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  1. Quite true, one can say - that might help a lot and maybe you can recall them again, but of course, can also not be happening at all.
  2. I think you also get an image of how a culture is, a country, its folk - this is often more clearly said by reading a book than learning in school or language classes - so books can give you more tan grammar - it can be muc hmuch more!
  3. The collaboration is based on what you want, they offer three packages of services, which one you choose is upt to you, also depending on what assistance, or marketing you may need. There was always a good and clear conversation between them, so there war nothing bad. And a first talk you always can get for free, so it is up to oneself if you contact them. Genres? No preferences, have a look at their website to have an own impression. I think romantic novel will be no problem.
  4. For me difficult, as I also need clear grammar rules, but in a way you get a good feeling for a language by just reading, also depends on what you read.
  5. Yes, as one of my relatives was in that process for some time, a few months ago and she is on the very good way to get publsihed now - she was also rejected by some of the major houses and then she decided to contact a vanity pusblishing house, in her case novum publishing, and they gave her a chance after they had quite a long talk and email exchange, she was in for it. And of course as family you get all the news firsthand!
  6. It really depends on what are you looking for, like a vanity publishing house has experience and can offer that as service to you, maybe if you also need help concerning graphics, the titel, layout, there is a lot more in a book than just to write it - that is one part of the game! Merchandising is a total other one - like where can you promote it, to what costs, who do you know ... a lot of points to think about and vanity publsihers can help you with that.
  7. True - absolutely I must admit, keen on that and damn I got to read the spoilers now, well but thats ok. Bullying the weak - made him that harder? Or was t just a means of not being able to get out with the rage.
  8. @ Lepton: Thanx that is a good advice, I will of course give it a try! Sounds quite nice and easy going. And I am a fan of hamsters as well.
  9. And how does this app funtions in detail? Is is more like a game, just had a quick look on it on play store and seems very game-like, so more details would be nice to know before downloading it. kisai: Well, that is quote "nothing"
  10. I sign that! Yes, you are right, and fullfilling "dreams" mostly means that there is al ong hard road to achieve them full of work!
  11. I do not know if there are registrations regardin to the topic, I am also not quite sure waht you mean, are you writing something very out of line? Just have a look on their homepage and browse it a bit, to see if your genre is there or not. Cannot say anything more to that. I think there is never a reason to be envious, alsways takes time untill everyone finds his or her way - sometimes its a long road to fullfill your dreams.
  12. Nope, I also go with the weaknesses, as it is good to build that up again and again and maybe also your strenghts get more and more by doing that? Hmmmm ... hard question to answer ...
  13. Do not know both of them, can you sum up for me what they are actually doing, better than just downloading them for me? Would be nice ... What, I am envious, I don't earn any analogue anymore, long time ago it broke, then I just clinged to my phone, nothing more - but well as i can see its more than enough, at the moment I have ... like thousands of pics there, photomaniac I guess!
  14. Charony - well, that is quite something, zero photos! congrats - I will never accomplish that! I am alsready sorting more or less for an app to hepl me sorting my pics a little bit more, any recommendations?
  15. Hmm, like it is hard to gine an advice on your future, You have to know what exactly do you want and how to exercise that plan to the end, what you really need for that. Just listen to your inner self and than it might be easier.
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