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  1. Hi folks. I'm buzsaw. I began forums at the old Newsmax site as "buzboy." . Newsmax ended their forums about 3 years ago. I went from there as "buzsaw" to NoPC, a small but well organized group, the more secular group from Newsmax after it discontinued. I wanted more serious stuff so went from there to Percy's EvC (Evolution vs Creation) forum where I remained for two years until I was suddenly permanently banned in an unprecedented manner, after which Percy posted a thread on my banning in which even a number of my ideological counterparts in debate complained and requested my restoration, one of which said if I wasn't restored he would leave EvC. The banning, imo, began to be eminite after I engaged a counterpart member in a "great debate" about my unique ID bypothesis which I call the "buzsaw hypothesis," an infinite universe ID hypothesis. The great debate opener was to the effect that my hypothesis satisfied all the scientific thermodynamic laws. It was to be the first in an attempt to reinstall a well structured moderated one on one judged debate. The debate went two pages after which my opponent, who arrogantly boasted previous to the debate that he'd put me away in his first post. It went for two pages after which he'd had enough after being on the defensive most of the debate. There was to be a subsequent thread open to all which went the full course of 300 plus posts in which I fully responded to a number of counterparts all the way, successfully defending my great debate opener. What did I get for all this effort? A suspension warning (not a banning warning) for what I consider trumped up alleged infractions. The whole thing is in the EvC archives if anyone here wishes to check it out. From the great debate relations between myself and Percy seemed to deterioriate to the point of the eventual banning. I have no degree, but do a lot of reading to prepare for addressing topics which I engage in, especially in the science field. I use a lot of logic but have managed to do so in such a manner as to have avoided any suspensions from administration in the two years of my sojourn there. I debate intelligent design creationism to the extent that my limited knowledge allows. I don't know how many bonafide ID creationists are here, but over at EvC, there were only two or three active ones, including myself pitted against a host evolutionists, including a number of creation evolutionists. My debate counterparts seemed to appreciate having someone active to debate from the ID perspective, as a number of threads I was involved in drew a lot of traffic. I've been an avid Biblical student since age 10, 60 years ago and am into debating the fulfilled prophecies and such with secularists. I'm also quite into holistic health, some politics and philosophy. I've said all the above to say that maybe administration should check out my modus operendi at EvC so as to determine if you want me here after being permanently banned over there. I've always been respectful towards admin and moderators and would appreciate very much the opportunity to engage here with you folks. If I've said too much here, feel free to delete what's not wanted. I must compliment admin for such a well structured and organized site here. It's the best I've seen on the web so far. I especially like the one click quote system. Cheers!
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