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  1. No I have not, They were just my thoughts from what was given to me, Thankyou for referring me to some science, I shall study the subject of circular motion.
  2. And the comparative difference between the answers, try with you method to predict the length of the diameter when the radius is at 3,000cm. And I show your calculations
  3. Correct me if I am wrong but it seems the force you are referring to is centrifugal force. This force operates perpendicular to the object (on the swings) trajectory and therefor has no effect on the objects velocity. In case you disagree, Pulling the ball on the swing in such a way as to apply only tension to the sting does not cause it to be set into motion providing the swing can take the tension.
  4. at 9Ft the field strength is 9.8N/kg at 30,000Ft the field strength is unknown. 30,000Ft divided by 9Ft = 0.0003 9.8 multiplied by 0.0003 = 0.00294N/kg which is the answer without the square aspect 0.00147N/kg being the approximate answer. If a circle has a radius of 6 cm therefor it has a diameter of 12 cm. if the radius is increased to 3000 cm given that the radius is directly proportional to the diameter using my calculation method I can predict the length of the diameter which obviously would be 6000 cm although the point is to prove its accuracy b
  5. Inertia is resistance to change in a objects velocity, in a vacuum. With this a infinitesimal field strength would not cause a infinitesimal change in velocity, in fact there would be a threshold of force which must be exceed in order for a object to change velocity, this is the single reason why inertia is in no way related to velocity.
  6. If you could direct me to a forum where progress is acceptable then that would be much appreciated. How is one to make progress with a utter reluctance to question that which came before him. The evidence is obvious for some, the ball would continue in its current direction of motion beyond the increasing field strength into a area of decreasing field strength.
  7. A flawed understanding of the point of which that relationship does start would result in catastrophic failure in attempting to reach space. Are you suggesting Elon has such a understanding despite his success in the very en-devour of reaching space? Again, Do you feel a deterioration of the gravitational force at high altitudes within a plane? Of course the answer is no and obviously Elon is right, this cannot be explained in the example of the planet because of atmospheric displacement because the plane maintains the same atmospheric pressure as at the surface of the earth. It see
  8. If you could explain exactly why gravity is a pull only phenomenon in a satisfactory and convincing way then you will change my mind.
  9. I cannot unravel this mystery of clues although it may be beneficial to me if you could.
  10. If force is applied to a finite volume of a object which is smaller than the entire volume of that object the force strength (through the volume where force is applied) increases by the same proportion as the inertial stress (through the volume of the object where force is not applied) providing the two volumes remain constant in volume. Where F is the force strength (applied to a object within a volume smaller than the entire volume of the object), where I is the inertial stress felt through the volume where force is not applied, and S is represents that each previously
  11. A object falls to earth from space, this is most closely linked to the act of pulling a object. If the object could fall through the earth then as it did this the action of gravity upon the object would be closer to that of a pushing motion.
  12. I do agree with that. Conciser how gravity is proposed to originate from bodies with greater mass for they curve space to a greater extent. Now acknowledge that gravity is relatively constant throughout the atmosphere of the planet (as stated by Elon Musk) only to decay with the inverse square law relationship (between distance and field strength) from the very top of the atmosphere. Adding credit to the idea that gravity on this planet originates from the atmosphere more likely or possibly a interaction between the ground and atmosphere. Do you experience any noticeable change in g
  13. As far as I can tell work is done to lift the ball against gravity although I am unsure if you are thinking of this part. As for the work gravity does on the ball the resultant velocity perpendicular and parallel to the earths surface of the ball would be equal to the velocity of the ball if there was no swing and the ball was moving in the downward direction.
  14. Inertia is a stress, dependent upon how force is applied to a object this stress may manifest as sheer, tension and compression. This is observed clearly by the way of which no inertia is felt when a object has force applied evenly throughout its entire volume. Therefor inertia has no effect on the overall velocity of a object.
  15. Suction is as result of changing the particles per cubic measurement of volume. All substances want to be surrounded by substances of the same particles per cubic volume. This is also the cause of displacement in the atmosphere and oceans.
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