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  1. Science agrees with change over time but there is zero support for any organism evolving outside of its species. Microevolutionary changes for a single protein are exponential and due to the laws of nature isn't sustainable to progress and obtain macroevolutionary development. The current explanation of how Darwinistic evolution occurred has no answer...scientifically, that's not a proven idea. Remember, the argument isn't does evolution or change over time occur but rather Darwinistic Evolution by means of natural selection.
  2. What do you mean? Yes I can't see that. How is there a difference? What do you mean by negative? No eating a salad is not murder, how do come by this.
  3. What is the difference between killing an animal for fun and killing one for food? What is the difference between hurting or offending someone for fun or doing it for spite or doing it out of hate. The only way a society can be truly happy is if nothing goes or if anything goes. The problem with drawing lines is that people will always want to move them and other people will always want to cross them. For the record, I don't find jokes about anything offensive. I just find them distasteful and a cheap unintelligent way of making money. Anyone that needs to make these jokes is either fucked up mentally or is so greedy they'll do anything for money. I also find the killing of animals for fun just as distasteful and the same people are just as fucked up or greedy. I was just trying to make a point. My point is that if you find anything about the death of a baby funny, then the killing of a giraffe for fun is just as funny.
  4. How all species developed out of a Big Bang . You disclaim primordial soup so what then ? .
  5. I am not a biologist and looking to find some sort of description of an answer to the question above, if we have one at all.
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