm, such that 1 of every 2 girls will develop a disease called "innate salmonellosis". How does the innate-salmonellosis occur? This is because, the main character planted the genes of all serovars of all the subspecies of all the species of the bacterial genus "Salmonella" into the original microbe he modified and infected his own testicle with. He planted those genes in such a manner that they would cause salmonellosis in 50% of girls whose fathers were infected. The diseased girl is born appearing healthy and there are no symptoms or signs of infection until the processes making her biologically-capable of bearing children initiate. Such processes usually start during puberty. After the start of such development, the patient starts developing multicellular-salmonella-units [MSUs] around the grey-matter of her brain. These MSUs are initially-dormant and aren't of much medical significance. An MSU contains one cell of each and every serotypes of each and every subspecies of each and every species of the Salmonella genus of bacteria. The patient's body forms them in response to hormones release during early-adolescence. As said above, MSUs are inactive in the beginning. However, once there are enough of them to completely cover the grey-matter of the patient's brain and surround it, these MSUs become metabolically-active and start causing serious infections in the parts of the brain the constitute the "psyche". Prior to the infection, the MSUs break up into unicellular units and then start infecting their way into the mind of the patient's brain. Non-psychological parts of the patient's brain are completely-unaffected. There are several manners in which the cells of Salmonella injure the brain: 1. They use up nutrients that the brain cells need for energy and nourishment. This starves those cells 2. They release toxic substances as a result of their metabolism, which poison the brain 3. They produce enzymes which digest the brain tissue. Following this they release waste products which further injure the brain. 4. The injured brain cells release substances that are toxic to neighboring cells. 5. The presence of the Salmonella cells triggers a violent inflammatory reactions [due in major part to the presence of LPS (LipoPolySacharride) which is present in all Gram-negative bacteria -- including all bacteria of the Salmonella genus]. Inflammation causes the release of toxic chemicals and raises the temperature of the host's body -- both results further damage the already injured brain. Innate-Salmonellosis does not kill the patient, because autonomic/vital functions -- such as breathing -- are spared. Since the individual who created this germ dies before he launches his attack, there is no way to punish him. As a result, the evil macho men of society are frustrated to the core. The infectious disease he invented punishes the evil society-of-humans eternally.
  3. Why not make these "apples" good with some science? It's also a drain on the ecosystem. Think about the innocent non-human forms of sentient-life [such as non-human mammals] who suffer because of ignorant humans who reproduce without regulation. By "rules", are you referring the the second law of thermodynamics?
  4. Why not override evolution and eliminate the stress of offspring while continuing to live your own life for as long as science allows?
  5. http://news.yahoo.com/scientists-warn-emergency-global-scale-185118563.html Perhaps scientists need to develop a way in which all existing humans will be capable of theoretically-surviving forever. At the same time, these scientists need to invent a virus that will infect and kill all human sperm and egg cells. Here would be the results: 1. Any human who is alive will never die of "natural causes" 2. No new human will be conceived Biologically, all humans will forever be 31-years-old.
  6. 1. Shitler was an evil sadist who targeted Jews, simply because they were different from him. He is like a schoolyard bully on steroids. I'm pretty much the opposite of him. If I existed under Shitler's reign, he'd probably kill me because I'm a genderless individual trapped in a male body. Shitler, being the transphobic terrorist he was, would view me as not conforming to traditional male gender stereotypes and would therefore execute me. 2. In nations run by Islamic fundamentalists, boys are more likely to be sexually-assaulted and raped than girls. In these disgusting, backward cults, sexual-violence against boys [perpetrated by men and older-boys] is seen as a matter of pride. However, violence of any kind against girls [when perpetrated by men/older-boys] is seen as shameful. The taliban specifically-outlawed the beating of girls [by men/boys] on the streets. Read wikipedia, and you'll find that if a girl is dressed in an unmodest manner, then, instead of punishing her, the authorities will severely-brutalize any male associated with her.
