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  1. Or - each universe occupies the same 3 dimensions but each is offset in one or more further dimension(s). Imagine a 2 dimensional universe like an infinite sheet of paper - then stack as many as you like in the 3rd dimension. (Very old idea - certainly pre-dates the coining of the word 'Multiverse'.)
  2. Would it be possible to change the rules slightly so that new members cannot start a thread until they have contributed to a number of existing ones. That ought to stop bots completely and discourage human spammers to a great extent.
  3. I didn't give him the -1s - I only ever give them for about the same reasons you do. I even get some occasionally, but I don't let it bother me.
  4. Oh! I am a spoilt child. Someone gave me a couple of -1s so I am going home to sulk.
  5. Except that many now believe the Arabs got their civilisation from the Zimbabwean Empire.
  6. I don't know where you find the patience - I would long ago have been looking for the proverbial big hammer.
  7. Probably best forget "OpenUniverse" - it's only available as source code, has not been updated for a long time and needs a fair amount of hacking to get it to compile.
  8. http://www.stellarium.org/ https://celestiaproject.net/ https://edu.kde.org/kstars/ http://openuniverse.sourceforge.net/ http://www.winstars.net/english/index.html The last two I have not tried.
  9. There are quite a few free 3D astronomy programs around - why pay for one? (especially when the link goes through a URL known to be dodgy.)
  10. He professes to be a professor.
  11. Laughing stock - except for the lard-assed imbecile having access to WMD.
  12. It's not even wrong (it's content free).
  13. To prove that there exists only one god, you have to show: 1) The Universe is not infinite (since in an infinite Universe there must be either zero or an infinite number of them - depending on whether they can exist at all). 2) Faster than light communication (if you assume that your god can think as fast as the average home computer, then, with the speed of light as a limit, it's maximum possible size is 5cm in diameter - assuming no processing delays).
  14. Not just religious - specifically Christian. I was having my morning coffee a few weeks ago and noticed the TV was set to a Muslim show. Instead of preaching, the Imam put down the Quran and gave his audience a (very good) lecture on global warming.
  15. The US should fire exactly one missile....... into space...... with Trump securely strapped to it. The North Koreans should probably do exactly the same - with a different passenger.
  16. If you want to use C or C++ you really need the GNU compiler (the MS stuff is a joke).
  17. "So far as I can remember, there is not one word in the Gospels in praise of intelligence." -- Bertrand Russell
  18. This might be worth a look: http://www.spambotsecurity.com/ "Through a new protection subsystem, ZB Block has over 40 new signatures to detect the BEHAVIOR of the latest "HTTP_POST" attack bot families. These behavior detections, along with the weaker but still important detections of the 9 most popular "HTTP_USER_AGENT" names, allow ZB Block to essentially kill off these bots. ZB Block is compatible with the most popular CMSes, Bulletin Boards, Forums, and PHP Scripts out there, and protects from thousands of older bots and exploits not only by name on some, but they way they attack YOUR
  19. If you count smartphones & tablets, Windoze now only has somewhere between 11% and 20% of market share these days depending on how the count is done. I sometimes use Opera, but none of the others listed. (Mostly Palemoon - occasionally Links if I need speed - sometimes Konqueror, Midori or Qupzilla.)
  20. Does anybody still use Internet Exploder? - the mind boggles. Most people I know use Palemoon.
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