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  1. Just download and try it. As I said, there is no financial risk at all. Trust me it's a lot of fun. By deleting your pictures, you get prizes and make the little hamster happy, after you sorted out enough photos. With the little nuggets and diamonds, you get, you can choose Hall of Fame pictures and share them with your friends on Facebook for example. I also use the app in other ways besides getting more disk space on my phone. On their facebook page they recommended to take pictures of the things you want to buy with the money you got for Christmas and then sort out which ones you want less. I think that's also a very usefull purpose to make use of the app. ;-)
  2. Quickpic is kind of a gallery manager. You can thumbnail your pictures there, but also sort, copy, delete, crop or enlarge them. The Rat Pack Challenge on the other hand is more a game to sort out massive loads of files (not just photos) on your device. In my opinion it’s good fun Both applications are for free so there should not be any financial risk here...
  3. @John Cuthber: Your choice of phone explains a lot And of course I’d rather have a proper camera with me, but I already got 2 advices to carry all the time, anything more would certainly complicate things for me. By the way, are you happy with your Fuji XP? @MigL: I had a non-digital Nikon once (I wonder what happened to it…). Looks like your cats got better things to do LOL. @playground: the only useful photo apps I know are QuickPic and Rat Pack Challenge (both Android), you may take a look at them…
  4. @John Cuthber: you have just ONE photo on your phone? Regarding to your camera, are you a professional photographer or something like that? @MigL: surely I won’t call you a photo messi either And maybe you should train your cats a little harder, one day they’ll have to learn to answer the phone properly – just in case of an emergency!
  5. Hey Quark! Do the 650+ pictures on my phone answer your question? I’ve never heard of the expression “photo messy” before, makes sense though . Sometimes I transfer hundreds of them to my computer, but time’s always too precious to look them all through (if you know what I mean)… I bet our community is much larger than you think, maybe we’re just not proper connected yet!
  6. The more mankind discovers about nature, life and technology the more we benefit from it, that is what I think…
  7. Since I was a little boy I have been excited about the idea of infinite space and time. It’s not easy to envelope a sense for such ways of thinking, sometimes it’s still hard for me to get it even after decades (maybe because the gap between science and philosophy is always confusing me a little).
  8. Hello everybody! My name is Chris and I’m from Vienna, Austria. After I found some pretty interesting threads and topics here in this forum over the last couple of months I have now decided to become a part of your community too. I’m really looking forward to some decent discussions with you guys!
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