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  1. Fascinating Profound Interesting Motivating There are a number of terms I would use describe my own experience, but I still tend to refrain from using terms intimately connected to religion.
  2. I am an atheist who doesn't consider himself to be spiritual. Primarily because I grew up with that term being intimately connected to religion (grew up southern baptist). As I considered and reconsidered my religious views as I got older, I eventually started describing my opinions on religious issues as "spiritual but not religious." I stopped doing that when I realized that I didn't really mean it. What I really meant was that (at the time) my religious views didn't fit any single religions dogma. I had effectively constructed my own religion of sorts (a mish-mash of christian and buddhist/
  3. We have been studying this for a while (there are earlier experiments than this one but I found this first: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v428/n6985/full/428788b.html) Basically, it could work to sequester Carbon in the oceans as long as you can create a carbon pump that will sequester the biomass into the sediments. That would require a lot of primary production and a reduction in water column O2 in order to prevent decomposition of the biomass as it sinks. It's possible but it would take a LOT of biomass production to sequester enough CO2 to make a difference.
  4. Climate change (anthropogenic or natural) is as much an opinion as evolution and gravity are.
  5. Well, it was worse during WWII. Why do you think today is worse than any other point in human history?
  6. What is ironic about this Christmas then considering that I can't think of a single Christmas in my own lifetime where the Earth was at peace?
  7. I am not entirely sure what you mean by irony in your thread topic. What I find ironic every year when Christmas rolls around is the christian outrage over the "war on Christmas" where christians complain about the secular world trying to steal the holidays away from Christmas when Christmas is a holiday the Christians stole from other religions and cultures.
  8. I think it is a good piece of evidence to show that gods are human inventions.
  9. "I get what you're saying now. I thought you were implying that dying secular people didn't need as much emotional support (which is all 'spiritual' support really is)." Right, I am not saying that atheists and agnostics don't want or need it but I am saying the demand for it, given the size of those populations, is minimal. "I personally see no positives to nationalism, but that's another discussion again. And I personally see no positives to religion. "I think one of the (many) problems advocating for the positives of religion are that many atheists aren't aware of the fundam
  10. "From the Journal of Palliative Medicine: there's an interesting little lit. review under the section Spirituality and patient perspectives." I'll give it a look but what I am saying is that with atheists and agnostics making up a small proportion of the population (at least in the US), demand for in hospital comfort isn't going to be very high. The "non-religious" category in the US is up to maybe 1 in 5 adults, but a lot of those people (maybe at least half) are still some form of spiritual. "Same goes for Nationalistic ideologies: it's a problem with humanity, not religions." Y
  11. I got bored while procrastinating and decided to add some data together into a multivariate analysis related to our discussions. I haven't delved too deep into any interpretation of this, but all of the data I pulled I got off of wikipedia and I deleted any countries I didn't have complete data for (not ideal but I did this PCA quickly). That resulted in some countries that I'd like to have seen on here become omitted (Cuba, Syria, North Korea, to name a few). Note: The PCA uses a correlation matrix since the data is all of different types. If a piece of data is a rank, remember that
  12. " The dying don't get surveyed very much, the dead even less so." Yes, I would assume that. I am talking about a demand from the living though. "Even if not fired i would have thought this sufficient to bring your employer to a tribunal under harassment or discrimination at work? " Not if you aren't actually being discriminated against in any verifiable or provable way. It is impossible to prove discrimination by just pointing to the boss and saying that they have a bad attitude towards you because you are an atheist. Also, I was a part-time employee and could have been fired for
  13. "How did scientists know what happened millions of years ago if no one was there to see it?" The same way we determine what happened in other similar situations, we look for the evidence. Detectives can piece together what happened when someone is murdered from the evidence left behind. That's what paleontologists do, we find the fossils and we use the morphology of the fossil to help us determine what species it is and what it's related to. That helps establish the evolutionary lineage of a group of organisms. We also use the sediments the rocks are found in, as well as the geochemical si
  14. "I'm glad you don't see the need for it, but it is a well known problem in nursing." I mean a specific demand for secular people/groups to comfort the dying "I agree. Fortunately not a problem where i live. It's strange, i read about the American founding fathers and i think i'll jump ship. But then i hear these sort of things and it sounds like a truly awful place. And then Trump happened." It isn't as if the prejudice is overt and explicit (most times). It is the implicit and cultural biases that create the most problems. I had a job at a retail store while in college that I like
  15. I too will take a whack at this. 1. A theory has been “adjusted” in the past to maintain the conclusion even though the data has changed. For example, “Global warming” evolved to “climate change” because the models didn’t show universal warming. Couple of things: 1) Global warming gave people a false impression that only changes in temperature should be expected. But we know (and knew some of these then but didn't communicate them well) now that not only will the mean annual temperature of the oceans and atmosphere change, but so will seasonality and seasonal extremes of temperature,
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