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  1. This aligns with the idea that Trump had plans to sell the secrets to the Saudis, who have wanted nuclear weapons for years. Remember, all Trump cares about is money. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/jared-kushner-theories-swirl-over-242b-saudi-money-after-trump-mole-claims/ar-AA10DUzU
  2. Not to worry - none of the classified information had pictures so Trump wasn't interested.
  3. Authentic dub. Haven't heard this in a while. Good vibes.
  4. A Torsion Pendulum designed to produce thrust I suppose: Anomalous Thrust Production from an RF Test Device Measured on a Low-Thrust Torsion Pendulum This paper describes the eight-day August 2013 test campaign designed to investigate and demonstrate viability of using classical magnetoplasmadynamics to obtain a propulsive momentum transfer via the quantum vacuum virtual plasma. https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/20140006052
  5. Recently learned of NASA's Eagleworks laboratory which is conducting advanced propulsion research. A waste of taxpayer money? Not in my view; we need more of this kind of research. https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/20110023492 ABSTRACT NASA/JSC is implementing an advanced propulsion physics laboratory, informally known as "Eagleworks", to pursue propulsion technologies necessary to enable human exploration of the solar system over the next 50 years, and enabling interstellar spaceflight by the end of the century. This work directly supports the "Breakthrough Propulsion" objectives detailed in the NASA OCT TA02 In-space Propulsion Roadmap, and aligns with the #10 Top Technical Challenge identified in the report. Since the work being pursued by this laboratory is applied scientific research in the areas of the quantum vacuum, gravitation, nature of space-time, and other fundamental physical phenomenon, high fidelity testing facilities are needed. The lab will first implement a low-thrust torsion pendulum (<1 uN), and commission the facility with an existing Quantum Vacuum Plasma Thruster. To date, the QVPT line of research has produced data suggesting very high specific impulse coupled with high specific force. If the physics and engineering models can be explored and understood in the lab to allow scaling to power levels pertinent for human spaceflight, 400kW SEP human missions to Mars may become a possibility, and at power levels of 2MW, 1-year transit to Neptune may also be possible. Additionally, the lab is implementing a warp field interferometer that will be able to measure spacetime disturbances down to 150nm. Recent work published by White [1] [2] [3] suggests that it may be possible to engineer spacetime creating conditions similar to what drives the expansion of the cosmos. Although the expected magnitude of the effect would be tiny, it may be a “Chicago pile” moment for this area of physics. https://ntrs.nasa.gov/api/citations/20110023492/downloads/20110023492.pdf Some diagrams from the research paper below: NASA Eagleworks.pdf
  6. FINA got it right in my opinion. Transgender athletes like Lia Thomas are unfairly competing in the women's category. As FINA stated, this is about fairness. They will create an "open" category for all others to compete in.
  7. Thanks. So probably the easiest way would be to examine physical materials from the affected environment. Would investigating anomalies in radiation levels be relevant or not really?
  8. For areas of the Earth that have experienced significant impact events, something measurable on the Torino Scale, would there be any possible way to measure effects on the subatomic particles within the radius of the impact? If so, what effects might one be looking for? For example, how could one setup an experiment to measure possible subatomic effects of the Vredefort Impact event in Southern Africa? Stony asteroid impacts that generate an airburst[19] Impactor diameter Kinetic energy at Airburst altitude Average frequency (years) Recorded fireballs (CNEOS) (1988-2018) atmospheric entry airburst 4 m (13 ft) 3 kt 0.75 kt 42.5 km (139,000 ft) 1.3 54 7 m (23 ft) 16 kt 5 kt 36.3 km (119,000 ft) 4.6 15 10 m (33 ft) 47 kt 19 kt 31.9 km (105,000 ft) 10 2 15 m (49 ft) 159 kt 82 kt 26.4 km (87,000 ft) 27 1 20 m (66 ft) 376 kt 230 kt 22.4 km (73,000 ft) 60 1 30 m (98 ft) 1.3 Mt 930 kt 16.5 km (54,000 ft) 185 0 50 m (160 ft) 5.9 Mt 5.2 Mt 8.7 km (29,000 ft) 764 0 70 m (230 ft) 16 Mt 15.2 Mt 3.6 km (12,000 ft) 1,900 0 85 m (279 ft) 29 Mt 28 Mt 0.58 km (1,900 ft) 3,300 0 Based on density of 2600 kg/m3, speed of 17 km/s, and an impact angle of 45°
  9. I think Greene's argument is logical. His argument kind of reminds me of my old boss, who was incredibly excited about his new BMW. He even had employees take a special break so they could come out and look at it. Nobody thought his car was special except him.
  10. Have you tried getting this person into the outdoors (nature)? For me regular day trips into nature for a short hike help considerably. Also, what sorts of coaching exercises have you done with them? Any structured goal setting or values clarification, that sort of thing? Usually depressed people have no direction and feel hopeless as a result. Structured goal setting can help that.
  11. We shouldn't forget that if indeed mankind has been observed by aliens for any length of time, their suspicions about our destructive behavior will have been completely confirmed. They will have witnessed firsthand the scale of slaughter human beings have wrought not only on the animal kingdom (decimating the populations of countless species) but also on our own species, through countless episodes of genocide. Given the verifiable track record our species has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate, it would be completely insane to land in Times square and start handing out olive branches to such a species. Human beings have already proven the Dark Forest Theory to be entirely justified.
