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    Why do we age?

    this is my thoery: when we are developing in the womb, a great deal of care is taken so that, when our cells replicate, both daughter cells end up in the correct location. after we have finished growing, as far as i know, there are no mechanisms to ensure that daughter cells are correctly positioned; its just left up to the fact that as they were spawned from a cell in location x, the daughter cells will themselves be roughly located at location x. whilst this keeps every cell in roughly the correct location relative to each other, there must be some migration in this hap-hazard approach to maintaining the correct positioning of cells? im not trying to claim that an hepatic cell will end up in your left foot, but its possible that over time all of our organs slightly lose their shape, due to the cumulative affect of the cells slight dis-alighnment every time they mitose. as the function of an organ is dependant, to varying degrees, upon its morphology, this could lead to a degredation of function and account at least in part for the phenomenon of aging. if this is a source of aging, then it would accelerate as more telomere degredation occoured, as this would result in more frequent production of non-viable daughter cells (the degraded telomere would allow for the loss of the genes at the ends of the chromosomes, which could prove fatal to the cell) and thus a higher rate of mitosis to compensate, which would result in a greater rate of mitosis-indused migration. although in the end, i dont think that theres one factor that causes aging, its just an accumulation of detriments that eventually causes our body to crap-out.
  2. population biology or diarohheah? i'v tried both and like neither, although if i had to chose one, diohreahh would be my favorite maybe im thinking of population genetics, but whatever it is is very complicated and not much fun atall! you maths guys might find it easyer, but for people who arent specifically trained in maths its a bit of a headache
  3. population biology is concerned with the distribution of alleles (the different forms of the variouse genes) within a population, eg how many people posess the A blood type allele, how many posess the B blood type allele, o type allele etc -- and how the alleleic frequencies change over time. there are so many differnt factors involved in this that its possibly less fun than diahorreah. if any of you think that 'maths is fun', then you should have a go at it. you should be in paradice (either that or youl change your mind about math being fun).
  4. mainly anikin in episode 1 and ja-ja binks, but also c-3p0 in episodes 1& 2, that two headed pod-racer commentator, and the AT-ST that makes a wobbly sound when it rolls over on the logs in episode 6.
  5. i dunno, itd be a close call as to whether its young annikin or "mesa a tit-facea" binks. actually, i reakon ja-jas inclusion in the films will be entirely justified if he dies in episode 3... putting up with the annoying little scrote would have been worth it if it was building us up to a point where we could experience the kind of pleasure that, i at least, will derive if he gets slowly drawn and quatered by a sith in the new episode fingers crossed
  6. yup! nice1. took me absolutely ages to spot that one when i first saw it there are a couple more on this site, inclluding another x = -x one involving square-roots like the OP
  7. Dak

    carbon-X shorthand

    [math] C_2, C_3, C_4 [/math] etc yeah, i thought so but for some reason it looked odd when i wrote it... still not sure. what if i wanted to say the ketone group that is based on the fourth carbon? that would look like [math] C_4O_2 [/math], which would be confusing neh? dus anyone know the notation?
  8. my fault: 1st time using [math] \LaTeX [/math] hang on, ill fix my last post :::EDIT::: hmm, well athetics aside atleast its readable now
  9. the equasion reads "plus or minus 2" = "plus or minus two", which is correct as both sides of the equasion are equal to keep it an equity, you have to do the same things to both sides, right? so you cant just take the modulouse of one side and the modulouse*-1 of the otherside to get 2 = -2. so for example, 4 = 4, [math] \sqrt{4} = \sqrt{4}, [/math] +or- 2 = +or- 2, 4 = 4, heres a better one, as far as proving the incorrect goes: a = b (times by a gives) [math]a^2 = ab [/math] (minus [math]b^2[/math] gives) [math]a^2 - b^2 = ab - b^2[/math] (bracketise (forget the correct term, sorry)) (a + b)(a - b) = b(a - b) (now divide by (a - b)) a + b = b (now, as a = b, substitute b for a to get) b + b = b (ie) 2b = b (divide by b) 2 = 1 tada! its not correct, but it seems like i, too, have broken math.
  10. whats the shorthand notation for saying, for example, "the second carbon in the molecule"? i know when speaking its "carbon two" but how do we wright this? ie, where does the little 2 go? or is it C-2 ? (i dont believe i forgot this )
  11. some flash-jokes for phisisists, courtisy of albinoblacksheep: jokes with einstein jokes with einstein 2 the last one pretty much sums up my oppinion of quantum phisisists, or however you spell it
  12. sorry dude, im not going to do your homework for you. youll be able to use my last post as a frame for your answre, and it shouldnt be too hard to find all the related information in books/google. sorry if that sounds bitchy, but if i just give you the answre you wont learn anything and itll also be pretty obviouse if your tutor talks to u about it that you didnt actually do the work yourself. also i cant remember and cant be bothered to look it up
  13. fat is our bodies energy piggy-bank, and is only used for energy when absolutely nessessary. if protien is eaten, then it will be broken up into amino acids to be used to synthesyse protiens. any exess amino acids are converted into sugar and shoved somewhere into the glycolytic pathway, so that we may derive energy from them -- why waste them by excreting them, and then deplete our fat reserves? of course, this only applys to eaten protien vs stored fat. if we stop eating then our bodys fat is converted into energy before our bodys protien is; and i would assume that eaten fat is turned into energy before eaten protien is, as it yields more energy and doesnt require all that faffing about converting-it-into-sugar buisnes, but then i guess your body might want to go ahead and catabolise the protien for energy, and sequester the fat for later on.
  14. Dak

