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  1. Yeah but how can you get taller, also i dont think you get smaller unless you would throw a big rock into the hole youve made. Yeah but just like atoms, we have never seen one so what if you cant see the source but only its effects. Also what if we see black holes wrong since mass on earth keeps being created its not like it has stopped or anything so what if the unkown pushing force creates matter, that would realise black holes since you keep pomping things into it but it never filles.
  2. Well it's quite simple actually, stop healthcare properly nature never wanted it anyway. Stop medicine all people who actually dont belong here acording to evolution just die.
  3. Hello, It has always been said that gravity pull's but does it really, what if it pushes just like water. If dark matter/energy is trying to fill the places in which it cant. Push a ball of in water or just your hand you can feel it yourself. Then again what is the actual diffrence between pushing and pulling.
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