  7. I agree. Unfortunately, the men-of-the-society-of-humans disagree as they believe in treating minor-girls better than minor-boys. I retaliate against this "pro-girl sexism" by writing socially-perverse messages regarding how I wish for these evil macho men -- and the minor-girls they protect -- to be punished. "AFFRGD" is a retaliation fantasy of mine to punish the bullies of society, for their wrong-doings. There are times when I believe two wrongs DO make a right. Sadly, AFFRGD is impossible, but it temporarily attenuates my indignation to daydream about it. I'm sure every individual on the globe has had sometime in their life when they feel like "fighting fire with fire". Read about AFFRGD here: [link removed by moderator]
  8. Men like getting laid by adult women, not minor girls. There is reason for men to treat an adult woman better than an adult man. However, there is no reason for men to treat a minor girl better than a minor boy. That is why I speak out against "pro-girl sexism".
  9. The moment society stops perpetrating "pro-girl sexism" is the moment I will stop expressing hatred for society and the minor-girls it rottenly-spoils. Well?! Is N E 1 -- other than me -- going too add to this thread?! The reason I stopped posting in it is because it was ignored by every1 other than me. That is why I started making new threads. Sadly, someone with more power than me [at least on this forum] kept locking N E new threads I attempted to start on this subject. I hate society, I hate girls [but I love women], I hate God [but I strongly support his angels], and I hate the devil. Those 4 are sick power-abusing cowards who get their jollies from mistreating defenseless beings like me. So HyperValent-Iodine, you [and most of society] think my posts in the other website were "disgusting". Well, not nearly as disgusting as the stink of society's "pro-girl sexism". As I said, as long as society is a nuisance to its victims [like me], me and my ilk will punish society by getting on the internet and posting what you and society would call "disgusting" messages. I won't post those messages here because this a Science forum and I have a strong respect for science but if you happen to frequent ICQ chat rooms, you will notice some very "disgusting" messages and it could only be me [and other victims-of-society] posting these messages in those live chat rooms. Before getting angry at me, however, you must realize that society drove me to do this. I'm sick and tired of this vicious oppression of children who are born with a crotch [pardon my language] that is not considered "totally-female" as defined by the evil cold-hearted society-of-humans. The following are considered -- by society -- to be born with "non-female" crotches: 1. Most -- but not all -- males 2. MTF-transgendered persons 3. Hermaphrodites 4. Genderless persons [such as me] By society's definition, a "totally-female" crotch must -- from conception -- contain female organs but must not contain male organs. I will also add that I have a strong respect for what society considered "non-human" entities. These include: 1. Organisms that are not biologically-human 2. Organisms that are biologically-human but act in ways that are not accepted as "human" by the society-of-humans [i am considered "non-human" because I don't believe in "pro-girl sexism"] 3. Organisms that are biologically-human but don't have what the society-of-humans considers an acceptable gender [Once again, I am "non-human" in this regard because I'm a genderless individual trapped in a male body]
  10. Speaking of the healthcare system... ...I believe all patients should have the right to life-support regardless of their budget or whether they have insurance. For example, if I experience an injury that permanently locks me in a less-than-fully-conscious state, I hot-heartedly demand to be kept in the hospital and taken care of forever. In this situation, I would want to be kept alive for as long as possible. I want to be kept in the hospital and completely taken care of by licensed physicians and nurses even after they think me to be in "stable" condition. In this semi-conscious-state, I do NOT want to be sent home because this would severely-burden my family. This burden should be on the medical system, not my family -- and don't these creeps [who run the system] DARE "pull the plug" on me. I don't care how much it costs to keep me alive. As a law-abiding citizen and a critically-injured patient, I should -- in any civilized society -- be entitled to live for as long as possible. For the perpetrators of the "death panels" who disagree, feel free to pound sand where the sun doesn't shine.
  11. Try telling all of what you wrote to me to an abused daughter who kills her pedophile father after more than a decade of suffering molestation in his hands. Then, see if you make it out alive. Chances are, people will call you an "@$$hole" for not feeling sorry for her. They will then lynch you and throw stones at you. I'm being very logical here. I have no more control over myself than the above hypothetical abused girl. So society should not expect me to control myself anymore than they would expect her to control herself.
