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  1. what if your kid runs out into the road without looking? i know alot of people who never smack their kids, but would do/have done in this situation (and quite hard too), under the logic that it will stop them running out into the road and geting killed by a car. shurely thats justifyable? i think that with some kids, slapping them will teach them that violence is the way to deal with problems and theyll grow up violent, whilst with other kids a lack of physical disiplin will make them go off the rails, having no fear of repercussions for their actions. i guess it should be used as appropriate for the kid, and never too much or without reason and explanation.
  2. Dak

    PCR question

    primers anneal to sequenses with a strength thats proportional to the amount of conformation between the primer and the sequence. the amount of heat nessesary to split the primer and the dna apart is proportional to the strength of annealment, so if the primer is completely complementary to the desired sequence, and partially complementary to other sequenses, then whacking the temperature up untill its almost hot enough to unanneal the primer and the dna-that-you-want-pcr'd should unanneal the primer from the other sequenses, as if they are only partially complementary they will be annealed weaker, and so will require less heat to unanneal them. i think. its been a while since iv done this, and its a little fuzzy in my memory. ie you should chek this
  3. the hips also break to allow growth, or weaken so that they can break during the actual birth itself. i cant remember which.
  4. one thing iv always wondered is how the bnp avoid being prosecuted under the equal oppertunities laws. do they enploy black people too? may i add mwa ha ha!
  5. they probably stopped alot of the pirate copys, ie illegal copys of windows xp that are sold to people with the claim that they are legit most people who dont own a legal copy of windows simply have a ripped copy, ie a copy of a friends windows xp. so if you payed for a copy which was illegal, sp2 might stop it, but if you copyed a mates CD for free you should be fine
  6. is this a piece of homework? think of where the left ventricle has to pump blood, compared to where the right ventricle has to pump blood
  7. Dak

    Why europe?

    i always seem to screw up on the 'humans came from x' part. whatever we evolved from, my basic point was that it was only when humans moved to europe that they found themselves unsuited to their environment, and thus needed to compete with each other for resorses, which led to the development of new technologies to better kill each other, and also to better cultivate the land to grow more food. this may have played a part in forsing the development of european societys.
  8. retroviruses contain RNA genomes, other viruses contain DNA genomes.
  9. [math] X ^aE^b_c [/math] E = element, eg [math] O [/math]= Oxygen, a = atomic weight, ie number of protons + number of nutrons, so [math] ^{16}O [/math] = oxygen with 8 protons (cos thats what defines oxygen) and 8 nutrons (8+8=16); oygen 16 is the most common isotope of oxygen. b = the charge of the atom. so, if we are considering the O ion which has gained 2 eletrons, its charge would be -2, ie [math] ^{16}O^{-2} [/math] as the atomic weight is the standard for oxygen, we dont have to right it (it is assumed that O = atomic weight of 16). so wed just right [math] O^{-2} [/math]. + or - must always be put in. c = the number of atoms present in the molecule, so if we added a hydrogen ion ([math] H^{+1} [/math]), wed get [math] HO^{-1} [/math], or just [math] HO^- [/math]; add another H ion, and wed get [math] H_2O [/math] x = number of mols of the substance: [math] 5H_2O [/math] would be 5 mols of water so yes, it dus have to go down the bottom, or people get confused. [math] H^2O [/math] seems to be describing a compound with the same number of protons as eletrons, consisting of an atom of hydrogen and an atom of oxygen 2, ie atom with 8 protons and, umm, -6 nutrons (6 anti-nutrons?), everyone gets confused, and then u get bad marks.so there
  10. "congratulations: your IQ is 152. that makes you a genius, in the top 0.4% of the population of the world! for a laminated certificate proving your IQ to be 152, which you can proudly display in your living room where everyone can see, send $45 to..."
  11. Dak

    Why europe?