    Deadly Viruses

    if you were asking why uk/us dont have epidemics of deadly diseases, then the answre is that they do. influenza can mutate into a lethat form - the last time this happened in the uk (1918) something like 22,000,000 people died. i think the last time it happened in the us was 1976 ('76 swine fever?), and there are indicators that the H1N5 influensa currently infecting chickens could mutate into another pathogenic strain of human flu soon, which would probably be more lathal than ebola and of course theres HIV...
  15. OP = original post/point, or original poster (took me ages to work that out)
  16. some 404s, and a couple of hangs after pressing the 'submit reply' button. using firefox 1.0.2 if that helps
  17. ya, but when i suggested something involving cds i gotta heavy dose of sarcasm, apparently its not an option in this case.
  18. ahh, no, but making a cd is not allowed
  19. Dak

    Your name

    just publishing your phone number in the phone book gets you prank phonecalls and people trying to sell you stuff, so im a little guarded with my personal info. plus it would make it easyer for 4nums to find me before i find him...
  20. but bear in mind, if the data is in any way text based, then the person whos after your data might simply be able to open it in note pad and read the data
  21. sorry, im jus doing this from memory, but i immagine that if you google it... i believe it induses the fold by eletromagnetic attraction, same as an enzymic indused fit, but by adopting the prion conformation parts of the protien are forsed into close proximity and react with each other to streangthen the shape (eg, systines being forsed together and forming sulphur bridges) so that when it dissociates from the original prion, it retains the prion shape.
  22. do you have some kind of paranoia issue or are you some kind of international spy? [\shifty eyes emoticon wearing a private eye's hat] i guess you could open the file in note pad. sometimes the first few lines will be a line of variables that are nessessary for the program to run the file, and by deleting them the file wont open. if you cut and past the variables into, for example, a word file, then to open the file youd have to first open it in notepad, then open the word doc, then copy the variables and paste them into the file, then save the file, then you could open it, although all of this seems like a lot more effort than just putting a cd into a drive whenever you want to use the file. and none of this will stop someone who actually knows what their doing with pcs from acessing your data, (exept the copying to cd and burying in guarden idea) oh yeah. well, you know what contry i live in, but i know what city you live in; so i'm comming to get you. bitch
  23. a prion is a protien. the differense between the prion form of a protien and the normal form of the same protien is in the way the protien is folded, which can have a huge effect on the charechtoristics of the protien. the other thing that makes a prion a prion, is that by putting normally-folded or unfolded protiens near the prion, they will bind to the prion and match its shape: so if you put a prion protien next to a normal form of the protien, the normally-folded proton will change shape and become a prion. because of this ability to replicate, as it were, prions can cause disease; as in mad cow disease. the prion in this case is a misfolded form of a protien found in the brain. if a prion finds its way into the brain, then lots of the endogenouse protiens will become incorrectly folded, and will lose their function.
  24. oooh, you sarcastic little bitch! ok, you could store it on a virtual harddrive, ie an internet site, then it wouldnt actualy be on your computer, but if you wanted to acess it you could log on to the site, so it would be virtually as easy to use as if it was on your pc. completely unfindable as long as no1 knows the website of your virtual harddrive (delete temp internet, history etc). i guess other than that, you could give it a misleading name and put it somewhere odd, like calling it boot.ini.old, and putting it in the same folder as the boot.ini file. it will look like a boot.ini backup, the .ini.old extention will tell the pc to ignoor it, and all you have to do is change the extention back to whatever it should be to run the file.
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