  12. How not to want to punish society, if/when the following facts reinforced to me: 1. The men-of-the-society-of-humans are evil enough to perpetrate the "pro-girl sexism" which I've previously spoken out against 2. The men-of-the-society-of-humans commit the above horrific gender-discrimination in all cultures -- both western and non-western -- but more intensely in non-western cultures 3. The men-of-the-society-of-humans have polluted civilization with that disgusting gender-bias treatment of children ever since humans formed a society separate from their non-human ancestors If N E 1 or more of the above facts are reinforced to me, I feel a disorienting sensation of indignation. Such a painful and confusing feeling causes me to lose my ability to discern right from wrong.
  13. Hi: I can easily control what I say and do. However, I feel I have no control over how I think. This is what causes me to go crazy when confronted with the gender-discrimination I've previously spoken of. When I perceive such unfair treatment, I lose my sense of right vs. wrong and this has gotten my into trouble in a variety of forums & message boards -- including this one. Some fora have outright perma-banned me. I am taking medications -- such as anti-depressants and anti-anxieties -- to help attenuate my self-pity, increase my expectations of myself, and decrease my expectations of those around me. Sadly, they don't always work, and I end up venting on the internet causing readers to want to conform to society's evil norms by banishing and out-casting me. I'm seeing therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists -- here and there. Sometimes I just hit rock-bottom. I haven't done anything illegal, nor do I ever plan to. However, a lot of my "vented" messages contain material that is highly-offensive-and-disturbing to mainstream society. In a way this is society's fault for provoking me into writing such messages. I am more disgusted by society's evil codes than society is disgusted by my mentality. The moment society stops torturing innocent defenseless individuals [like me] is the moment me and my ilk will stop filling the internet with anti-social text. Fair is fair. Yes, I have a mental illness called "Asperger's Syndrome". As such, society *should* sympathize/empathize with me and stop bullying my type around. Regards, GX
  14. NAMBLA is a terrorist organization that targets boy-children for hate crimes of a sexual nature. Just imagine the societal outrage if there was a NAMGLA This is just so unfair for boys. To be fair, society should either eliminate namBla or allow the existence of a namGla. For a warm-hearted, compassionate individual like me -- who respects right from wrong -- it is very upsetting that the same men-of-the-society-of-humans who are protective of girls, are also abusive of boys.
  15. Because it has the simplest good/bad binary terms in it. Angels are good, the devil and God are bad. I'm not immature in any way. In fact, I'm too mature for my own good. This maturity causes me to have an *extreme* respect for right vs. wrong. One of my rules of right vs. wrong is that those how have the power to heal current SDD and prevent future SDD have the duty to do so. If a being with such power knowingly/willingly fails this duty and instead laughs at the SDD [like God does], then this being deserve to be brought into physical existence, and eternally-burnt-alive. It's only fair. It's God's duty to make physically-reality free of any/all SDD. Sadly, for physical-reality, God gets horny from plaguing such reality with SDD. God laughs at the SDD of all physical-beings. He is a sickest of sickness. I hope his angels turn on him and cook him alive forever. Sadly such miracles of retaliation are way too good to ever be true.
  16. I respect all religions but follow none. No one should have to prove themselves worthy. God should magically-enter existence and solve all our problems for us. If he doesn't then he proves himself to be a cold-hearted oppressive bastard. It is impossible for us to heal SDD, only God can do that but he is choosing not to. So he is worse than the devil. Where is the need to go to heaven? Why can't God convert physical-reality to something exactly like heaven? Oh, of course he can. He just chooses not to because he masturbates to our SDDs. For the past two days, I've had nagging-hiccups. Since no human is responsible for this, I blame God and call him a "sick sadistic f---tard"
  17. 1. Don't blame yourself. It's society's fault for making irrational gender codes, not yours. As the formerly-and-currently-evil society advances, it will start to be less evil and more accepting of MTF-transgendered-persons. If you think you have it bad, trying going back 30 years ago, it would be very difficult to survive. Also, western cultures seem to be far more accepting -- than non-western cultures -- of elements of MTF-transgendering, hermaphrodites, non-gendered persons, and "effeminate/unmasculine" persons not born with what evil-society considers a "purely-female crotch". For example, in India, survival for "hijras" and "kothis" [indian MTFs] is futile, as they are often raped, beaten, and killed by the cold-hearted macho men of evil-society. 2. Most MTFs don't want to be castrated and would like to be accepted as female regardless of the physical characteristics of their groins. 3. As I've said in my previous message in the thread, I am a non-gendered person trapped in a male body. Hence, I've had many difficulties placed on me by society forcing me to use "male only" facilities, such as that of public restrooms and dressing rooms. 4. Despite being a non-gendered person in a man's body, I'm sexually-attracted to women only. I have no sexual-interest in men. 5. Another point I will make is that "male" and "female" are not opposites as the evil-society-of-humans would like to believe. In addition, the terms "masculine" and "feminine" are not at all opposites of each other. 6. There is no such thing as "opposite gender" or "opposite sex". Those who chose to believe such are no better than the ancient backward 3rd-world monsters who get their jollies from oppressing innocent individuals who are unable to to conform to society's irrational gender stereotypes. I call these hate-mongering scoundrels "transphobes".
