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  1. Should people in the western society eat less meat so the other meat can be distributed somewhere else? Will that be possible? To feed everyone in the world and if everyone has to eat meat, will that take a toll on the planet? Because animal agriculture is the leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction.
  2. I don't know about that...pigs in factory farm live only up to 6 months. Domesticated pet pigs can live up to 20 years but in the wild they live only up to 4 to 8 years old due to predation or injury. And most of the meat sold in grocery stores are a product of inhumane treatment of animals cramped in small spaces treated as commodities to meat the demand of people. Have you seen any videos on factory farming?
  3. But how can we distribute the food more evenly across the globe when people are eating too much meat? People are eating meat in a daily basis and we need grains to feed these animals that we are eating right? Our ancestor didn't even eat this much meat because it takes more time and energy to hunt animals. Even the indigenous people that exist today like the Maasai people only eat meat 1 to 5 times a month, compare that to the average American diet. The Okinawans (the people who live a really long lifespan) ate meat only during festivals or special occasions(only 2% of their diet is meat), they ate a lot of sweet potatoes. Should the government set laws on animal production/agriculture or just maybe increase the price for meat to deter people that eat too much?
  4. I read somewhere that it's not animal by itself that helped us develop larger brains but cooking have. Cooking made our food more calorie dense and easier to digest so that we have more time and energy to spend using our brain to invent tools. During the prehistoric days, I understand why people need to eat whatever they can find, but in this day and age in Western society where we can just go to the grocery store, is meat really essential? (I'm not a vegan by the way, but I have reduced my meat consumption greatly.)
  5. Do you think someone can be spiritual even if they pay someone to kill an animal so they can eat meat? What if that person is a millionaire or billionaire and donating to charities all over the world yet still support the suffering of people, animals, and the environment by eating meat? Let's say that a rich person donates to charities that help with climate change and world hunger. Is this person using his/her money to relieve the symptoms but not necessarily getting to the root of the problem? What do you all think?
  6. Do you guys believe that if everyone goes Vegan or Vegetarian that world hunger can be solved? I read a lot of articles online saying that the grain that animals in factory farms eat can be fed to starving children across the globe instead. But what is happening is we are taking harvest and feeding it to pigs, cows and chickens so that the rich people can have their bacon and steak. To be honest, this makes me feel bad about eating meat. Sometimes, I just wish I am blinded from the truth so I can eat and just enjoy my food with no guilt.
  7. This is very interesting. I do have a question, in which class do humans with down syndrome fall under??
  8. Good communication, intimacy, and both parties supporting each other to reach their highest potential. ☺
  9. Oops, sorry I didn't know we can't use video links. I will have to read the rules again Well we can't ignore when scientists and climate experts say that climate change is the biggest global health threat right now. And I am pretty sure scientists have considered, studied, and ruled out "natural cycle." I don't think Earth warms up because it feels like it, something must cause it. Raising livestock requires large amount of energy for refrigeration, transportation, etc. Cattle produce methane gas which warms the planet 23 times more than CO2. Are you sure you're a biologist? With simple google search, one can find that animal agriculture is one of the major causes of global warming.
  10. I saw this "Eating our Way to Extinction" video on fb: https://www.facebook.com/upliftconnect/videos/1012079985595649/?pnref=story Since we know that eating meat contributes to most of what is destroying our Earth, can a meat eater call him or herself environmentalist?
  11. What if they just respond to pain differently from us?? I saw some articles online that some scientists believe they feel pain
  12. Can't humans just stick to 3d printing organs rather than making animals suffer?
  13. Cro-magnons I meant...when you sat evolved, do you believe that since humans got smarter, we began commiting suicide?
  14. It says that there were cases when dogs kill themselves by starving to death after their owners died. But were the dogs aware that by not eating, they will die?
  15. Not so sure how credible these are but here are some articles about our ancestors and "modern" diseases: http://shanghai.ufh.com.cn/4423/health-information/articles/what-our-ancestors-can-teach-us-about-preventing-cardiovascular-disease http://science.sciencemag.org/content/326/5959/1478.full?ijkey=T4z4LKoVg016U&keytype=ref&siteid=sci http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/558667/Caveman-diet-slash-risk-heart-disease
  16. I've seen articles stating that cavemen didn't have heart disease or cancer, or other diseases people have now...how were people able to find that out? Is there actual evidence from preserved bones or something else?? Hmm...I would say after the rise of technology and computers, we maybe electronically connected but emotionally disconnected
  17. CharonY, why can't we find data? Shouldn't technology be advanced enough to find out how our ancestors got killed? Or maybe not .. NimrodtheGoat, could it be possible that our ancestors didn't have time to think about killing themselves because they were too busy killing others to protect their resources or land?
  18. Did our caveman ancestors commit suicide or where they just happier than we are now? since suicide rates are on the rise
  19. The ban wasn't a surprise to the countries on the list...most of the people from those countries who apply for Visa so they can live in the US, 97% chance they get rejected. So America always had something against Muslims, only thing the ban did was made it public.
  20. Do you believe animals have metacognition? Some studies shown that macaque monkeys and dolphins might have them. If so, does metacognition require the species to have a language not limited to sounds and gestures in able to identify or be aware of their thoughts and feelings? I am curious what are your opinions on this...
  21. Not sure how a happy orca look like. But a big cat who is bored or depressed will probably pace back and forth or in circles, or grooms itself excessively until it loses some of its fur.
  22. There is only so much space you can give aquatic animals, I understand why it can be pretty sad watching those animals that originally come from what makes up 71% of the Earth. You said you have seen their display several times, did the animals look at all happy?
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