    human evolved from ape-like creatures, which evolved from apes, which evolved from monkeys: so humans did evolve from monkeys, i jus missed out a few steps ...at least this time i didnt claim that we evolved from chimps
  12. evidence linking HIV infection to AIDS most of the evidence on the websites you provided are misinterpretations, for example
  13. iv scored anywhere between 108 - 152, most of the online tests are very unreliable. i think theres also a CSQ (common sense quota), which is usullly inversly related to your IQ. having a higher IQ definately squeezes some other stuff out of your brain. the amount of intelligent people that i know who are idiots...
  14. i guess i was thinking of population genetics then considering how hard the maths in pop bio, pop genetics and phylogenetics is, im surprised you dont get more people coming in here for help!
  15. maybe a java chat, so more ppl can use it? would it be possible to have a consol-interface for latex, so that we could use it easyer? or possibly a 'draw' function, somethings are easyer to say with diagrams, but i guess this would take up a load of memory to store the posts. oh, and a less scary smiley <-- i mean look at him, he's evil. i cant imaggine him saying --(i like fluffy bunnies!) but i can imagine him saying --(im going to eat your flesh and burn your house down) definately wouldnt like to meat him in a dark ally other than that, great site
  16. heya i think its the general policy of this site to not do peoples homework for them, but to give them pointers in the right direction instead (so you learn and stuff), so with that in mind, here are my pointers... 1/plasmids 2/i immagine that this one would be hard to find out: the answre is so they dont wash off (the heat fuses them to the slide, a prosess called 'fixing'). 3/yup 4/Vaccinia virus hope that helps, sorry their a bit cryptic, as i said cant do yer homework 4 ye, but these should give you enough information to find the answre yourself
  17. 1/ soldures have guns. they use the guns. this oftern results in someones death. they, at times, are around civillians whilst fully armed. therefore, i would conjecture that they should conduct themselves at all times in a profesionall manner, so as to limit the possibility of accidental deaths of friendlys and non-combatants. considering americas poor track-record at this, i would have thought that america should be trying extra hard to act professionally as they know this is an area in which they could improve. using a radio network which is desighned to co-ordinate troop movements and relay information and orders to play music is not, in my opinion, profesional. 2/listening to rock music whilst killing people smacks of enjoying it. 3/ common courtousy to the families of the diseased iraques should dictate that, even if you do listen to music whilst killing their fathers and husbands, you dont let them find out afterwards. that just ads insult to injury.
  18. aargh! 404s increasing in frequensy! slightly off topic, but i didnt know where else to put this -- has anyone else knotised that the 'last post by...' system seems to be a bit screwed up? as in, if X replys to a thread, and then Y replys to the same thread, in the forum menue it will still show the last post as being by X. and iv tried refreshing, so its not that. oh, and iv encountered a few problems when trying to edit my posts. it ads the 'last edited by dak at ... on ....' line, but doesnt actually register my edit. but my computers a bit cak, so the problem might be on my end with that one
  19. serial keys as in the number that comes on the cd case and that needs to be entered whilst installing windows? i doubt that 15 would be enough to affect that many people, id assume that most people with pirated copies got a copy that was burned from 'a friend of a friend', in which case choosing not to register on line will stop anyone from knowing the copy is illigit. anyway, all of this is acedemic as m$ are soon probably gonna require 'genuine Windows validation' for all of their updates, whereby you have to register your pc and serial number online to get updates or use any online m$ doobry.
  20. if you got the computer with the OS pre-installed, then the OS disk that came with it might be a company one that will ONLY reformat and reinstall (eg, if it says something like HP windows xp system disk). make sure its an actual windows xp disk, should just say "microsoft windows xp OS" on it, and do what 5164 said to (hopefuly) fix your pc. apparently, windows xp SP2 works fine with pirated copys, as long as you leave automatic updates off (manually updating is fine), and arent stupid enough to try and register your copy.
  21. what i thought was even more innapropriate, was when i saw an american soldiure being interviewed saying how lots of tank-crew rig up a portable CD to the tank's radio-com-system so that they can broadcast music to the soldures' radio earpieces, so they could listen to rock music whilst they were fighting. apparently 'killing in the name of' by rage against the machine was a popular choice.
  22. Dak

    Why europe?

    monkeys spent aeons becoming adapted to their african climate. the first humans who evolved from monkeys benifited from this, and were perfectly suited to their environment. then, at some point, for some reason, some of these humans decided to leave africa, whose climate and ecosystem they were perfectly adapted to, and come to europe, which they were ill suited to survive in -- bad climate, big animals, lack of abundancy of food growing on trees etc. this probably drove the europeans to become much more aggresive, as they fought amongst themself for resorses, and theres nothing like war to drive the invention of new techniques, and the discovery of new facts; simply put, in europe there has always been a benifit to being able to build better castles, desighn bigger siege engines, better galleons and frigates -- whereas the humans that had the common sense to stay in africa, i would assume, had no trouble finding food and surviving in the climate and so had no need to discover and invent.
  23. apparently lib dem are gonna scrap tuition fees (huzzah!), and i figure that they couldnt do a worse job than labour and the conservatives have done mind, im not sure that the BNP or the monster raving loony party could manage to do a worse job than labour either, so perhaps the not such a great way of choosing who to vote for hey, on the subject of the bnp, have u all heard why their new year party was cancelled?
  24. Dak

    Why do we age?

    disalighnment of cells after we leave the womb everytime a chromosome is copied, it gets a bit shorter. an enzyme called telomerase will lengthen the chromosomes to counteract this. with telomerase, there is no theoreoretical limit to the amount of times a chromosome (or cell) can replicate, but in the abscence of telomerase i believe that after about 15 rounds of replication, the chromosomes have shortened to a point where enough genetic damage has been sustained to kill the cell. as to why this is the case -- well, our cells actually make a protien which inhibits telomerase and makes it work really slowly, and if a cancer develops and trys to replicate at too fast a rate, the telomerase cant keep up with it and so the tumor dies (usually). so maybe this is one reason for this programmed cell death after x replications. if everything is functioning correctly, then it should only affect cells that our body doesnt want.
  25. my, what a funny thread! as for the bladder controll thoery... having a hard-on doesnt actually inpeed your ability to urinate, unless you try and aim it down at the toilet, in which case a valve gets squished shut preventing urination -- as long as its pointing upward, urination is possible...the few occasions when i have woken up not needing the toilet i still have an erection... and whenever iv been extremely drunk, the next morning i wake up without a stiffy and definately needing the toilet, and without having wet the bed dispite the abscence of a morning glory. whilst were on the subject, why the, hmm, lets call it an "illness indused phallic tumescence"? might it be related to the nocturnal chubby phenomena?
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