  18. Androgyny for all!

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    2. Green Xenon

      Green Xenon

      I am a genderless-individual trapped in a male body.

    3. Appolinaria


      we all are. discovering that you aren't defined by your job, your gender, etc. is freedom.

    4. Joatmon


      I have not meant to give offence. I thought of Androgyny as nearer bi-sexuality than genderless. I can more easily imagine someone who could be attracted to persons of both sexes, their own sex or the opposite sex. I assume,possibly wrongly, that genderless implies a total lack of sexual feelings or needs. Anyway, no offence meant and I'm always willing to learn.

  19. God has the following duties: 1. Heal all existing SDD [suffering, Destruction, and Death] 2. Prevent any future SDD Since none of the above happens, either God is being a jerk and not doing his job OR he simply doesn't exist. I was once watching an Adam & Eve cartoon. The serpant lures the couple into a tree to eat a forbidden fruit. They do exactly that. God then punished the couple because they could've resisted. God also punished the serpant [which I don't understand]. Adam & Eve chose, out of their own free will to give into temptation -- the couple then experience the negative results of their actions. I completely understand why God punished Adam & Eve. They chose to do wrong, so they were punished. However, I don't AT ALL understand why God punished the serpant. The serpant did not have any free will. The serpant was under complete control of God. God made the serpant do wrong and then punished the serpant. God could've prevented the serpant from tempting the couple, but God chose not to. God made the serpant do wrong, then he punished it. I think it would have be more logical for God to have prevent the serpant from luring the couple rather than allowing the crime to happen and then punishing the serpant after the fact. This causes me to view God as troublemaker who like to punish others for his own actions. Also, I have no choice but to believe that since God has all power, he most likely misuses it for his own sick pleasure -- just like the kings/queens of human history did. This is why I have such a hard time showing any respect for God. After all, I believe in justice. I hate -- with a passion -- any cold-hearted entity who knowingly/willingly misuses his/her/its power just for the fun of it. God is no better than a schoolyard bully or a dominant prison inmate who gains cold-hearted pleasure and dark humor from victimizing the weaker. If God exists, then all physically-existing entities are his helpless victims. If God does not exist, he is simply a figment of my imagination who I choose to hold responsible for any SDD experienced in physical reality. When good happens, God still exists but the good happens because God fails in making or allowing bad to happen. In this case, I verbally tease-God in a puerile manner and chant in a ring-around-the-rosy tune, "ha ha God, I won you, I won you" If something bad happens and it's not the fault of a human, then it's God's fault. In this case, I curse God with extremely obscene language such as the 4-letter-F-word. In any case, I believe God is the ultimate oppressor. I try to test his lack-of-physical-existence by insulting him as much as possible, whenever he pisses me off. God does exist but he is free from the restrictions of the laws of physics [such as my most hated 2nd-law-of-thermodynamics]. I feel jealous of him, that he is capable of overriding physical limitations while the physical universes are oppressed by them. When I'm in a bad mood, I believe that God and his angels are on opposite terms. The angels want to end SDD but God [being the cruel cold-heart he is] doesn't let them. When any angel tries to eliminate SDD, God punishes that angel. I'm on the angels' side and against God. Don't get me wrong, I'm no fan of the devil but I'd take a gazillion devils over one God. The devil and God are both evil but God is more powerful than the devil, so I hate God much more than I hate the devil. If you are physically-invincible and have unlimited power, you should use it to end SDD -- if you don't then you are an evil sadist. If a human knowingly and willingly does bad deeds, God is not at fault. On the other hand, if I bite my tongue while eating, it IS God's fault and I say "f*** God". If I can't blame a person, I blame God.
