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  1. Folks use to think the appendix in humans was worthless, but they were wrong. Those "worthless" genes likely have a purpose in the chicken yet to be discvered.
  2. The IDist's response to this can be that similarities of genes in the various species show that the same designer god made them all, incorporating similarities when those are most useful to each and both. By the same token, human designers and manufacturers of machines often use identical components and parts in one machine designed for earth travel as the one designed for air travel.
  3. 1. What effect can the hand of God possibly have on abiogenesis, natural selection and random mutation? 2. Why it happened? What do you mean? 3. I'm not ignoring important points. The above is one of the important points. I don't acknowledge that species to species evolution is fully supported by the fossil record as I understand species to species. It appears, by Mokele's lenk that a lot of other folks don't either. I've not responded lately because I've been very busy on business matters and will be for awhile.
  4. Really? Do you mean "shudder?" I ask because back in the 50s when I was in the Air Force, I invited a friend airman to an evangelical church meeting in which some businessmen from Amarillo gave their testimony of what Jesus had done in their lives. My friend who had never been in an evangelical service began to be convicted by the Holy Spirit and began to shudder/shake so violently that he needed to hold on to the rail of the pew in front of him. That did'nt do it so he ran out of the church and waited in the car until the service was over. He received Jesus as his saviour and lord after a couple of weeks or so. What about my other suggestions? No?
  5. Why would most evolution scientists agree to anything that might, in any way, discredit their interpretation of the fossil record evidence? LOL! The fossil record evidence which you aledge IDists are rejecting is the same evidence IDists accept and interpret as showing the absence of sufficient transitional stages of evolution.
  6. Hi Zyncod. Your questions are good and I will try to address them. 1. Magnesium is so necessary since it has a role in 80% of body functions. It also works like the traffic cop in your body to direct your calcium where to go in the body, so to speak. If you're deficient in magnesium and you don't take it with calcium, the calcium goes into your muscles, causing havoc instead of the bones where it's suppose to go. Minerals are best absorbed in solution and mineral rich foods rather than in hard pills. Foods grown commercially on worn out soils on large farms where little or nothing is put back into the soil are often deficient in minerals. Thus the need to suppliment. A product sold by Maximum Living products called Mineral Rich is a good multiple mineral product. 2. Different B vits are good for different things, so best to go to the health food store and get a good multiple B vit, making sure it has plenty of B6 and B12. These are absulutely essential for the nervous system to prevent from degenerative diseases, et al. 3. Do a google on some of these wholistic health subjects. It's a science in itself and you need to do a lot of reading up to understand the body and what makes it tick smoothly. It's also interesting and informative so you can in turn bless your friends and others with the knowledge you get.
  7. The Sweet Sleep is also put out by Maximum Living products along with Mineral Rich. Do a Google on them and you can find them. Sweet Sleep is all natural products and safe. I don't have any problem oversleeping with it, but if you do, go with half a pill.
  8. One more: Try to do a regular regimin with your sleep schedule. Go to bed regularly on schedule and even if you can't sleep, stay there. Don't get up until it time. Cheers
  9. Hi BobbyJoeCool. I have some suggestions. 1. Avoid soda pops, white flour products, sweets and junk foods like chips, hot dogs, burgers, et al. 2. Don't drink over one cup of coffee per day. The caffine is accumulative in your system. 3. Go for the wholesome health foods like raw fruits and vegies, but don't mix fruits and vegies in the same meal. 4. Don't eat after 7 p m. (important because you want your digestive system to not be working at bed time. 5. Don't drink aclohol because it makes you sleepy and you wake up when you're needing to sleep. 6. Get minerals suppliments in solution, especially magnesium. There's a product called Mineral Rich which is all natural and safe as a food. Maximum Living is a company that has the Mineral Rich which has the multiple minerals in solution. Magnesium difficiency can cause insomnia. You can also go to the Save-A-Lot and other grocery stores and buy Magnesium Citrate in solution for under a dollar a bottle. I take a swig of this first thing in the morning. 7. Don't get over stimulated by violent TV, et al 8. Camomile and catnip tea are good. 9. There's a product called Sweet Sleep which has a great combination of good natural things in it such as magnesium, calcium Vit B6, inositol and melatonin. 10. You can go in health food stores and get some of these things. 11. Heavy protein dinners eaten late in the day are counterproductive to good sleep. Lighter meals later in the day are best. 12. Get on a good B complex suppliment to take with meals with niacin which enhances good sleep. 13. Don't sleep with night lights. Dark is good for sleep because in darkness your body produces more of the hormone, melatonin which helps you sleep. 13. Pray to God through Jesus for enlightment and help. I will pray for you also.
  10. Say what? You implied that my statement about matter was somehow imaginary. How so?
  11. IDists believe the fossil record significantly lacks evidence of evolution in both quantity and in transional stages of evolution.
  12. How am I mistaken in saying that any created matter existed in some form before it's creation?
  13. That's interesting. Can you document that to be true? Can you document that I said intelligent design has no evidence? IDists interpret some of the evidence from what is observed to be supportive of creationism. One example: The lack of significant evidence of transitionals in the fossil record of the species and organisms. Hellbender wrong. Buzsaw right. We all know that even secularist scientists do not always interpret all aspects of science the same, nor do Biblicalists.