  12. Well, of course there is a theoretical principle that would answer this question: an Einstein-Rosen Bridge. https://journals.aps.org/prl/abstract/10.1103/PhysRevLett.126.101102
  13. It's classic game theory. -------------------- Option 1 >> assume benign or no intervention from aliens >> create no defensive contingencies >> in the event of no hostile alien visitation continue existing Option 2>>assume benign or no intervention from aliens >> create no defensive contingencies >> in the event of hostile alien visitation potentially go extinct Option 3>> assume hostile intervention from aliens despite no precedent >> create defensive contingencies >> in the event of hostile alien visitation increase odds of species survival commensurate to contingencies prepared for -------------------- In this set of options one can only logically choose Option 3, regardless of one's preexisting beliefs, since the consequences of extinction resulting from option 2 are so grave.
  14. I read this theory; it's pretty terrifying - not least because it makes perfect sense. Another point it raises is the responsibility of the government. If you work in the national security apparatus of a competent nation state and there is not a serious program to defend against extraterrestrials, then that government is derelict in its duty. Why? Because we simply don't know what could be coming our way, we don't know what vessel might show up on our sandy white beaches some day and ruin our little island paradise. The only responsible course of action is to assume and prepare for the worst. I suppose this sentiment should be applied to the NEO threat as well.
  15. No, it hasn't been debunked. The witnesses, of which there are dozens, stand by their description of events even today and are entirely credible in my view. And that psychologist was Dr. John Mack, head of the department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. It would be better to suspend your belief and watch the documentary before rushing to conclusions.
  16. Discussion here about UAPs with Physicist Michio Kaku. He makes some interesting points about levels of civilization: planetary, stellar, and galactic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YebZyAzLZuc
  17. Agreed. The list of likely outcomes if they did attempt communication would be rather discouraging: Immediate Death Imprisoned in a cage Studied and Dissected Paraded around and gawked at by the unwashed masses It seems more logical that they would be primarily interested in the planet, not necessarily human beings. Human beings only inhabit 10% of the planet. We only account for .01% of the life on Earth. Humans are a side show to the main attraction.
  18. With the species you mentioned communication as an exchange of data manifests along different channels. Some species are limited to channels that humans have access to but have evolved beyond. Pheromones would be an example of this. Humans respond to pheromones subconsciously but it is not our primary channel of transmitting data, as it is with ants. Humans have evolved into a higher dimension of communication that involves semiosis - the transcription of signs and symbols - in order to relay meaning. Other mammals employ sound as humans do but have not evolved into semiotics, while some animals seem to have access to channels that humans do not. Some birds, for example, can see the Earth's mangnetic field, a process called magnetoreception, which is beyond human capability. This is to say nothing of the technology humans have developed to extend our sensory awareness beyond that attributable to physical evolution, allowing us to perceive a myriad of channels including the subatomic realm, spectrums of light, radiation,etc. So I think it would be reasonable to assume that an alien being could develop a communicative ability that is beyond our comprehension, simply by existing long enough in a different evolutionary environment. Similarly if we consider these channels as hierarchical levels, with chemical stimuli existing on a more basic level, sound further up the ladder, semiotics further still, and so on, then a more advanced being could feasibly "step down" this ladder to communicate, as humans can if we want to influence an ant or whistle to a dog. What the next levels on this hierarchy could potentially be is an interesting question.
  19. The disparity in communicative ability wouldn't even have to be this extreme. Communication is only engaged in by intelligent beings if there is the perception of some meaningful exchange of data / information; absent this perceived value the initiative to communicate does not exist. Think of how many of your own species you have no interest in communicating with, even those who are comparably on par with you in terms of intelligence. If it is your perception that the energy expended in the interaction will not be redeemable in terms of meaningful data reciprocated by the interlocutor, communication becomes an exercise in futility rather quickly. This brings to mind Sam Harris's amusing diagram used in his "Can we build AI without losing control over it?" TED talk. Harris outlined a spectrum of intelligence with a normal human, John Von Neumann, a chicken, and a potential expanse of intelligence of which we cannot possibly fathom.
  20. A very powerful speech by Matthew McConaughey, who is from Uvalde, Texas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD1EC48TTO0
  21. Yeah, it is steep for a rental price. I think they're only streaming it through their website for now.
  22. Did you catch The Ariel Phenomenon yet? Full length documentary about what happened at the Ariel School in 1994. https://arielphenomenon.com/
  23. @OP. Have you considered the Holonomic Brain Theory proposed by David Bohm and Karl Pribram? If so, how would their ideas factor into your hypothesis? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holonomic_brain_theory http://www.scholarpedia.org/article/Holonomic_brain_theory
  24. This argument brings to mind a film called Ex-Machina which I saw recently. An employee of a fictional big tech firm is tasked with assessing whether a robot truly possesses AI. Part of the dilemma is whether the robot has been purposefully crafted to present the illusion of AI - that is, to present to the observer all the criteria that would qualify it as true AI. The issue of course, if that this would be a mere charade, a parlor trick. So the creator of the robot had a secret test: to see if the robot could manipulate the human observer into letting it escape the research facility. The observer, being somewhat gullible and inexperienced with the opposite sex, was duped by the robot, thus it was able to escape, and passed the test as being truly "intelligent".
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