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  1. I was wondering if anyone here knew about the principles of suction, given I'm trying to do an experiment. Take a pan with with a lid, boil water, and have only a small opening atop the lid to let out steam would induce suction in theory around the side of the lid, yes...?
  2. So you know, I'm very serious about this project, but what's holding me back is lack of expert help. I have a very specific series of ideas as to how I think it will work, but I'm trying to pick the brains of other, more-informed people than myself. Please don't criticize me for not knowing high math, or the physics of heated fluid, rocketry, etc., because I'm well-aware, and seeking due compensation. Go ahead and laugh about my hubris if you like, but if you're unwilling to help me try to make my vision work, revise, please don't waste my time; I think I've found a way to harness the power of the cyclone, and if there be some relevantly-knowledged folks around, I'd like to kick some ideas around. That said, if I've got one idea to make my ideas work, well, by all means be unafraid to rip my poor head off. I've a workshop space available, and do have people who I think are willing to help me build this (I be no handyman), but I need opinions better informed than me. Just as long as your comments are designed to build me up, as opposed to tear down, I will do my best to welcome them. So, project advisers--any volunteers? We can chew the mental fat in here or in private, but public is best for the greater openness of ideas, which is best for starting out. Heat, pressure, layering, and temperature differential will all be project keys, here, and prototyping will of course be necessary.
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