  14. One example of honest variant interpretations is Genesis 1:1, where we read that God created the heavens and the earth. Most creos interpret this as strictly applying to and being inclusive in day one of creation. This makes them what we know as YECs. (young earth creationists) I don't. I believe it is an introductory statement simply stating that whenever the earth (as well as the universe) was created, God did it.) I don't think day one is being addressed until after this introductory statement. Thus I am not one who says the earth must be a few thousand years old. Having said that, I do interpret the Biblical account as literally as possible, being careful to make sure that it must so indicate in context if not literal.
  15. 1. The Biblical god, Jehovah is not a person, but a god, and yes, a very complex being. Big difference. 2. The Biblical account calls for an eternal god from whom all things came and by whom all things are designed and exist. (No problem with LTD one here, since all energy comes/came from him). Thus all existing energy and matter has eternally existed in some form.
  16. Hi Kermit. Some things you can do for anything mysterious like this is to eliminate any junk foods such as carbonated drinks, pops, eliminate anything with white sugar or white flour, suppliment your diet with vitamins, minerals, ( B vits and magnesium good) eat plenty of raw vegie salads, other vegies, high quality foods, read labels on food containers to eliminate all chemical additives and preservatives, drink plenty of water between meals a half hour before and 2hrs after, use good spring, distilled or filtered water, avoid all arasol sprays, insecticides, other airborne fumes, don't smoke or drink excessively, etc, The above suggestions can't hurt you and may help your problem by treating the whole body with good nutrition, whether any of them have any direct relationship to your problem or not. Whenever I have any kind of problem health wise I first fine tune my diet, eat light, etc. The body has an amazing ability to fix itself when given the stuff it needs to do it. This is not to say you shouldn't have yourself checked. There are wholistically minded MDs near most folks who rely less on drugs and much on natural remedies. Edited to add: Often mysterious illnesses come as a result of prescription drug side effects. I wish you well and will pray for you.
  17. Note the question mark in my post. You didn't say what you meant. I'm asking. If my senario is not what you meant, what did you mean and how does it work? IDists are expected to explain what we mean when we post. Why not you? What's good for the goose is good for the gander. You're waffling here. It doesn't cut it for me to say to you as a rebuttal, "go, read," now does it. If what I stated as what might be some possible preogatives of something evolving is dead wrong, you need to refute them, if you wish to respond. Nice to see that you agree that organisms must, in order to survive, be capable of surviving. That was my point. Are you then implying that scientists never have opinions, with implications that I shouldn't either when refering to scientific possibilities or hypotheses? Please post forthrightly. You're the expert waffler here. My point was clearly that I shouldn't be expected to have proof and that I don't claim to have proof. You're wasting my time and I'm tiring of it. Your meanspirited statement here is implicative that my posts, to be credible should be indicative of proof. Why should my previous posts be more of and [/i]indication[/i] of proof than yours? I post what knowedge of I am apprised of about the existence of a god/creator/designer to lend support to that hypothesis. I believe that a creator/designer exists, just as you believe in the big bang singularity, abiogenesis, NS and RM. My knowledge comes from different interpretations of what is observed than yours. Often people remind me that there can be variant interpretations of the Biblical record. By the same token I'm reminding you that this can be said of some aspects of science. Cheers.
  18. One might receive large quantities of selenium relative to the minimum daily allowance supplementally for a period of time, nutritionally speaking and still live, the stated large quantity being within the maximum tollerance.
  19. So is this how it works? The organism, eventually in early stages, somehow knows it needs all these glands, nerves, electrolytes, co-ordinated brain cells, sex organs, et al so it begins growing them in it's primodial soup environs. After thousands of years, with no brain or thought aparatus, all by it's self, bobbing around with other stuff (thanks to a lot of eventual lucky streaks or strikes), it begins to evolve/develop these needed parts, simultaneously (since many and most of them work in unison to function) to about a tenth of their ability to begin functioning. After thousands more years, maybe they've defied the odds and evolved to about 20% developed and the poor thing is at a loss as to how it's going to survive, propagate and so forth while these necessary parts of it grow complete enough to begin functioning. Of course it's brain, DNA, nervous system is not yet developed enough to signal these parts to do anything more anyhow. So whataheck makes it evolve without some kind of knowledge or intelligence applied to it so as to evolve into anything capable of surviving, reproducing and digesting food, et al? Of course, then, if some intelligence was introduced/induced, that intelligence would likely need to miraculously keep the thing alive until it did become somewhat functional. Opinion = "A belief not based on absolute certainty..........," says my dictionary. At least, I don't act like I know it all. Be my guest. Laugh yourself silly! I never claimed to have proof, so I use the imo thingy. What do you expect in pseudoscience? Heck, they don't even claim to prove much in what they consider to be bonafide science and you expect more of me here? LOL! Someone asked about the designer's will and I was responding. OK?
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