  20. It's important to understand that: 1. There is more to gender than simply "male" or "female" -- [for example I don't feel like I'm male or female]. There are hermaphrodites, non-gendered persons [like me], intersexed, etc. 2. Genitalia does not determine gender [i maybe male "down there", but my gender is something other than male, female, or anything in between]. 3. Gender-identity does not determine sexual-orientation [my lack of masculine features does not make me attracted to men]. There are so many idiots who believe the myth that male-to-female transgender-women are sexually-interested in men. This is so wrong.
  21. Hi: First and foremost, I hope I'm not breaking any forum-rules by posting this message. When dealing with cold-hearted non-disable adult humans of society, I: 1. Have no problem stooping all the down to their disgustingly-low level 2. Refuse to be the bigger and better person I have a disability called "Asperger's Syndrome". While I maybe an adult, I'm still handicapped, and hence less should be expected of me than of non-disabled adult humans. The men-of-the-society-of-humans force a male of any age to treat a younger-minor-girl ["minor" meaning below 18 years of age] *better than a younger-minor-boy and provide the treatment solely based on the genders of the children. This is what I mean by "pro-girl sexism". Such sexism exists in all cultures of the society-of-humans [especially non-western cultures] and has existed ever since humans force this society. Sadly for me, there isn't much -- if anything -- I can do to stop [or even mitigate] this horrible abuse of minor-boys. Knowing this drives me crazy and causes me to have the extreme and disturbing opinions I harbor. The moment the-men-of-the-society-of-humans stop gender-discriminating against minor-boys is the moment all my hate-filled thoughts about society and minor-girls will disappear. *Better = the following: 1. More compassion 2. More sympathy 3. More respect 4. More gentleness 5. More easiness 6. More empathy 7. More cleanliness 8. More protection 9. More luxury 10. More personal space 11. More privacy 12. More security 13. More freedom 14. More modesty 15. More decency 16. More leniency 17. Less discipline 18. Less strictness 19. Less physical contact 20. More politeness 21. More courtesy 22. Lower expectations I wasn't abused myself, my childhood was excellent. I was born into an upper-middle-class well-to-do family in the USA [the best nation in the world]. No abuse at home, school, or any other place. However, I have too much sympathy for who I view as 'victims of society' and excessive desire to punish who I view as the 'perpetrators of irrational societal norms'. So you -- other readers -- might want to ask WHY I'm so much against 'pro-girl sexism', if I'm not a direct victim of childhood abuse via that sexism? The answer to that question is that I have a strong respect for what I view is "right vs. wrong" When I'm able to think rationally, one of the elements of my opinion on "right vs. wrong" is that no one of two children -- of different genders -- should be treated better or worse than the other if/when such differential-treatment is provided based solely on the children's genders. However, during moments when I'm pissed off over 'pro-girl sexism', my thoughts on "right vs. wrong" go awry and I start supporting reverse discrimination. Reverse-discrimination = anti-girl sexism = the-of-men-of-the-society-of-humans allows a male of any age to publicly-treat a younger-minor-girl **worse than a younger-minor-boy. **Worse = pretty-much the opposite of my definition of "better". I think the issue here is that I just happen to have a personality that fluctuates between warm-hearted and hot-hearted. When I'm warm-hearted, I believe that no one of two children -- of different genders -- should be treated better or worse than the other if/when such differential-treatment is provided based solely on the children's genders. When I'm hot-hearted, I support what I define as 'reverse discrimination' or 'anti-girl sexism'. It could be related to my Aspergers. Also, knowing that 'pro-girl sexism' exists and is heinously-intense in impoverished, non-western, and/or nazi-like communities is what makes me hot-hearted when such sexism is reinforced to me. While I -- being in a well-to-do childhood environment -- was protected from such horrific discrimination, I began to read the newspaper at an early age and the existence of pro-girl sexism was a shock to my system. In middle-school and high-school, we studied history [of both USA and the rest of the world] and the disgusting reality of how boys were discriminated against -- by the men of society -- caused me to dissociate. In the old days, boy-children were -- and still are in most non-western cultures -- forced from day 1 to depend on no one other than themselves, while girl-children are given protection. Perhaps, due to Aspergers, the stuff I learned during my childhood was not appropriate for my developing psyche and caused me to go crazy to this day. However, as I said before, I never experienced any abuse myself, nor did I witness any other child endure abuse. I posted my extreme opinions on http://www.thescienceforum.com/ in a thread called http://www.thescienceforum.com/criminology-forensic-science/25700-civil-disobedience-age-consent.html I didn't start that thread but I did post my thoughts on it. KALSTER and some other readers were disturbed by it so my account on that forum was permanently suspended. Do any of you think it was fair of KALSTER to close my account because I revealed some of my radical opinions? All I want is for society to stop perpetrating the "pro-girl sexism" I speak of in that thread. I got into perverse detail as to how I wish for society to be punished by some magical force called "AFFRGD" and for society to be forced to perpetrate "anti-girl sexism". In one of my messages, I wrote "if I had a younger-sister below 18 years of age, I wouldn't care in the LEAST if she was molested-to-death by a man or an older minor-boy. If anything, in this case, I'd request that the perpetrator by treated leniently by society and the law. " In reply, KALSTER wrote: "You are one sick individual sir. I strongly urge you to seek professional help, but will no longer afford you the opportunity to discuss your warped ideas on this forum. Don't ever come back. You are not welcome here." I don't understand how my opinion is 'sick' or 'warped'. In a perfect world, I wouldn't want any minor of any gender to be abused by anyone. However, because the men-of-the-society-of-humans keep polluting the globe with "pro-girl sexism", I've developed an extreme dislike for this sexism and an equally-extreme support for "anti-girl sexism" Once again, the moment the men-of-the-society-of-humans stop perpetrating "pro-girl sexism", my desire for "anti-girl sexism" will vanish. Thanks, GX
  22. No, the intent is to cancel the long-acting effect of the medication and make it immediate-release.
  23. Hi: Let's say there is a pill of long-acting Inderal [propanolol]. This pill is opened up and the powder inside is put into a glass cup; boiling water is then poured into the cup and the powder is mixed with the hot water. Ice cubes are then added to this concoction to cool it down to drinkable temperature. Will this "Inderal drink" have the same medical effects of the Inderal pill or will the high-temperature of the boiling-water denature the propanolol and cause it to lose it's medicinal properties? OR will the previously long-acting Inderal now become short-acting due to thermal destruction of the components that are meant to slow the release of propanolol into the bloodstream? Any medicinal compound has a certain temperature above which it will inactivate -- due to the effect of the excessive heat on the molecule of the medication's active ingredient. What is the deactivation temperature for propanolol? Is boiling water hot enough to inactivate propanolol? This thermal-deactivation of medications is analogous to enzymes in biological systems. Enzymes are proteins and when such a protein is heated above a certain temperature, it is denatured. A denatured enzyme is chemically-unreactive and thus no longer interacts with substrates. Thanks, GX
  24. Hi: Let's say I suddenly develop a hypothetical medical condition that causes the cells in my body that normally-synthesize sympathetic-stimulants [such as catecholamines] and pro-inflammatory chemicals [such as histamine and cytokines] to instead synthesize morphine. Second, this medical condition eliminates any/all bodily mechanisms that specifically cause any psychological or psychologically dependence of, addiction to, or tolerance of morphine. Third, this medical condition eliminates any/all bodily mechanisms specifically responsible for withdrawal of morphine. Finally, this medical condition causes the development of mechanisms that prevent there from being any toxic amounts of morphine in any part of the body and also prevents any emergency-causing overdose of morphine. With this medical condition, morphine-overdose is possible but not to the point where it would lead to any medical emergency. Why symptoms would I experience if I were to develop this condition? Thanks, GX P.S. I've posted the same question here: http://www.thescienceforum.com/trash-can/27350-ot-what-would-happen-if-pro-inflammatories-pro-sympathetics-were-replaced-morphine.html#post311637 This is not a troll but a desperate request for assistance in finding answers to my pseudoscientific questions
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